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A Catalogue 


Library of Adam Smith 

Author of the ' Moral Sentiments ' and 
< The Wealth of Nations '. 



Novos parans amicos, ne obliviscere veterum 






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Introduction — 

I. History of the Library ..... vii 

Letter of Adam Smith to Strahan, April 4, 

1760 ....... To face x 

II. List of Works ....... xi 

III. Adam Smith's Will ...... xiv 

Plan of Adam Smith's House at Kirkcaldy. To face xiv 

IV. The Portraits of Adam Smith. By the late 

John M. Gray . . . . . . xviii 

V. Adam Smith on Portrait Painting . . . xxvii 

VI. Analysis of the Library, and List of Contri- 
butors to the Catalogue . . xxviii to xxx 

Catalogue ......... 1 

Index 123 

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At his death on 17th July 1790, Adam Smith's library 
went by will to his young cousin David Douglas, son 
of Colonel Robert Douglas of Strathendry, Fifeshire. 
David Douglas was born 1769, and, after studying law 
under Millar of Glasgow and passing as Advocate at 
Edinburgh in 1791, became Sheriff-Depute of Berwick- 
shire in 1809, was raised to the bench as Lord Reston 
(from an estate of Reston in Haddington) in 18 13, and 
afterwards became a Lord of Justiciary (18 16). He 
died on 23rd April 1819. 1 He probably sympathized 
to some extent with his cousin's tastes, for it is set down 
in the History of the Speculative Society that he read a 
paper there on 30th November 1790 on "The Effects 
of Taxation on the Necessaries of Life." 

On Lord Reston's death the library was divided 
between his two daughters, Mrs. Cunningham of Preston- 
pans, and Mrs. Bannerman of Edinburgh. On the 
death of Mrs. Bannerman (1879) her portion of the 
library went to her son, Rev. David Douglas Bannerman, 
D.D., now at Perth, who in 1884 presented a part to 
the New College (of the Free Church), Edinburgh. 

On the death of her husband, the Rev. W. B. Cun- 
ningham of Prestonpans (1878), Mrs. Cunningham sold 

1 Brunton and Haig's Historical Account of the Senators of the College 
of Justice, Edinburgh, 1832, p. 549. 

viii Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

some of the books at Edinburgh. Several were pur- 
chased by the late Professor Hodgson, and were pre- 
sented to the University library by Mrs. Hodgson in 
1880. 1 The remaining books of Mrs. Cunningham's 
portion were given by her to her son, Professor R. O. 
Cunningham of Queen's College, Belfast, by whom a 
part is still retained and a part has been presented to 
the library of Queen's College. 

The various possessors of books known to have 
belonged to the library of Adam Smith have been 
requested to supply information about them ; and the 
response has been in all cases courteous and cordial. 
The catalogues so furnished do not materially differ 
from each other in principle, and in most cases it has 
not been difficult to establish the identity of the books 
concerned. Where the information supplied by the 
possessors has been supplemented from other sources, 
the additions are enclosed in square brackets. 

The present Catalogue includes a great part of Adam 
Smith's library. Dr. Bannerman's half, still kept intact 
(though in two places), includes about 1400 volumes. 
MacCulloch, who saw the books before the dispersion, 
reckons their number at 5000. Dugald Stewart says 
Adam Smith possessed " a small but excellent library, 
which he had gradually formed with great judgment 
in the selection " (Life prefixed to Essays, p. lxxxv.) 
The entries in the present Catalogue amount to about 
1000, and the volumes to about 2200. The whole 
collection was more probably 3000 than 5000. Most of 
the books are bound solidly in calf. One or two are richly 
decorated, being presentation copies. William Smellie 
(in his Literary and Characteristical Lives of Gregory, 
Karnes, Hume, and Adam Smith, 1800) tells us that 
Adam Smith said to him, " I am a beau in nothing but 
1 See the List of Edbiburgh Graduates, 1857-88, Appendix, p. 102. 

Introduction ix 

my books." But as a rule he seems to have aimed at 
strength rather than elegance of binding, and was no 
hunter of rarities or choice editions. 

A letter of Dupont to Adam Smith was found 
between the leaves of a presentation copy of a book of 
Dupont's, and has been printed for the first time in 
this volume (see Dupont). There is a Manuscript 
(on parchment) of Venetian Statutes that is probably of 
value. Other particulars of interest in regard to the 
volumes have been given in the course of the Catalogue. 

The editor has been able only in a very few cases 
to see and handle the books for himself. He is 
assured that, unless special note is made to the con- 
trary, each book bears the (very plain) bookplate of 
Adam Smith : 


The chief facts of Adam Smith's life are as follows. 
He was the son of Adam Smith (lawyer and Customs' 
comptroller at Kirkcaldy) and Margaret Douglas of 
Strathendry ; and he was born probably at the beginning 
of June 1723. 1 He was a student at Glasgow University 
from 1737 to 1740, and at Balliol College, Oxford (as 
Snell Exhibitioner) from 1740 to 1747. After a year 
and a half at Kirkcaldy he came to Edinburgh and 
lectured on belles lettres (1748-50). In 175 1 he was 
made Professor of Logic at Glasgow University, and in 
1752 Professor of Moral Philosophy. In 1759 he pub- 
lished his Theory of Moral Sentiments. In 1764 he was 
persuaded by Charles Townshend to go abroad with the 

1 The entry in the register (now in the Register House, Edin- 
burgh) of Kirkcaldy Church is that of his baptism, 7th June 1723. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

young Buccleuch to Toulouse, Geneva, and Paris, resigning 
his chair of Moral Philosophy. He was back in London 
in 1766 and at Kirkcaldy in 1767, devoting himself to 
his Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of 
Nations, which appeared in 1776, just before the death 
of Hume. In 1778 he became a Commissioner of 
Customs in Edinburgh. In 1787 he was chosen Rector 
of his old University, and on 17th July 1790 he died at 
his residence, Panmure House, Canongate. He is buried in 
Canongate Churchyard. His last years were saddened by 
the loss of his mother and his cousin (Miss Jane Douglas), 
the former of whom died in 1784 and the latter in 
1788. The ground -plan of the house at Kirkcaldy 
occupied by Adam Smith, as by his father before him, 
is still preserved in that town, and is reproduced here. 
Its date is 1776. The front elevation faced the High 
Street, and the garden stretched down towards the 

The Will of Adam Smith has been printed here, 
because governing the disposal of his books ; and a full 
list of his Works has been given, because frequent 
reference to them is part of the plan of this Catalogue. 
As there is promise of a Biography from the pen of Mr. 
John Rae, no attempt has been made to go into the 
details of his life. 

The preparation of this Catalogue was undertaken 
on behalf of the Economic Club, meeting at University 
College, London. Professor Foxwell and Mr. Henry 
Higgs, of that club, have given valuable help in the 
revision of the proofs ; and Professor Foxwell has 
kindly allowed the reproduction, in lithograph, of a 
letter of Adam Smith now in his possession. 


Dear Strahan — I sent up to Mr. Millar four or five posts ago the 
same additions, which I had formerly sent to you, with a good many 
corrections and improvements which occurred to me since. If there 
are any typographical errors remaining in the last edition which had 
escaped me I hope you will correct them. In other respects I 
could wish it was printed pretty exactly according to the copy 
which I delivered to you. A man, says the Spanish proverb, had 
better be a cuckold and know nothing of the matter, than not be 
cuckold and believe himself to be one. And in the same manner, 
say I, an Author had sometimes better be in the wrong and believe 
himself in the right, than be in the right and believe or even suspect 
himself in the wrong. To desire you to read my book over and 
mark all the corrections you would wish me to make upon a sheet 
of paper and send it to me, would, I fear, be giving you too much 
trouble. If, however, you could induce yourself to take this trouble, 
you would oblige me greatly. I know how much I shall be 
benefitted, and I shall at the same time preserve the pretious right 
of private judgment for the sake of which our forefathers kicked 
out the Pope and the Pretender. I believe you to be much more 
infallible than the Pope, but, as I am a Protestant, my conscience 
makes me scruple to submit to any unscriptural authority. 

Apropos to the Pope and the Pretender, have you read Hook's 
Memoirs P 1 I have been ill these ten days, otherwise should have 
written to you sooner, but I sat up the day before yesterday in my 
bed and read them thro' with infinite satisfaction, tho' they are by 
no means well written. The substance of what is in them I knew 
before, tho' not in such detail. I am afraid they are published at 
an unlucky time, and may throw a damp upon our militia. Nothing, 
however, appears to me more excusable than the disaffection of 
Scotland at that time. The Union was a measure from which 
infinite good has been derived to this country. The Prospect of 

1 Colonel Hooke : The Secret History of his Negotiations in Scotland in favour of the 
Pretender in 1 707, written by himself. London, 8vo. 1760. 

that good, however, must have appeared very remote and very- 
uncertain. The immediate effect of it was to hurt the interest of 
every single order of men in the country. The dignity of the 
nobility was undone by it. The greater part of the gentry who 
had been accustomed to represent their own country in its own 
Parliament were cut out for ever from all hopes of representing it 
in a British Parliament. Even the merchants seemed to suffer at 
first. The trade to the Plantations was, indeed, opened to them. 
But that was a trade which they knew nothing about ; the trade 
they were acquainted with, that to France, Holland, and the Baltic, 
was laid under new embar[r]assments, which almost totally anni- 
hilated the two first, and most important branches of it. The 
Clergy too, who were then far from insignificant, were alarmed 
about the Church. No wonder if at that time all orders of men 
conspired in cursing a measure hurtful to their immediate interest. 
The views of their Posterity are now very different ; but those 
views could be seen by but few of our forefathers, by those few in 
but a confused and imperfect manner. 

It will give me the greatest satisfaction to hear from you. I 
pray you write to me soon. Remember me to the Franklins. I 
hope I shall have the grace to write to the youngest by next post to 
thank him in the name both of the College and of myself for his 
very agre[e]able present. Remember me likewise to Mr. Griffiths. 1 
I am greatly obliged to him for the very handsom character he gave 
of my book in his review. — I am, dear Strahan, most faithfully and 
sincerely yours, 


Glasgow, ^th April 1760. 

1 Ralph Griffiths, who~ founded the Monthly Review, 1 749. A notice of the 
Mora! Sentiments appeared there in July 1759. 

Introduction xi 


The list of Adam Smith's Works is not long. In 1755 
(along with Robertson and Blair 1 ) he took part in the 
editing of the Edinburgh Review, which only lived for 
two numbers. In the first number he is author of a 
Review of Johnson s Dictionary ; in the second, of "A 
Letter to the Authors on the General State of Literature 
in Europe." In 1 7 5 5 he had circulated (if not published) 
a kind of manifesto of his ideas on the subject of trade 
and government. 2 In 1759 appeared his first important 
work, " The Theory of Moral Sentiments. By Adam 
Smith, Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of 
Glasgow. (Millar, London ; A. Kincaid and J. Bell, Edin- 
burgh.)" A revised and enlarged edition of this book 
was published in two volumes just before his death in 
1790 : " The Theory of Moral Sentiments, or an Essay 
towards an Analysis of the Principles by which Men 
naturally judge concerning the Conduct and Character 
first of their Neighbours and afterwards of themselves. 
To which is added A Dissertation on the Origin of 
Languages? By Adam Smith, LL.D., Fellow of the 
Royal Societies of London and Edinburgh, one of the 
Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs in Scotland, 
and formerly Professor of Moral Philosophy in the 
University of Glasgow. The Sixth Edition, with 

1 See Memoirs of Lord Karnes (2nd ed.), 181 4, i. 233. A list of 
the chief writers is given ibid. 234-236. 

2 See Catalogue, sub voce Ferguson (Adam). 

3 This Dissertation was added in the 2nd ed., 1 761 (still in one 
volume), where the extended title also appears. The other additions 
were written at the end of 1789, when the author was in great bodily 
suffering. See his Life in Essays (1795), p. lxxxix. note. 

xii Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

considerable additions and corrections, in two volumes. 
(Strahan & Cadell, London ; W. Creech and J. Bell & 
Co., Edinburgh)." 

At the end of 1775 and beginning of 1776 (see 
Preface to 3rd ed.) appeared " An Inquiry into the 
Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. By 
Adam Smith, LL.D. and F.R.S., formerly Professor of 
Moral Philosophy in the University of Glasgow. 2 
volumes. 4-to. (Strahan & Cadell) London." 

The 2nd edition (1778) is practically unaltered. The 
'3rd (1784) has considerable additions, and is in three 
volumes 8vo. The 4th and 5th are practically un- 
altered reproductions of the 3rd, and were issued, the 4th 
in 1786, and the 5th in 1789. The edition cited here 
is that of J. R. MacCulloch (Black, Edinburgh), 1863, 
which is printed in double columns. It gives Kay's 
separate portrait and Tassie's medallion. 

In 1795 Dr. Joseph Black and Dr. James Hutton, the 
executors of Adam Smith, published the only manuscripts 
saved by the author from the general destruction of his 
papers which he ordered a few months before his death. 
They prefixed to these Essays on Philosophical Subjects 
(Davies & Cadell, London, and W. Creech, Edinburgh. 
4to) " An Account of the Life and Writings of the 
Author," by Professor Dugald Stewart, originally de- 
livered before the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1793. 1 

These Essays are as follows : — 

(1) "The Principles which lead and direct Philo- 
sophical Enquiries, illustrated by the History of 
Astronomy. [Written before 1758 ; see Essays, p. 
90 and note. " There are none [of my MSS.] worth 
the publication " (he writes to Hume), " but a fragment 
of a great work which contains a history of the astro- 
nomical systems that were successively in fashion down 
to the time of Descartes : whether that might not be 
1 See also below, p. xviii. 

Introduction xiii 

published as a fragment of an intended juvenile work I 
leave entirely to your judgment, though I begin to 
suspect myself that there is more refinement than solidity 
in some parts of it." Letter to Hume, 1 6th April 1773, 
quoted by Dugald Stewart, loc. cit. lxxxix. note. Com- 
pare Essays, p. 93.] 

(2) "The Principles which lead and direct Philo- 
sophical Enquiries, illustrated by the History of the 
Ancient Physics." 

(3) "The Principles which lead and direct Philo- 
sophical Enquiries, illustrated by the History of the 
Ancient Logics and Metaphysics." 

(4) " Of the Nature of that Imitation which takes 
place in what are called the Imitative Arts." [This and 
the two following, though they would of course fit the 
plan which the Executors tell us (p. iii.) he had once 
formed and then abandoned " for giving a connected 
history of the liberal sciences and elegant arts," are 
possibly results of his work at Edinburgh in 1 748-50. x ] 

(5) "Of the Affinity between certain English and 
Italian Verses." 

(6) "Of the External Senses." [These essays bear both 
on the first (1-3) and on the second (4, 5) of the preceding 
groups, and seem very judiciously placed here by the 

The manuscripts which were destroyed seem to have 
included the draughts of the author's projected "account 
of the general principles of law and government," " the 
theory of jurisprudence and natural law," along with the 
history of it {Mor. Sent. 1790, vol. i. pref. p. vii., com- 
pared with vol. ii. pp. 397-398). They included also 
(Professor Stewart thinks) the Edinburgh lectures on 
Rhetoric and the Glasgow lectures on Natural Religion 
and Jurisprudence (Life prefixed to Essays, p. lxxxvii.) 
1 See below (Blair). 

xiv Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



Copy Disposition and Settlement by Dr. Adam 
Smith, registered 22nd July 1790. 1 

I, Adam Smith, LL.D., one of the Commissioners of 
His Majesty's Customs for Scotland, for the love and 
favour which I have and bear to my friends and relations 
after mentioned, and for the better settlement of my 
affairs in the event of my decease, Do hereby with and 
under the burdens after specified Dispone, Assign, and 
Transfer to David Douglas, youngest son of Colonel 
Robert Douglas of Strathendry, and his heirs and assignees 
whomsoever, All and Sundry Lands, Tenements, and 
other heritages, and also all debts and sums of money, 
principal, interest, and penalty, whether due by Bonds 
heritable or moveable, bills, promissory Notes, decreets, 
or any other way whatsoever, arrears of salary, household 
furniture, silver plate, gold and silver coined and un- 
coined, books, pictures, lying money, bank notes, goods 
and gear, and generally all and whatever estate, means 
and effects, whether heritable or moveable, real or per- 
sonal, belonging and owing or which shall belong or be 
owing to me at the time of my death : Together with 
all Dispositions, Adjudications, Bonds, heritable and 
moveable obligations, Assignations, decreets, bills, notes, 
and other writs, rights, evidents, securities, and convey- 
ances, whatever made, granted, and conceived, or any- 
wise interpreted at the time of my death in my favour, 
with all action and execution competent or that may be 
competent thereupon, and with all that shall have fol- 

1 Register of Deeds, etc., Register Ho., Edinr., Durie Office, 
Vol. 251, Part I. p. 195. The spelling is that of the original. 

Introduction xv 

lowed or that may follow on the same, Dispensing hereby 
with the generality hereof, and admitting these presents 
to be as valid and effectual as if every particular generally 
before disponed were specially enumerated herein : And 
also declaring that in case I shall hereafter make any In- 
ventory of my moveable means and estate hereby dis- 
poned or of any part thereof, the same shall be understood 
as a part of this present Disposition, and shall exclude all 
necessity of Confirmation, with this provision alwise as it 
is hereby specially provided and declared that these pre- 
sents are granted by me and shall be accepted by the 
said David Douglas with and under the burden of the 
payment of my funeral charges, and all my just and 
lawful debts which shall be owing by me at my decease, 
and also with and under the burden of the payment not 
only of such legacies or annuities which I may hereafter 
bequeath or grant to any person or persons whatever, But 
also with and under the burden of the payment of the 
annuity and legacy after mentioned which I hereby legate 
and bequeath to the persons after named, viz 1 . : I hereby 
grant and bequeath to Mrs. Janet Douglas, daughter of 
the deceast John Douglas of Strathendry, an annuity of 
Twenty pounds Sterling free of all burdens and deduc- 
tions whatever during all the days of her life at two 
terms in the year, Whitsunday and Martinmas, by equal 
portions, beginning the first term's payment thereof at 
the first of the said two terms next after my decease and 
so furth yearly, termly, daily, and proportionally there- 
after during her life, with Two pounds Sterling of penalty 
for each term's failure and the legal interest of the said 
annuity from the respective terms of payment thereof, 
during the not payment of the same, and also I hereby 
legate and bequeath to Mr. Hugh Cleghorn, Professor 
of Civil History in the University of St. Andrews, and to 
Mrs. Rachael M'Gill his wife, and the survivor of them 
in liferent for their liferent use only, and to the child or 


xvi Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

children procreated or to be procreated of the marriage 
between them in fee, the sum of Four hundred pounds 
Sterling, to be paid at the first term of Whitsunday or 
Martinmas next after the decease of the said Mrs. Janet 
Douglas and me or the survivor of us, with Eighty 
pounds Sterling of penalty in case of failure, and the 
legal interest of the said sum of Four hundred pounds 
from the said term of payment during the not payment 
of the same, Declaring alwise that the said Hugh Cleg- 
horn shall have power by any deed under his hand to 
■ divide the said sum of Four hundred pounds among his 
said children or their issue, by such shares and propor- 
tions as he shall think proper, and failing such division 
by him, then the said Mrs. Rachael M'Gill his wife shall 
have power to divide the same among her said children 
or their issue, as she shall think proper, and failing any 
division thereof by either of them, then the same shall be 
equally divided among all the children procreated between 
them existing at the death of the longest liver of them 
two and the issue of such of the said children as are dead, 
share and share alike, such issue drawing per stirpes not 
per capita : And for the more effectual conveyance ot 
my moveable estate and effects before disponed I 
hereby nominate and appoint the said David Douglas to 
be my sole executor and universal legator and intromitter 
with my said moveable estate and effects under the bur- 
dens before mentioned, and with power to my said exe- 
cutor to give up Inventaries thereof and confirm the same 
if necessary : And I hereby Declare that my whole 
manuscripts and writings which I shall leave behind me 
at my death shall be disposed off by the said David 
Douglas, by and with the advice of Dr. Joseph Black, 
Professor of Chemistry in the University of Edinburgh, 
and Dr. James Hutton, residing at St. John's Hill near 
Edinburgh, and the survivor of them agreeably to such 
verbal or written instructions as I have already given or 

Introduction xvii 

may hereafter have occasion to give to them the said 
Doctor Joseph Black and Dr. James Hutton : And in 
case the said David Douglas shall predecease me or shall 
die before disposing of my said manuscripts, then I hereby 
Legate and Bequeath the same to the said Dr. Joseph 
Black and Dr. James Hutton, and the survivor of them, 
to be disposed of by them as aforesaid : And I reserve 
full power and liberty at any time in my life to revoke 
or alter these presents in whole or in part, and I declare 
that if the same shall not be revoked it shall be a suffi- 
cient evident, tho' not delivered at my death, with the 
not delivery whereof I hereby dispense : And I consent 
to the registration hereof in the books of Council and 
Session, or of any other proper Court therein, to remain 
for preservation, and constitute Mr. Adam Rolland, 
Advocate, my Prors, for that purpose. In Witness 
Whereof I subscribe this and the three preceeding pages 
of stamped paper, written by James Dundas, Clerk to 
David Erskine, Clerk to the Signet, and likewise another 
duplicate hereof at Cannongate of Edinburgh, the sixth 
day of February mdcc. and ninety years before these 
witnesses, James Baird my servant and the said James 
Dundas, (signed) Adam Smith, James Dundas, Witness, 
James Baird, Wittnes. 

Excerpt from Commissary Court Books, Edinburgh 
(Follows the Inventary) 

In the ffirst the said Umq le * Smith had addebted and 
resting owing to him the time of his decease foresaid the 
sum of , 2 being part of Six hundred and fifty 

pounds Stg. contained in a Promissory Note by Sir 
William Forbes, James Hunter and Coy., to the defunct 
dated the first day of April Seventeen hundred and 

1 " Umquhile " = deceased. 2 Blank in original. 

xviii Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

ninety years, payable on demand Extending the said par- 
tial sum herein given up and confirmed in Scots money 
to } 

Summa of the Inventary. 2 

IV 3 


To the student of Adam Smith, who is interested 
in his personality and desirous of realising the visible 
presence of the man as he lived, it must be a matter for 
regret that the verbal descriptions of the appearance of 
the author of the Wealth of Nations, and the examples 
of graphic and plastic art that portray it, are not only 
few in number, but also very meagre in the details that 
they have preserved. 

There exist two brief biographies of Adam Smith 
by writers who had personally known him. The earlier 
is that read by Professor Dugald Stewart before the 
Royal Society of Edinburgh on 21st January and 18th 
March 1793, and published in 1794 in the third volume 
of its Transactions, in the volume of Adam Smith's 
Essays (1795), and afterwards in the Scots Magazine 
for January and February 1796, and in various editions 
of Smith's works. [It is also one of the Biographical 
Memoirs (Adam Smith, William Robertson, and Thomas 
Reid) published by Dugald Stewart at Edinburgh 1 8 1 1 .] 
From Professor Stewart's account we learn a good deal 
regarding the little peculiarities of gesture that char- 
acterised his friend ; but he gives little of such definite 
description of face or figure as might enable us to 

1 Blank in original. 2 Not given. 

3 The well-known and accomplished writer of this chapter (Mr. 
John Gray) died at Edinburgh on the 22nd March 1894, and never 
saw it in type. It may be taken as a supplement to his monograph 
on "James and William Tassie " (Patterson, Edinburgh, 1894). 

Introduction xix 

realise the aspect of the living man : indeed the writer 
only remarks generally of his subject that " in his ex- 
ternal form and appearance there was nothing uncom- 
mon," and that there were moments " when his features 
were brightened with a smile of inexpressible benignity." 

William Smellie in the biography of Smith in his 
Literary and Characteristical Lives (Edinburgh, 1800), 
largely founded upon Stewart, and in parts only a slightly 
varied paraphrase of his words, adds little to our mental 
picture of the man. He, however, informs us that " in 
stature he somewhat exceeded the ordinary size ; and 
his countenance was manly and agreeable." 

But Professor Stewart has given us, in one of the 
sentences of his memoir, the best direction to the 
authentic portraits of Adam Smith that exists. " He 
never sat," the Professor informs us, " for his picture, 
but the medallion of Tassie conveys an exact idea 
of his profile, and of the general expression of his 

The medallion in question is one of the large por- 
trait subjects of James Tassie which were originally 
modelled in wax, usually directly from life, and after- 
wards cast in the hard white enamel, a fine, slightly 
translucent, glassy paste, invented by the artist and Dr. 
Henry Quin of Dublin. The head, which appears turned 
in pure profile to the right of the spectator, shows a 
particularly full forehead, a full nose, slightly aquiline 
in its curve ; a long thin upper lip and a lower lip that 
protrudes a little ; and a firm, well-shaped chin and jaw. 
The eyebrow is strongly curved, the upper eyelid heavy 
and drooping, the eyeball particularly prominent ; and 
beneath the lower eyelid the skin is loose and wrinkled. 
A wig is worn, tied behind in a bag with ribbons, 
showing small curls in front, and two large curls at the 
side which cover and conceal the ear. The bust is clad 
in a coat with a broad collar but with no lapels, tightly 

xx Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

buttoned up at the chin, and showing above it a thin 
line of the cravat. The truncation is inscribed, in 
impressed letters, " Adam Smith in his 64-th year. 1787. 
Tassie F" The size, from top of head to bottom of 
bust, is 3 inches. 

We have no certain information as to whether this 
medallion was executed from actual sittings, though, 
judging from its style, I should conclude that it was 
done directly from the life. The phrase used by Stewart 
might be held to imply that Smith never sat to any 
. artist at all. This is further confirmed by the tradition 
current in the family, and communicated to me by a 
descendant of his cousin, that he had the strongest dis- 
like to sitting for his portrait, and that his friends could 
never persuade him to do so, though he induced his 
mother to be painted, in a work dated 1778 and now in 
the possession of Professor R. O. Cunningham of Bel- 
fast, by C. Metz, an artist then working in Edinburgh. 
Metz was also patronised by the Earl of Buchan, for 
whom he executed, from a pencil drawing and a death- 
mask, the portrait of Professor Colin Maclaurin, engraved 
in Pinkerton's Scottish Gallery and in Smith's Icono- 
g rap hi a Scotica. 

It is, however, possible enough that Smith sat to 
Tassie, for this artist was in the habit of making things 
very easy for his sitters. While portraying them he by 
no means required their undivided attention, but, as 
Thomas Walker of Manchester, of whom he executed 
a medallion in 1798, has recorded, " you may be occupied 
almost as you will, eating, writing, etc., as he only needs 
a few minutes' sitting at finishing a few particular 
parts." Tassie, too, possessed an especial faculty for 
working from memory ; and in this way in a sitter's 
absence he frequently succeeded in catching a likeness 
which had eluded him when he was in the actual presence 
of his subject. 



It is to be noticed that the medallion was executed 
at a time when Smith's permanent residence was in 
Edinburgh, in 1787, the year of his election as Rector 
of the University of Glasgow. We have it, however, on 
the authority of the memoir given [by James Paterson, 
the antiquary] in Kay's Portraits that during the last 
twelve years of his life " he now and then revisited 
London," where Tassie was then at work. 1 

But whether this Tassie medallion was executed 
directly from life, as is most probable, or merely from 
memory, Professor Stewart's testimony assures us of the 
one important fact, that it is a faithful likeness of the 
author of the Wealth of Nations. 

This medallion, which exists, but uninscribed, in 
Wedgwood paste as well as in the enamel of Tassie, has 
been very frequently engraved, in prints which too often 
convey an incorrect impression of the original, some- 
times in consequence of deliberate alterations, as is the 
case in the lithograph by " R. S. Michie, Edinburgh," 
where the figure is shown to the waist, and a lapel is 
added to the coat, which is entirely altered in form, and 
made to show more of the cravat, sometimes from mere 
want of skill on the part of the engraver. A very 
poor unsigned transcript in line appeared in the Scots 
Magazine for January 1796 ; but in May 1801 another 
more faithful print by Beugo was given, along with the 
statement that the former engraving " was not executed 
to our mind." The most correct renderings are the 
line-engravings by John Horsburgh {Wealth of Nations, 
1828), and by R. C. Bell {Wealth of Nations, 1872), 
and the half-size reproduction in James and William 
Ta s sie (Edinburgh, 1894). 

A reduced version of this medallion exists in Tassie 
enamel, taken from a gem engraved by Warner, whose 

[ x Mention is made of one of these visits in Bentham's corre- 
spondence, Works, vol. x. 173-174 [sub dato 14th July 1787).] 

xxii Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

name, " Warner Ft" appears on the truncation, while 
the name " Adam Smith " appears behind the head, both 
in raised letters. In this reduction the head and bust 
are -i-j?- inches in height. 

James Tassie also executed a large version of his 
medallion in what he styled " the antique manner," that 
is to say, without the wig, and with the neck and breast 
bare. This work has the advantage of showing the 
rounded form of the head, covered with rather curling 
hair and curving upwards from the brow to a point 
above the large ear, which is hidden in the other version. 
It is the same size as the first-named medallion ; and 
the inscription on the truncation is almost identical, 
"Adam Smith in his b\thyear. 1787. Tassie F." I 
have not seen any engravings from this medallion " in 
the antique manner." 

The earlier of the two etched portraits by John Kay 
in which Adam Smith appears is signed " K. Fee. 1787," 
and was consequently executed in the same year as the 
medallions by Tassie. Here he appears as a small full- 
length figure, standing in profile to our right, between 
the taller forms of Lord Rockville and Commissioner 
Brown. The close resemblance in position of head, 
wig, collar of coat, etc., suggest that the etching is 
founded upon the medallion, doubtless supplemented 
by Kay's own recollection of Smith, as he walked the 
Edinburgh streets. The features are very similar to 
those portrayed by Tassie, but the lower lip has more 
protrusion. The head is covered with a broad-brimmed 
hat ; and the costume is knee-breeches, with shoes with 
square buckles, and a light coat, similar to the costume 
described in the letterpress to Kay's plate No. XL vol. 
i., " Dr. James Graham," as " white linen clothes." He 
carries a cane in his right hand, in the attitude described 
by Smellie, " In the streets, or elsewhere, he always 
carried his cane on his shoulder, as a soldier does his 

Introduction xxiii 

musket," and his left hand holds a bunch of flowers, for 
which, however, we find no authority in any of the 
accounts of his life. 

The second etching by Kay is dated 1790, and was 
probably a memorial work, executed after the death of 
its subject for sale to his friends and the general public. 
It is a larger and more elaborate work than the former 
etching, but the faces, in their position and features, are 
practically identical in both. Here a cocked hat re- 
places the broad-brimmed one ; a dark coat with large 
buttons and a broad collar, but without a lapel, is worn ; 
a cane is held in the right hand, and the left points to 
a volume of his great work, which lies, with writing 
materials and other books, on a table. The figure 
stands on a tesselated pavement [very much out of 
perspective], and behind, in an inner room, there appears 
a bookcase. 

Both etchings are included in the collected editions 
of Kay's Original Portraits. 

Among the painted portraits which have been 
claimed as representing Adam Smith is one that was for 
many years in the possession of a family in Kirkcaldy, 
named Muir, and now belongs to a private owner in 
Edinburgh. It is an oil painting by an unknown artist, 
showing the figure nearly to the waist ; and the mutual 
proportions of the head and the figure are suggestive 
of a very tall man. The face, the features of which 
resemble those that appear in the Tassie medallions, is 
turned in three-quarters to our right. The eyes are 
hazel-brown in colour, their balls less full and prominent 
than in the medallions, — as compared with which the 
upper lip is shorter and the nose smaller, though similar 
in character. The lower lip protrudes a little, as shown 
by Tassie, and is particularly long. The costume is a 
coat of a black colour, slightly tinged with a greenish 
tone, and its shadows are very effectively touched in. 

xxiv Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

It has a broad collar, but no lapel, and is buttoned up 
to the throat as in the first-named medallion, three black 
buttons appearing. A portion of a white cravat is vis- 
ible at the neck, and a wig is worn, concealing the ear. 

I am distinctly of opinion that this work is a portrait 
of Adam Smith, painted after his death and founded 
upon the first-named Tassie medallion. In this view I 
am confirmed by the style of the painting, which is that 
of the earlier part of the present century, not of the last 
century ; by the execution, which, while it is bold and 
broadly effective, has none of the searching detail, the 
seizure of little individualities, which is characteristic of 
work done directly from life ; and by the fact that the 
wig has evidently not been painted from the object, but 
adapted to its present position from the medallion, and 
its form having been misunderstood by the painter, its 
peak in front does not appear in the centre of the fore- 
head, but turned to one side. 

Another painting which has been regarded as a por- 
trait of Adam Smith is that presented to the National 
Museum of Antiquities, Edinburgh, by the Trustees of 
David Laing, LL.D. Nothing is known of the previous 
history of the picture ; and evidently the reason for its 
being titled with the name of Adam Smith is simply 
the fact that on a table, beside the seated figure, there 
appears a book, the back of which is inscribed " Wealth 
of Nations, Vol. I.," indicating that the portrait either 
represents the author himself, or some very enthusiastic 
friend or admirer. 

The figure is almost a full length, the face turned 
slightly to our left. His right hand is laid on his left 
knee, which is crossed over the right one ; and his left 
elbow rests on the arm of the red-cushioned arm-chair of 
brown wood in which he sits, his left hand being held up, 
and its index finger separated from the others, as though 
to emphasise the words that he is uttering ; an attitude 

Introduction xxv 

that recalls a passage in Smellie's Life of Smith, where 
it is recorded that " he was occasionally disposed to ex- 
press his own ideas somewhat in the form of a lecture." 
The features show a certain general resemblance to those 
that appear in the medallions ; but the eyes, which are 
of a blue colour with a yellowish touch in it, are very 
different, showing none of the prominence in the eye- 
balls, or of the drooping in the upper lids which Tassie 
has portrayed. The costume is a dark-blue coat, with- 
out a lapel, and with a red collar and brass buttons, a 
white vest and stockings, black knee-breeches with silver 
buckles, frills at breast and wrists," and a wig covering 
the ears. Above and to our right appears a red curtain ; 
and on the table on the other side is the volume already 
referred to, several bundles of papers, and a silver ink 
bottle, with two quills. This table is covered with a 
green cloth, patterned in yellow, and on this is inscribed 
in white letters the signature " Ty. Collopy Pinx," 
doubtless the artist who appears in the Royal Academy 
Catalogue of 1786, when he exhibited No. 26, " Lady, 
gentleman, and child," and No. 412, "The Crucifixion, 

sketch for Altar-piece in Ireland," as " Collopy," 

residing at 4 Little Madox Street, Hanover Square, 
London; and in [that of] 1788, when he exhibited a 

portrait of a Mr. Agar, as " Collopy," at the same 


I may mention that Mr. D. W. Stevenson, R.S.A., 
is of opinion that this painting represents Adam Smith 
at a younger age than he was portrayed by Tassie ; 
but for my own part I do not consider that we have 
sufficient evidence for regarding it as an authentic 
portrait, especially in view of Stewart's definite statement 
that Smith never sat for his picture. 

There, exist various posthumous works of sculpture 
representing Adam Smith, all of them that possess 
any value as likenesses being founded upon Tassie's 

xxvi Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

medallions. Among these is the marble bust in the 
Corporation Galleries, Glasgow, produced by Patric 
Park, R.S.x\., in London in 1845. ^ bust was executed 
by Baron Marochetti, of which a large version in marble, 
dated 1851, is in the Town Hall, Kirkcaldy, and a 
small version in bronze in the Common-room of Balliol 
College, Oxford. A marble statue, rather larger than 
life, executed by Gasser of Vienna about 1867, was 
purchased by the Adam Smith Club, Glasgow, and 
deposited in the Hunterian Collection of the University 
•there, a previous effort to secure it for "one of the 
buildings belonging to the University " of Oxford 
having failed. This statue also exists in reduced 
facsimiles in plaster, one of which is in the possession 
of Mrs. J. E. Thorold Rogers, Oxford. In 1879 
J. Durham, A.R.A., modelled a statuette of Adam 
Smith, a plaster cast of which is in the possession of 
Mr. D. Storrar, Kirkcaldy. Here he appears as a 
comparatively young man, seated, leaning back, in a 
meditative attitude in a chair, his right hand supporting' 
his cheek, and his left holding a manuscript upon his 
knee. There is also a statuette of Adam Smith, dated 
1887, the work of Mr. Charles M'Bride of Edinburgh, 
plaster casts of which are in the Library of Balliol 
College, Oxford, and in the possession of various private 
owners. In 1888 Mr. D. W. Stevenson, R.S. A., was com- 
missioned by Dr. Robert Halliday Gunning to execute a 
bust of Adam Smith in marble, which he presented to 
the Wallace Monument, Stirling, in the following year. 
I may also mention that a statue of Adam Smith is in 
the westernmost niche of the west wing (exterior) of 
the ground-floor of the University Buildings, London, 
facing north in Burlington Gardens. [It is a standing 
figure larger than life. The sculptor was Mr. Durham. 
The six figures in the niches are Cuvier, Leibnitz, 
Linnaeus on the east side ; Locke, Bacon, Adam Smith 

Introduction xxvii 

on the west side of the entrance. The statue is 
probably the result of a study of Kay and Tassie. 
The features are idealized. The posture is majestic. 
The curls of the wig are exaggerated. The head is 
bare. The right hand is lowered and grasps a book. 
The left is raised and gathers up the teacher's gown. 
One foot is slightly advanced. On the right side 
of the feet there lies a book, and on the left a roll 

of paper.] 

T. M. Gray. 



The following remarks (in the Essay of the External 
Senses, pp. 225-226) were perhaps suggested by the 
writer's interviews with Tassie : — 

" It has been said that no man ever saw the same 
visible object twice ; and this, though no doubt an 
exaggeration, is in reality much less so than at first view 
it appears to be. Though I am apt to fancy that all 
the chairs and tables and other little pieces of furniture 
in the room where I am sitting appear to my eye always 
the same, yet their appearance is in reality continually 
varying, not only according to every variation in their 
situation and distance with regard to where I am sitting, 
but according to every, even the most insensible variation 
in the attitude of my body, in the movement of my head, 
or even in that of my eyes. 1 The perspective necessarily 
varies according to all, even the smallest of these varia- 
tions, and consequently the appearance of the object 
which that perspective presents to me. Observe what 
difficulty a portrait painter finds in getting the person 
who sits for his picture to present to him precisely that 

1 He does not mention changes of light. 

xxviii Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

view of the countenance from which the first outline 
was drawn. The painter is scarce ever completely 
satisfied with the situation of the face which is presented 
to him, and finds that it is scarcely ever precisely the 
same with that from which he rapidly sketched the first 
outline. He endeavours, as well as he can, to correct the 
difference from memory, from fancy, and from a sort of 
art of approximation, by which he strives to express, as 
nearly as he can, the ordinary effect of the look, air, and 
character of the person whose picture he is drawing. 
•The person who draws from a statue, which is altogether 
immovable, feels a difficulty, though no doubt in a less 
degree, of the same kind. It arises altogether from the 
difficulty which he finds in placing his own eye precisely 
in the same situation during the whole time which he 
employs in completing his drawing. This difficulty is 
more than doubled upon the painter who draws from a 
living subject. The statue never is the cause of any 
variation or unsteadiness in its own appearance. The 
living subject frequently is." 



A rough analysis of the contents of the following 
Catalogue shows about i~5th of the books to be on 
Literature and Art, i~5th of Classical (Latin and 
Greek) authors, or their commentators, and i~5th on 
Law, Politics, and Geography. Works on Political 
Economy and on History make up another fifth, in 
nearly equal proportions. Science and Philosophy 
divide the remaining fifth, if we omit a small group 
of miscellaneous volumes (chiefly biographical). 

More than a third are in English, a little less than a 

Introduction xxix 

third in French, and rather less than a quarter in Latin ; 
Italian and Greek accounting for the remainder in 
nearly equal proportions. There are three German, all 
presentation copies, and translations of the author's 
works. No other languages are represented. 

The editor is under great obligation to the Rev. 
Dr. Bannerman, Professor R. O. Cunningham, and the 
other contributors in various parts of the country and 
the world. In his local inquiries he has received 
effectual help from Mr. Lewis Grant of Kirkcaldy ; Mr. 
William K. Dickson, advocate, Edinburgh ; the late 
Mr. John M. Gray, curator of the Scottish National 
Portrait Gallery ; Mr. L. L. Price, Oriel College, 
Oxford ; and Mr. Arthur Milman, of the London 
University, Burlington House. 

From the nature of the case, the work is incom- 
plete ; but perhaps the very publication of this Catalogue 
may reveal the hiding-place of missing volumes. 

Bolton House, Hampstead, 
\jth May 1894. 

xxx Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


in Catalogue as 

Rev. David Douglas Bannerman, D.D., B 

[Above 450 entries] 

Rev. James Kennedy, B.D., New College, N 

[Nearly 200 entries] 

Professor R. O. Cunningham, M.D., D.Sc, C 

Oueen's College, Belfast. 

[About 200 entries] 
-Oueen's College, Belfast. Q C 

[About 100 entries] 

Contributing less than 100 entries in all: — 

H. A. Webster, Esq., The University U 
Library, Edinburgh. 

Professor J. S. Nicholson, Edinburgh J S N 

Rev. Eric S. Robertson, Edinburgh. E S R 

George Smith, Esq., CLE., LL.D. G S 

G. Gregory Smith, Esq., Edinburgh. G G S 

James Bain, Esq., Public Library, Toronto. Toronto 

Rev. Walter Begley, East Hyde, Luton. W B 

James Bonar, Esq., Hampstead, London. J B 

Professor H. S. Foxwell, St. John's College, F 

Henry Higgs, Esq., H.M.'s General Post- H 
Office, London. 

Professor Carl Menger, The University, Menger 


7 7 zy?. ne/ s 

* — 






iLa+jljjHX ^fe^*^ ?^n+*^*^ 

*^ 5 





i /■".;,..<„/„.■,,//;„■ /■„/.-,/,,„„, yAdcvn ■?»„//,,? 

fa^jZUrftt" U^ A"+*^&~"> &* Z^^ ^ Titr^n^^ 

'wjn AW ) 

i^ i^jdCy/d&SK^ fit 
















Choix des Memoires de l'Academie Royale. 3 vols. 
4to, calf. Londres, IJJJ. 

Observations de l'Academie Franeoise sur les Re- 
marques de M. de Vaugelas. 2nd ed. 2 vols. 
i2mo. La Haye, 1705. 

Memoires de l'Academie des Sciences, Inscriptions, 
Belles Lettres, Beaux Arts, etc., nouvellement 
etablie a Troyes en Champagne. Vol. i. only. 
l2mo. Troyes, 1756. 

Acts made in the First Parliament of Charles, 
holden at Edinburgh, 1633. Small fol. old 
calf. Edinburgh, 1633. 

Acts and Constitutions of the Realm of Scotland. C 
Black letter. 1 vol. Small fol. calf. N. P. 1566. 

Latin and English Grammar. 8vo, calf. Edin- B 

burghs 1772. 
Works of Addison. 4 vols. 4to, calf. Birmingham, C 

The Freeholder. i2mo, calf. Glasgow, 1746. B 

The Spectator. 8 vols. 1 2mo, calf. London, N. D. B 

( 1 ) Essay on the Imitative Arts, 1 69 : " The agree- 

able raillery of Mr. Addison " on the Italian 
Opera, in the Spectator. 

(2) Mor. Sent., (6th ed.) i. 314 (Part III. ch. ii.) 

(Addison intrigued against Pope.) 

(3) Ibid. (6th ed.) ii. 11 (Part V. ch. i.) : 

"The correct but often tedious and prosaic 
languor of Addison." 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 












le Rond) 

(4) Perhaps quoted in Mor. Sent. i. 370 (Part 
III. ch. iii.) (Epitaph, "Stava bene, ma per 
star meglio sto qui." Compare Spectator 
No. 25, March 29, 1710-11.) 

Varia Historia, Graece et Latine. Edidit A. O 
Gronovius. 2 vols. 4to. Amstelodami, 1 731. 

Dialogi Tres, Graece et Latine. 8vo, vellum. B 
Amstelod. 1 7 1 1 . 

Tragoediae with Scholia. Edited by J. C. de Pauw. Q 
2 vols. 4to. Hagae Comitum [The Hague), 

J 745- 
Alcrxvhov TpaywSiat. i2mo, calf. Parisiis, 1552. B 

Journal de 1' Agriculture, du Commerce, et des N 
Finances. 10 vols. i2mo. Paris, IJ65-6J. 

[Below the usual bookplate of Adam Smith are the 

arms of the Duke of Buccleuch, from whom the 

book may have been a present. J 
Essai sur l'Amelioration des Terres. i2mo, calf. B 

[Anon.] Paris, 1759. [Ascribed to Jerome 

Geoponica sive de Re Rustica, Graece et Latine. Q 

Ed. P.Needam. 1 vol. 8vo. Cantabrigiae, IJ04.. 

Poems. 1 vol. 8vo. London, IJJ2. C 

On Sculpture. Folio. N. D. C 

Explicatio Tabularum Anatomicarum. Numerous B 
plates. Large folio, old calf. [Lugd.] Batav. 
(Leyden), 1744. 

Eloges lus dans les Seances publiques de l'Academie C 
Francoise. 6 vols. Small 8vo, calf. Paris, 

J 779- 
Melanges de litterature, d'histoire et de Philosophic N 
[Anon.] 5 vols. i2mo. Amsterdam, I j6o-6". 

( 1 ) Edinr. Rev. 1755. Letter, p. 66 (Encyclopedic 

of "Mr. Diderot" and "Mr. Alembert"), 68 
("Mr. Alembert"). 

(2) Mor. Sent. (6th ed.) vol. i. 315 (Part III. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



ch. ii.) (On the want of simplicity among 
members of the French Academy.) 
The Melanges contains the " Discours Preliminaire". 
of the Encyclopedic Adam Smith made the 
author's acquaintance in Paris in 1766. 

Annee mdcclxv. 8vo. Paris, 1765. 

Defense des Recherches Philosophiques sur les 

Americains par M. de P [De Pauw]. Vol. 

iii. only. i2mo, old calf. Berlin, ljji. 

History of the British Dominions in North America 
[from 1497 to I 7^ > 3-> m Fourteen Books]. 
1 vol. 4-to, calf. London, 1773. 

Journal of the Proceedings of Congress held at 
Philadelphia from Sept. 5, 1775 to April 30, 
1776. 1 vol. 8vo, quarter leather. Philad. 

"Present State of G. Britain, N. America" — 
general (outside) title of vol. Full calf. Three 
books bound in one. Contents on fly-leaf (in 
a hand of the period): "(1) Present State of 
G. Britain and North America, by Mitchel. 

(2) Negotiations of France and England, 1761. 

(3) Letter on the Present State of Affairs, 
1755, by Lord Egmont." 

The printed titles are : — 

( 1 ) The Present State of Great Britain and North 

America with regard to Agriculture, Popula- 
tion, Trade, and Manufactures, impartially 
considered, containing a particular account of 
the dearth and scarcity of the necessaries of life 
in England, the want of staple commodities in 
the Colonies, the decline of their trade, etc. 
etc. [Pp. xvi. 363.] 8vo. London, ij6j. 

(2) Reflections upon the Present State of Affairs 

at Home and Abroad, particularly with regard 
to Subsidies, and the Differences between 
Great Britain and France, in a Letter from a 
Member of Parliament to a Constituent. [A 
sixpenny pamphlet.] London, 1755. 





Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 




Anne of 






(3) An Historical Memorial of the Negotiation of 
France and England from the 26th March 
1 76 1 to the 20th of September of the same 
year. With the Vouchers. Translated from 
the French Original, published at Paris by 
authority. [64 pp. 4-to.] London, 1761. 

Istorie Fiorentine. 3 vols. Small fol. vellum. B 
Firenze, 164 1. 

Les Oeuvres de Theatre. 12 vols. Minim, old calf. B 
Paris , 1760. 

Selectus Diplomatum et Numismatum Scotiae C 
Thesaurus. 1 vol. Fol. calf. Edinburgh, 1759. 

(1) Preface by Ruddiman quoted in W. of N. I. xi. 

84. 2 (on price of wheat in early times), and 
criticized in light of the old original MSS. 
used by Ruddiman himselr. 

(2) Do. I. xi. 98. 1 (on gold and silver coin in 

Scotland before the Union). 

(3) Do. II. ii. 129. 1 (almost a repetition of I. xi. 

D'Anne d'Autriche, epouse de Louis XIII. B 
Memoires pour servir a l'histoire. 6 vols. i2mo, 
old calf. Amsterdam, 1729. 

Vols. 1780-87 (after which year the nameplate is B 
that of David Douglas). [Robinson, London.] 

L'Esprit de la Ligue ou Histoire Politique des B 

Troubles de France. 3 vols. i2mo, old calf. 

Paris, 1 77 1. 
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XIII. terminee par la Fronde. 4 vols. i2mo, 

old calf. Maestricht, 1782. 
Louis XIV. sa cour et le Regent. 4 vols. Small B 

8vo, old calf. Paris, 1789. 

L'Anti financier ou Releve de quelques unes des N 
malversations dont se rendent journellement 
coupables les Fermiers Generaux et des vexa- 
tions qu'ils commettent dans les Provinces, 
servant de refutation d'un ecrit intitule Lettre 
servant de Reponse aux Remontrances du Parle- 

Catalogue of Adam Smith 's Library 


(M. l'abbe). 

(le Sieur). 

merit de Bordeaux. Precedee d^une epitre au 
Parlement de France. l2mo. Amsterd. 1764. 

[" Darigrand" written not very distinctly on title- 

Dictionnaire Italien, Latin, et Francois. 2 vols. 
4to, calf. Paris, 1735. 

Grammaire italienne, pratique et raisonnee. i2mo. 
Paris, 1758. 

Proposition d'une mesure de la terre, dont il resulte 
une diminution considerable dans sa circon- 
ference sur les Paralleles. i2mo. Paris, 1735. 

Analyse geographique de l'ltalie. 1 vol. 4to, 
calf. Paris, 1744. 

Geographie Ancienne Abregee. 1st and 3rd (out 
of 3) vols. i2mo. Paris, 1768. 

L'Empire Turc considere dans son etablissement 
et dans ses accroissemens successifs. i2mo. 
Paris, 1772. 

Antiquite geographique de l'Inde et de plusieurs 
autres contrees de la haute Asie. 1 vol. 4to, 
calf. Paris, 1775. 

[Perhaps a presentation copy. Madame D'Anville 
made Adam Smith's acquaintance in Paris, 1766.] 

Argonautica. Books I. to IV. Edited by J. Shaw. 
2 vols. 4to. Oxonii, 1779. 

Argonautica. Edidit Phil. Brunck. 8vo, calf. 
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Appiani Alexandrini Romanae Historiae. Ed. Alex- 
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Table of ancient coins, weights, and measures. 
Appendix by Benj. Langwith. 1 vol. 4to, calf. 
London, 1754. 

W. of N. IV. ix. 310-11. (Less variety in ancient 
dress than in modern, and therefore, Dr. Arbuth- 
not infers, greater cheapness in ancient.) Ad. 
Sm. in the above passage and in I. x. ii. 61. 2 has 
been thought to follow A.'s estimates too closely. 

Memoires. 2nd ed. i2mo. London, 1787. 










(Le Mar- 
quis d'). 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 




2 vols. 




Institution du Droit Francois. 
Paris, 1762. 

Comedie. Minim. 4to, calf. Firenze, 1724. 
Orlando Furioso. 4 vols. i2mo, calf. Parigi,\~\b. 
Essay on Ital. Verses, p. 189. "Single rhymes 

occur very rarely in Ariosto. " 
Comoediae Undecim, Graece et Latine. Ed. L. 

Kusterus. 1 vol. Fol. Amstelod. 1710. 
Comoediae Undecim, Graece et Latine. Ed. P. 

Burmannus. 2 vols. 4to. Lugd. Batav. 1760. 
Comoediae Emendatae. Franc. Phil. Brunck. 4 

vols. 8vo, calf. Argentorati, 1783. 

Opera Omnia, Graece et Latine. Ed. W. du Val. 
4 vols. Folio. Lutetiae Parisiorum, 1729. 

Aristotelis de Poetica Liber ad optimorum Codicum 
fidem emendatus, cum versione Latina Theodori 
Goulstoni. Edinburgi, Apud Tho. et Wal. Rud- 
dimannos. Neat i2mo, Bookplate, mdccxxxi. 

La Rhetorique d'Aristote traduite en francois par 
M. Cassandre. i2mo. La Haye, 1718. 

(1) Essay on Ancient Physics, 108-109 (A.'s views 

of the First Cause). 

(2) W. of N. I. x. ii. 62. 1 (A. well-paid as tutor 

and teacher). 

(3) W. of N. III. ii. 172 (on the size of the army 

in the ideal republic in Plato's Laws). 

(4) Ibid. V. i. 348. 2 (the Lvceum assigned to A. 

by the State). 

(5) Mor. Sent. ii. 211 -214 (Part VII. Sect. II. 

ch. i.) (on the nature of Virtue, with textual 
citation of A.'s Ethics). 

(6) Ibid. ii. 176 (Part VI. Sect. III.) (A.'s ^ya- 

Adi/a'xos realized in the Spaniard of 16th and 
17th cent.) 

(7) Ibid. ii. 208, 21 1 -214 (Part VII. Sect. II. ch. 

i.) (On Justice, etc., with frequent citations 

of Ethics.) So. ii. 363 (Part VII. Sect. IV.) 

History of Edinburgh from the earliest accounts to 

the present time. 4to, boards. Edinburgh, 

1788. (The 1st edition was in 1779.) 




Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


D'Aunoy or 








Comte d'). 




Expeditio Alexandri et Historia Indica. Ed. B 
Jacobus Gronovius. Fol. old calf. [Lugd.] 
Batav. 1704. 

Arrian's " Epictetus " is quoted in Mor. Sent. 1759, 
p. 436, — a reference omitted afterwards. 

His "Alexander" is not expressly quoted, though 
references to the historical Alexander are fre- 
quent, especially in the Moral Sentiments. See 
esp. Mor. Sent. ii. 164-166 (Part VI. Sect. III.) 

Relation du Voyage d'Espagne. [Anon.] 3 vols, in N 
I. l2mo. La Haye^ 1692. 

Memoires de la Cour d'Espagne. 2 vols. Minimo, B 
old calf. Amsterdam^ 1 7 16. 

On title-page of each vol. : " Sir Wm. Gordon of 

Meditations. English translation. i2mo, calf. B 
Glasgow^ 1752. 

(1) Mor. Sent. ii. 118 (Part. VI. Sect. II. ch. iii.) 

(His character as a man and as an emperor.) 

(2) Ibid. ii. 251-255 (Part. VII. Sect. II. ch. i.) 

(Description of his character, temperament, 
and philosophy.) 

(3) W. of N. V. i. 348. 2. (His liberality to philo- 

sophers. See Lucian's Eunuchus, according 
to which he supported representatives of each 
of the dominant sects.) (Cf. Renan, Marc 
Aurele, p. 37, etc. Antoninus had set the 
example. ) 
Opera. Ed. Jul. Floridus. 1 vol. 4to. Paris y 1730. Q C 

Negociations en Hollande, 1684 a 1688. 5 vols. B 
i2mo, old calf.. Paris^ 1753. 

Works in English and Latin. 4 vols. Fol. old calf. B 
London^ 1740. 

Edinr. Rev. 1755, ii. 66, "The ideas of Bacon, 
Boyle, and Newton." ii. 68 (Connection of 
the Sciences described bv "Mr. Alembert" very 
much in the same wav as bv " m v Lord Bacon " ) . 

Jus Feudale, tribus libris comprehensum. Small fol. B 
old calf. Edinburgi^ IJ2 2 - 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 






(James of 










Histoire de PAstronomie Ancienne. 2nd edit. 41:0. 
Paris, 1 78 1. 

3 vols. 4to. 

Histoire de PAstronomie Moderne 
Paris, 1785. 

Traite de PAstronomie Indienne et Orientale. 4to 

Paris, 1787. 
[The famous Mayor of Paris, guillotined 1793.] 

Treatise on Putrid Intestinal Fevers. 8vo, boards. B 
Edinburgh, 1790. 

Philosophical Dissertations. i2mo, calf. Edin- B 
burgh, 1782. 

Ancient Scottish Poems from MSS. of George C 
Bannatyne. 1 vol. Small 8vo, calf. Edin- 
burgh, 1770. 

Letters from Barbary, France, Spain, Portugal, etc. N 
By an English officer. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 

Satyricon, notis illustratum, cum clave. Accessit B 
Conspiratio Anglicana. 8vo, vellum. [Lugd.] 
Batav. 1674. 

The Italian Library, containing an account of the B 
Lives and Works of the most valuable Authors 
of Italy. 8 vo, old calf. London, 1758. 

W. of N. IV. vi. 244. 2. "Mr. Baretti was 
informed " that ^"50,000 in gold come to Eng- 
land from Lisbon every week. (This is probably 
a reference to another book of Baretti's, " Lettere 
Famigliari.a' suoi fratelli " (1763). He was a 
protege of Dr. Johnson.) 

History of the Political Connection between Eng- B 
land and Ireland from the reign of Henry II. to 
the present time. 4to, boards. London (Cadell), 
1780. [Anon. Name given only on binder's 
title : " Baron's Essays."] 

Miscellanies. 1 vol. 4to, calf. London, 1787. C 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 








(M. de). 

■ de). 



(Caron de). 


(J. L. Mor- 

eau de). 

Lectiones opticae et geometricae, in quibus phae- N 
nomenwn opticorum genuinae rationes investi- 
gantur ac exponuntur, et generalia curvarum 
linearum symptomata declarantur. 4to. London^ 

Opera Posthuma. 1 vol. 4to. Oxoniae^ 1745. O C 

Principes de la Litterature. 5 vols. i2mo. Paris, N 

[On fly-leaf: " Alexr. Jardine, Utrecht, 1765."] 

Oeuvres Diverses. 4 vols. Large fol. La Haye, B 

A Political Index to the Histories of Great Britain B 
and Ireland, or a Complete Register of Honours 
and Persons in Office from the earliest periods 
to the present time. 8vo, boards. Edinburgh, 

La Republique Romaine ou Plan General de B 
l'Ancien Gouvernement de Rome. 2 vols. 
4to, calf. La Haye, 1766. 

Coustumes des Beauvoises, Assises, et Bons Usages B 
du Royaume de Jerusalem. Folio, vellum. 
BourgeSj 1692. 

Memoires. 4 vols. 8vo, calf. 1780. B 

Memoires concernant les Impositions et Droits en 
Europe (par Moreau de Beaumont), Paris, 
Impr[imerie] Royale, 1768 et 1789. 5 vol. in- 
4. [Vols, i.-iv. 1768-69 ; vol. v. 1789.] 

Such is the description of the copy of this book 
in the library of the Comte de Mirabeau (see 
the Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliotheque de 
feu M. Mirabeau l'Aine, Depute et ex-President 
de l'assemblee Nationale Constituante, 1 791 
[prepared for the sale in January 1792]). 

A copy is known to have been in the possession 
of Adam Smith. In Sir John Sinclair's Corre- 
spondence ( 1 831), vol. i. 388, the author says he 
asked Adam Smith for the loan of this book, 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

" which I knew was in the Doctor's possession." 
He received the following answer : — 
" Mr. Smith presents his most respectful compli- 
ments to Mr. Sinclair of Ulbster. 

The 'Memoircs sur les Finances' [sic] 1 are engaged 
for four months to come to Mr. John Davidson. When 
he has done with them, Mr. Smith would be very 
happy to accommodate Mr. Sinclair ; but he acknow- 
ledges he is a little uneasy about the safety of the 
conveyance and the greatness of the distance [Ulbster 
was in Caithness]. He has frequent occasion to 
consult the book himself, both in the course of his 
private studies and in the business of his present 
employment [as Commissioner of Customs], and is 
therefore not very willing to let it go out of Edinburgh. 
The book was never properly published ; but there 
were a few more copies printed than were necessary 
for the commission for whose use it was compiled. 

One of these I obtained by the particular favour 
of Mr. Turgot, the late Controller-General of the 
Finances. I have heard but of three other copies in 
Great Britain. One belongs to a noble lord, who 
obtained it by connivance, as he told me ; one is in 
the Secretary of State's office, and the third belongs 
to a private gentleman. How these two were obtained, 
I know not, but suspect it was in the same manner. 
If any accident should happen to my book, the loss 
is perfectly irreparable. When Mr. Sinclair comes 
to Edinburgh, I shall be very happy to communicate 
to him not only that book but everything else I have 
upon the subject, both printed and manuscript ; and 
am, with the highest respect for his character, his 
most obedient humble servant, Adam Smith. 

Edinburgh, 24?/; November, 1778." 

The copy in Mirabeau's library may possibly have 
been reserved from his father's library, which 
was sold after the death of its owner on nth 
July 1789. The Catalogue of the Count's 
books already mentioned has appended to it a 
list of the prices fetched at the sale (held on 9th 

1 This is more nearly the title of a book by Deon de Beaumont, 
" Memoires pour servir a l'histoire generale des Finances " (Londres, 
1758, 2 vols. i2mo). But the description in this letter, as well 
as the references occurring in the Wealth of Nations, could apply 
only to the Memoires, by Moreau de Beaumont. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 1 1 

Jan. 1792 at the Hotel de Bullion), and Beau- 
mont's book fetched only 2 livres, 4 sous ! 
In a footnote at the end of ch. i. part iv. of Book 
V. of the W. of N. (367. 1), Adam Smith 
thus describes the book : " This work was 
compiled by the order of the court for the use 
of a commission employed for some years past in 
considering the proper means for reforming the 
finances of France. The account of the French 
taxes, which takes up three volumes in quarto, 
may be regarded as perfectly authentic. That 
of those of other European nations was compiled 
from such information as the French ministers 
at the different courts could procure. It is 
much shorter and probably not quite so exact 
as that of the French taxes." After these state- 
ments it is curious to find him quoting more 
from the fourth volume than from the other 
three. The quotations (usually giving the 
volume and page of the original) are as follows : — 
W. of N. V. ii. 367. 2 (the wine-cellar and 
apothecary's business of the city of Hamburgh). 
Ibid. 368. 2 (the public pawnshop or "Lombard" 
at Hamburgh). 

„ 373. 2 (Taxation in Venice). 

» 375- 2 ( „ in Prussia). 

„ 376. 1 and 2 (Bohemia, Milan, Savoy, Piedmont, 
and the generalitv of Montauban). 

„ 381. 1 (Holland). 

„ 383. 2 (Hamburgh). 

„ 384. I (Switzerland). 

„ 385. 2 (the personal taille)^ cf. 391. 2. 

„ 388. I (Holland, Berne, Lucerne). 

„ 389. 1 (Holland). 

„ 391. 2 ( {a) on the taille ; (b) on the tax in 
Bohemia on artificers). 

y> 393* l - "^ i s observed by the perfectly well- 
informed author of the Memoirs upon the Im- 
positions in France" that the privileged classes 
pay a very small proportion of the capitation tax. 

„ 396. 1 (Taxation in Holland). 

„ 407. 2 (Spanish alcavala).' 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

(M. de). 



















Introduction Generate a l'etude de la Politique, des B 
Finances, et du Commerce. Vol. 2nd only (out 
of 2). l2mo, calf. Amsterdam, 1765. 

Traite des delits et des peines. i2mo. Lausanne, N 
1766. On fly-leaf: "Translated from the 
Italian by the Abbe Andre Morellet." 

Belgii Confederati Respublica, chorographica, politi- C 
caque descriptio. [The United Netherlands.] 
1 vol. i2mo, calf, Elzevir. Lugd. Bat. 1630. 

La Science des ingenieurs dans la conduite de for- N 
tification et d'architecture civile. 4to. La 
Haye, 1754. 

Travels from St. Petersburg in Russia to divers parts C 
of Asia. 2 vols. 4to, half calf. Glasgow, 1753. 

W. of N. IV. ix. 307. 2. " Your beggarly com- 
merce ! " said the mandarins of Pekin, as re- 
ported by "Mr. De Lange in Bell's Travels, ii. 
pp. 259, 276, 293." 

An Apology for the Life of George Anne Bellamy, N 
late of Coven t Garden Theatre, written by her- 
self ; to which is added her original letter to John 
Calcraft, Esq., advertised to be published in 
October 1767, but which was then violently 
suppressed. 3rded. 5 vols. i2mo. London, 1785. 

Le Vite de' Pittori, Scultori, ed Architetti Moderni. C 
I vol. 4to, calf. Rotna, 1672. 

Some Historical Account of Guinea, its situation, B 

produce, etc. i2mo, old calf. Philadelphia, 


Relazioni. Fol. calf. Anversa {Antwerp), 1629. B 

Raccolta di Lettere. i2mo, calf. Colonia, 1646. B 

Les elements primitifs des langues [decouverts par N 
la comparaison des racines de l'Hebreu avec 
celles du Grec, du Latin, et du Francois]. 
i2mo. Paris, 1764 

The Querist, or several queries proposed to the U 
consideration of the Public: to which is added 
A Word to the Wise. By the Right Rev. Dr. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


George Berkeley, Lord Bishop of Cloyne. 
(With motto from Ezekiel xvii. 24.) 

Printed and sold by Rob. and Andr. Foulis, 
printers to the University. Glasgow, 1 751 . 
[Bound with Mun, q.v.] 

Works of Berkeley. 2 vols. 4to,calf. London, IJS4.. C 
Essav on External Senses, pp. 215 seq. The New 
Theory of Vision is "one of the finest exam- 
ples of philosophical analysis that is to be found 
either in our own or in any other language." 
" Whatever I shall say upon the subject, if not 
directly borrowed from him, has at least been 
suggested bv what he has alreadv said." 

Bernier Voyages de Francois Bernier, contenant la descrip- B 
(Francis). tion des Etats du Grand Mogol. 2 vols. i2mo, 

old calf. Amsterdam, 1699. 

Bible. Ed. Watson, with references, Apocrypha, and Met- B 
rical Psalms. Folio, full calf. Edinburgh, 1722. 
(i).W. of N. I. iv. 1. (Abraham paid silver by 
weight to Ephron the Hittite.) 

(2) Ibid. III. iv. 184. 2. The great proprietors 
sold their birthright, not, like Esau, for 
pottage in the time of want, but for bauble^ 
in the wantonness of plenty. 

(3) Ibid. V. i. 344. 2, 345. I. (On the place of 
the Vulgate and of the Greek and Hebrew 
text in the Medieval Church.) 

(4) Ibid. V. i. 345. 2. " Apothegms or Wise 
Sayings, like the Proverbs of Solomon, the 
verses of Theognis," etc. 

Bielfeld Institutions Politiques. [2 vols.] 4to, calf. La B 
(Baron). Haye, 1760. 

Blackstone An Analysis of the Laws of England. 4th ed. 8vo. N 
(William). Oxford, 1 759. 

W. of N. I. v. 15. 2. (on corn and money rents). 
Ibid. III. ii. 173. 2 (on steelbow tenants). 
Blair Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles-Lettres. 2 vols. B 
(Hugh). 4to, tree calf. London, 1783. 

When Adam Smith lectured on literature in Edin- 
burgh (1748-50), Blair was among his hearers, 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 













(Louis de). 




and when Blair published his own lectures he 
acknowledged his obligations to a manuscript 
treatise of Adam Smith's on Rhetoric which 
he had been allowed by its author to consult. 
This was no doubt among the manuscripts 
burned by Ad. Smith's own wish before his 
death. See Dugald Stewart's Life, prefixed to 
Essays, p. lxxxvii. compared with Blair's Rhe- 
toric, Lect. xviii., where Blair says : " On this 
head (of the general characters of style, par- 
ticularly the Plain and the Simple, and the char- 
acters of those English authors who are classed 
under them), in this and the following lecture, 
several ideas have been taken from a manuscript 
treatise on rhetoric, part of which was shown to 
me many years ago by the learned and ingenious 
author Dr. Adam Smith, and which, it is hoped, 
will be given bv him to the Public." 

Decamerone. Small 4to. 2 vols. N.D. 
De' Ragguagli di Parnaso. Minimo, 


Amsterdam, 1669. 
De Republica. 1 vol. folio. 

Parisiis, 1586. 



Scotorum Historiae. Small fol. old calf. Paris, g 

Consolationes Philosophiae. i2mo, calf. Glasguae, g 


Oeuvres. 4 vols. i2mo, old calf. Amsterdam, B 

Mor. Sent. vol. i. 314 (Part III. ch. ii.) 
(Caballing with Racine against Ouinault and 
Perreault, Fontenelle, and La Motte. Dis- 
respectful to "the good La Fontaine.") 

Ibid. vol. ii. 151, 152 (Part VI. Sect. III.) 
(Reproving the self-satisfaction of Santeuil.) 

Oeuvres. Nouvelle ed. Tome I5eme. Small C 
8vo, calf. Amsterd. 1768. 

Orlando Innamorato. 1 vol. 4to. Venetia, 1609. ^ 
The same. 4 vols. i2mo, tree calf. Parigi, 1768. C 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 















(Le P.) 



(Comte de). 




Letters on the Spirit of Patriotism, on the Idea of a 
Patriot King, and on the State of Parties at the 
accession of George the First. [Anon.] 8vo. 
London, 1749. 

Works. 5 vols. 4to. London, 1754. 

Considerations on Indian Affairs, particularly re- 
specting the present state of Bengal and its 
dependencies. 4to. London, 1772. 

De rebus ad Velitras gestis commentarius. 8vo, 
calf. Amste/odrfmi, 1748. 

Traite d'Insectologie ou observations sur les 
Pucerons. i2mo. Paris, 1745. 

De Motu Animalium. Editio altera. 2 vols. 
8vo, calf. Lugduni Batav. 1685. 

De l'Impot du Vingtieme sur les Successions et de 
l'Impot sur les Marchandises chez les Romains. 
Recherches historiques dediees a Messieurs de 
l'Academie Royale des Inscriptions et Belles- 
Lettres. Nouv. ed. 8vo, calf, gilt (p. xiv. and 
one leaf "approbation," pp. 486). Paris (De 
Burepere), 1772. 

W. of N. V. ii. 388. 1 (on vice si ma hereditatum). 

Histoire des Guerres et des Negociations qui 
precederent le Traite de Westphalie. 6 vols. 
i2mo, old calf. Paris, 1 751 . 

Remarques Nouvelles sur la langue Francoise. 
i2mo, vellum. Amsterdam, 1693. 

Essais sur la Noblesse de France. i2mo. Amsterd. 


O C 






Recherches sur l'origine du despotisme oriental. N 
[Anon.] i2mo. Paris, 1763. 

Traite des sons de la langue francoise et des caracteres N 
qui les representent. i2mo. Paris, 1760. 

Soins faciles pour la proprete de la bouche. Minimo, B 
calf. [N. P.] 1759. 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 




(Le Sieur). 










(Dr. John). 



Dr. Bentley's Dissertations on the Epistles of B 
Phalaris and the Fables of iEsop examined. 
8vo, calf. London, 1699. 

An Introduction to the old English History. Folio, B 

old calf. London, 1684. 
Complete History of England from the entrance of B 

the Romans to Henry III. 1 vol. fol. old 

calf. In the Savoy, 1685. 
A continuation of the Complete History of England, B 

containing the lives and reigns of Edward I., II., 

III., and Richard II. 2 vols. fol. old calf. In 

the Savoy, 1700. 
W. of N. III. iii. 177. 1. Brady's "Historical 

Treatise of Cities and Burroughs," quoted on 

the taxes of burghers to the king. 
Oeuvres. Nouv. ed. 15 vols. Small 8vo, calf. 

London, 1779. 
Vols. iii. to xv. 
Vol. i. 
[Vol. ii. missing.] 

Historie of the Council of Trent. [Translation 

of Father Paul Sarpi.] 1 vol. 4to. London, 

L'Etat de la Provence. On fly-leaf: "par l'abbe 

R. D. B." [Anon.] 3 vols. i2mo. Paris, 


Arithmetica Logarithmica sive Logarithmorum. B 
Small fol. old calf. Londini, 1624. [On top 
of fly-leaf, " Euclid Speidell, prix 6 8. 1674."] 

A Dissertation on the Rise, Union, and Power of B 
Poetry and Music. 4to, boards. London, 1763. 
[Author of the " Estimate."] 

First Principles of Philosophy. 12 mo, calf. Edin- B 

burgh, 1780. 
Elements of the Science of Ethics on the Principles B 

of Natural Philosophy. 8vo, calf. London, 1786. 

Miscellanea Historiae Philosophicae Literariae N 
Criticae. 8vo. Augustae Vindelicorurn [Augs- 
burg), 1748. 



Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



(De La). 












Institutiones Historiae Philosophicae usui academicae 
juventutis adornatae. 2nd ed. 8vo. Lipsiae, 

Historia Critica Philosophiae, a mundi incunabulis 
ad nostram usque aetatem deducta. 6 vols. 
4to. Lipsiae [Leipzig), ly^J. 

Les Oeuvres de Theatre. 3 vols. 
Paris, 1735. 

Les Caracteres de Theophraste. 
Grecs. 2 vols. Small 8vo, calf. 



i2mo, old calf. B 

Traduits des C 
Paris, 1697. 

De Asse et partibus ejus. Libri quinque. Folio, B 
old calf. N. P. 1 5 14. 

Opera omnia. Folio, vellum. N. P. 1557. B 

Histoire Naturelle. 16 vols, and 6 supplementary C 
vols. 4to, calf. La Haye, 1750. 

Edinr. Rev. 1755, ii. pp. 70, 71. (Refers to the 
description of the Royal " Cabinet of Natural 
History" — a description "executed by two 
gentlemen of most universally acknowledged 
merit, Mr. BufFon and Mr. Daubenton." The 
"reasoning and philosophical part" (Mr. 
Buffon's) is curious, original, and eloquent, if 
not always clear and convincing.) 

VV. of N. I. xi. 104. 1 (on the value of pork and 
beef in France). IV. vii. 251. 1 (on American 

Summa [? Bullarium et Summa]. 1 vol. 4to. Q C 
Lugduni [Lyons), 1622. 

A State of the Expedition from Canada as laid before N 
the House of Commons by Lieut. -General Bur- 
goyne, and verified by evidence, with a collection 
of authentic documents, etc. 2nd ed. 8vo. 
London, 1780. 

Speeches on American Taxation, 19th April 1774. C 
4th ed. 1 vol. 8vo, calf. London, 1775. 

A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of the C 
Sublime and Beautiful. 9th ed. 1 vol. 8vo, 
calf. London, 1782. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 












(A. Gis- 


(Comte de). 

Vectigalia Populi Romani, et Zeus KaTai/3uT?/s, U 
sive Jupiter Fulgurator,in Cyrrhetarum nummis. 
Curis Secundi illustrata. 4to. Apud Wishoff, 
Leidae (Leyden), 1734. 

W. of N. V. ii. 388. 1 (on vicesima hereditatum). 

Poetae Latini Minores. 2 vols. 4to, calf. Leidae, B 

I73 1 - 

Anthologia Veterum Epigrammatum et Poematum. Q 

Vol. i. 4to. Amstelodami, 1759. 

Vols, ii., iii. 4to. Amstelodami, 1773. 
Ecclesiastical Law. 2 vols. 4to, calf. London, B 

Not expressly quoted. Burn's "Justice" (head 

"Poor") is quoted twice in W. of N. (I. x. ii. 

63, 64), and his " History of the Poor Laws," in 

W. of N. I. x. ii. 65. 
Memoirs of the Lives and Actions of James and B 

William, Dukes of Hamilton and Castleherald 

[sic), being an account of the Civil Wars of 

Scotland, 1625-52. Folio, old calf. London, 

. l6j7 ' 
History of his own Time. 6 vols. i2mo, old B 

calf. Edinburgh, 1753. 
The History of the Reformation of the Church of C 
England. 3rd ed. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. London, 

. l?72 - 
History of Music. 5 vols. 4to. London, 1789. O 

HevraXoyia sive tragoediarum Graecarum delectus, N 
cum adnotatione Joannis Burton. Editio altera, 
cui observationes indicemque Graecum longe 
auctiorem et emendatiorem adjecit Thomas 
Burgess, A.B., e C.C.C. 2 vols. 8vo. Oxonii, 

Omnia quae exstant. 1 vol. i2mo, Elzevir, calf. C 
Amstelod. 1660. 

Memoires. 3 vols. 
'73 1 - 

i2mo, old calf. Amsterdam, B 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

l 9 



Lettres. Vols. i. iii. v. vii. viii. 

calf. Amsterdam, IJS 2 - 
The Genuine Remains in Verse 

lished from original MSS. 2 

and ix. i2mo, 

and Prose, pub- 
vols. 8vo, calf. 






in the time of 
vols. 8vo, calf. 

Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en General. 
Traduit de l'Anglois. [Anon.] i2mo, calf. 
Londres, 1755. 

W. of N. I. viii. 31. 1. ' (The lowest common 
labourers must earn double their maintenance. 
Even a slave produces double his maintenance. 
From Essai, pp. 42, 43. See the article on 
"Richard Cantillon and the Nationality of 
Political Economy," Contemporary Review, Jan- 
uary 1 88 1, by W. S. Jevons.) A reprint of 
the Essai was published by Harvard University, 


London, 1 759- 
Hudibras, in 3 Parts. Written 
the Late Wars. 3rd ed. 2 
London, 1772. 

Essay on Italian Verses, p. 189. (Double rhymes 
abound in Hudibras more than in Dryden.) 

Commentarii. (Vol. iii. only.) i2mo. Glasgnae OC 


De Bello Civili. 2 vols. Minimo. Glasguae, 1750. B 
References to Caesar in Mor. Sent, passim. 
Requete au Roi adressee a sa Majeste. 1 vol. C 
4to, tree calf. 1787. 

Discours prononce dans l'Assemblee des Notables N 
tenue a Versailles le 22 fevrier 1787. 4to. 
Versailles, 1787. 

Reponse a l'ecrit de M. Necker, publie en avril N 
1787. 4to. London, 1788. 

Political Survey of Great Britain. 2 vols. 4to. N 

London, 1774. 
Oeuvres. 3 vols. i2mo. Paris, 1750. N 



Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



de champy 










(Dion Coc- 





(P. G. de). 


II Nuovo Teatro Comico, coll' aggiunta d' alcune 
tragedie Francesi. 5 vols. 8vo, calf. Venezia, 
J 774- 

Reflexions d'un avocat sur les Remontrances du 
Parlement du 27 novembre 1755, au sujet du 
Grand-Conseil. i2mo. London, 1756. 

Lettere Familiari. Small 4to, calf. [N. P.] 1581. 

A General History of England. 4 vols. Fol. 
calf. London, 1747. 

Athenaei Deipnosophistae. Fol. calf. Vol. i. only. 
Lugduni, 1657. 

Animadversionum in Athenaei Deipnosophistas 
Libri Quindecim. Folio, calf. Lugduni, 1664. 

Considerations sur quelques parties du Mecanisme 
des Societes. 8vo, calf. Londres, 1785. 

On title-page: "For A. Smith, Esq., from the 

Historiae Romanae Graece et Latine. Edidit J. 
Leoncladius. Libri XVI. 1 vol. 4to. Hanoviae, 

Historiae Romanae Graece et Latine. Ed. H. S. 

Reimarus. 2 vols. Fol. Hamburgi, 1750-52. 
Libro del Cortegiano. i2mo, red morocco. Aldi 

Fit. \Venezia\, 1547. 

Geographia Antiqua. 

2 vols. 4to. Cantabrigiae, 

Observations sur la Musique et principalement sur 

laMetaphysiquedel'Art. [Anon.] 8vo. Paris, 

Political Annals of the Colonies from the settlement 

to the peace of 1763. 1 vol. 4to, calf. London, 


An Estimate of the Comparative Strength of Britain 
during the present and four preceding reigns, 
and of the Losses of her Trade from every War 





Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 






Chapelle et 


(Sir John). 

(Le Pere 
Xavier de). 


Jean, Mar- 
quis de). 


since the Revolution. To which is added an 
Essay on Population, by the Lord Chief Justice 
Hale. 4to. London, 1782. 
On title-page : " The Author requests Dr. Adam 
Smith to accept of this enlarged and corrected 
copy of his Estimate as a mark of his high 
respect." [The ' enlargement ' consists (accord- 
ing to Professor Foxwell) of a second Appendix. 
Many copies end at Appendix I.] 

Present State of Great Britain, with divers Remarks B 
upon the Ancient State thereof. 8vo, old calf. 
London, 1745. 

Encyclopaedia. Ed. by Rees. 4 vols. Large 8vo. B* 

Oeuvres. i2mo. La Haye, 1755. N 

Voyages en Perse et autres lieux de l'Orient. N 
4 vols. 4to. Amsterdam, 1 735. 

Histoire et Description de la Nouvelle France, avec B 
le Journal Historique d'un Voyage dans l'Ame- 
rique Septentrionnale. 6 vols. 8vo, old calf. 
Paris, 1744. 
W. of N. IV. vii. 256. i. (On the population of 
Canada in the early part of the 18th century.) 

Essai sur l'union de la Poesie et de la Musique. N 
i2mo. La Haye, 1765. 

De la Felicite Publique, ou Considerations sur le JSN 
Sort des Hommes dans les differentes dpoques de 
l'histoire. [Anon.] (On fly-leaf pencilled : 
" Par le Marquis de Chastellux.") 2 vols. Am- 
sterdam^ 1772. 

Works. Ed. J. Urry. I vol. Fol. calf. London, C 

The Canterbury Tales, with Essay on his Language, B 
Notes, etc. Ed. Tyrwhitt. 4 vols. London, 
1775, and a supplementary 5th with glossary, 


Catalogue of Adam SmitKs Library 

(Jacques G.) 

(L'abbe de). 




(L'abbe de). 

and John). 



y on Imitative Arts, p. 150. (Lengthening and 
shortening of syllables, etc., occur " in the verses 
even of Chaucer, the father of the English 

Nouveau Dictionnaire historique et critique. C 
4 vols. Fol. calf. Amsterd. and La Haye, 1750. 

Oeuvres. 2 vols. Minimo. Paris, 1757. N 

Oeuvres. 2 vols. Minimo, old calf. La Haye,ijjj. B 

Recherches historiques sur les Maures et histoire de N 
l'empire de Maroc. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1787. 

Letters to his Son. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1775. C 

Miscellaneous Works, with Life by M. Maty, M.D. B 
4 vols. 8vo, tree calf. London, 1779. 

A New Discourse of Trade. i2mo, calf. Glasgow, B 

W. of N. V. i. 331. 2, 332. 1. (On Regulated 

Companies.) Ad. Smith gives a very free version 

of Child's remarks. 
Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de Louis XIV. C 

2nd and 3rd vols, only, of 15th ed. 8vo, calf. 

Utrecht, 1 727. 
A Collection of Voyages and Travels, some first B 

printed from original MSS., others now first 

published in English, with maps and cuts. 6 

vols. Fol. old calf. London, 1744. 
Bookplate of " Wm. Archdeacon Benwell " on each 

vol., as well as Ad. Smith's. 
Lettres de Ciceron. Remarques par M. Mougault. B 

6 vols. i2mo. Amsterdam, 1741. 
De Officiis ad Marcum Filium. i2mo, calf. B 

Glasguae, IJS7- 
Opera. Edidit J. Olivetus. 9 vols. 4to. Genevae, Q 

Opera Omnia ex recensione Augusti Ernesti, cum B 

notis et clave Ciceroniana. 6 vols. 8vo, calf. 

Halis Saxonum [Halle), 1774. 
(1) Mor. Sent, passim. 
"Olivet's edition" is expressly cited, Mor. Sent. ii. 

236 (Part VII. Sect. II. ch. i.) 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 












W. of N. I. viii. 43. ("The virtuous Brutus 
lent money in Cyprus at eight and forty per 
cent, as we learn from the letters of Cicero.") 

Ibid. I. xi. 69. 1. ("To feed well, old Cato 
said, as we are told by Cicero, was the first 
and most profitable thing in the management 
of a private estate," etc.) 

Ibid. V. ii. art. iv. 396. I. (C. says there is 
nothing; so absurd that it has not been taught 
by some philosophers.) 
Clemens d'Algebre. 4th ed. 8vo. Paris, 1768. 



History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in Eng- 
land. 6 vols. 8vo, old calf. Oxford, I J 21. 

Life of Lord Clarendon by himself. 3rd ed. (2nd 
and 3rd vols. only). 8vo, calf. Oxford, 1761. 

Mor. Sent. ii. 131 (Part VI. Sect. III.) ("The 
grave and conscientious Lord Clarendon " does 
not shrink from praising the dissimulation of 
Lord Digby.) 

Ibid. ii. 171 (Part VI. Sect. III.) (Clar. "says 
of the Earl of Arundel that he sometimes 
went to Court because he could there only find 
a greater man than himself," etc. ; 

The Connexion of the Roman, Saxon, and English 
Coins, deduced from Observations on the Saxon 
Weights and Money. 4to, calf. London, 1771. 
[The 1st ed. was 1767.] 

Claudii Claudiani Opera Ed. Gesnerus. 8vo, calf. 
Lipsiae, 1759. 

Euclidis Elementorum libri XV. Old calf, small 
fol. engraved title loose and damaged. Coloniae, 
1 59 1. On fly-leaf: "James Murray, 1724." 

Euclidis Posteriores libri IX. Accessit liber XVI. 
de Solidorum Regularium cujuslibet intra quod- 
libet comparatione. 8vo, old vellum. Franco- 
furti, 1654. 

Ars Critica. 2 vols. i2mo, calf. Amstelod. 1699. 

Opera Philosophica. 1 2mo, old calf. Amstelod. 1 704. 







2 4 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 








(M. de la). 












(J. B.) 

Introductio ad Grotium Illustratum. i vol. Fol. Q C 

Halae, 1 748. 
Jus Civile Controversum. Small 4to, calf. Franco- B 
furti et Lipsiae, 1753. 

Peerage of England. 5th ed. 8 vols, 8vo. London, N 


Supplement by B. Longmate. 8vo. London, 1784. N 

Memoires. 1 vol. Fol. calf. Paris, 1580. C 

Journal of a Tour in Italy. 1 vol. Small 8vo, calf. C 
London, 1763. 

Essai sur l'origine des Connoissances Humaines. B 
[Anon.] 2vols. 1 2mo, old calf. Amsterdam, 1746. 

Traite des Systemes ou 1'on en de'mele les incon- N 
veniens et les avantages. 2 vols. i2mo. La 
Haye [Parish 1749- 

Delia Republica e Magistrati di Venetia. Minimo, B 
old calf. Venetia, 1650. 

An Account of the Voyages undertaken by Captains B 
Byron, Wallis, Carteret, and Cook. With cuts, 
charts, and maps. By John Hawkesworth. 2 
vols. Large 4to, calf. London, 1773. 

A Voyage towards the South Pole and Round the B 
World, with maps, charts, and portraits. 2 vols. 
4to, calf. London, 1777. 

Captains Cook, Clerke, and Gore. A Voyage to N 
the Pacific Ocean, for making Discoveries in the 
Northern Hemisphere, with maps, charts, and 
original drawings. 3 vols. 4to,calf. London, 1784. 

De Revolutionibus Orbis Libri VI. Norimbergae, B 

Bound in elaboratelv tooled vellum, date stamped on 

cover, 1557. Notes in Latin on fly-leaf and 

Essay on Hist, of Astronomy, p. 50 seq. ^describes 

his system). [See also Galileo. j 
Memoires concernant Padministration des finances B 

sous le ministere de M. l'abbe Terrai, controleur 

general. i2mo. London, 1776. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 





(Trade and 
Prices of). 







Cf. W. of N. I. ix. 4.1. 1. (The abbe Terray.raised 
the legal rate of interest again to 5 per cent.) 

Antiquities and Scenery of the North of Scotland, 
in a series of Letters to Thomas Pennant, Esq. 
1 vol. 4to, calf. Banff, 1780. 

Two Pamphlets bound in one volume. 8vo, calf. 

(a) Three Tracts on the Corn Trade and Corn 
Laws. [2nd. ed.] [Anon.] London, 1766. 

[By Charles Smith of Barking, Essex.] 

W. of N. I. xi. iii. 91.2. (Third Tract cited to 
show the amount of the Corn Bounty in 1749.) 

Ibid. IV. ii. 202. 2. (Imported corn only -^ 
part of the annual consumption according to 
"the very well-informed author of the tracts 
upon the corn trade."; 

Ibid. IV. v. 224. 2. ("The ingenious and well- 
informed author of the Tracts upon the Corn 
Trade has shown very clearly " that the value 
of the exported corn has exceeded that of 
the imported by much more than the amount of 
the Bounties.) 

(b) Reflections on the Present High Price of 
Provisions, and the complaints and disturbances 
arising therefrom. [Anon.] 1766. 

Cf. W, of N. I. xi. 69. 2, and ibid. in. I. 

An Inquiry into the Connection between the 
present Price of Provisions and the size of 
Farms, with remarks on Population as affected 
thereby. To which is added : Proposals for 
preventing future scarcity. [Anon.] By a 
Farmer. 8vo. London, 1773. 

Theatre avec des Commentaires. 12 vols. 8vo, 

calf. 1 764. 
Oeuvres. 9 vols. Mini mo, old calf. Paris, 1758. 

II Torrachione Desolato. 2 vols. Minimo. Londra, 








Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 












Jolyot de). 

fits (Claude 

Jolyot de). 



Nouvelles vues sur 1'administration des Finances et N 
sur PAllegement de l'impot. 8vo. La Haye, 

Works. 8th ed. 1 vol. Fol. calf. London, 1693. ^ 

Mor. Sent. vol. i. 68 (Part I. Sect. II. ch. ii.) : 
" We grow weary of the grave, pedantic, and 
long -sentenced love of Cowley and Petrarca, 
who have never done with exaggerating .the 
violence of their attachments." 

Account of the Russian Discoveries between Asia B 
and America, etc. Small 4to, boards. London, 

Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark. N 
2 vols. 4-to. London, 1784. 

De Republica Lacedsemoniorum. i2mo, old calf. B 
\_Lugd.~\ Batav. 1 670. 

A General Description of the Shire of Renfrew. B 
Edinburgh^ 1 710. 

Lives and Characters of the Officers of the Crown C 
and State in Scotland from the beginning of the 
reign of David I. to the Union of the King- 
doms. I vol. Fol. calf. Edinburgh^ 1726. 

Les Oeuvres. Minimo, calf. Paris, 1754. 

Vols i. and ii. N 

Vol. iii. B 

Lettres de la Marquise de M. au Comte de R. N 
2 vols. 121110. [Anon.] N. P. 1739. 

Les egaremens du coeur et de l'esprit, ou memoires N 
de M. de Meilcour. 2 vols, in one. i2mo. La 
Haye, 1745. 

Collection complete des Oeuvres. 7 vols. i2mo, B 
calf. Londres, 1777. 

An Account of the Trial of William Brodie and J B 
George Smith, August 1788, for breaking into 
and robbing the General Excise Office of Scotland. 
By William Creech, one of the Jury. 2nd ed. 
8vo. Edinburgh, 1788. On fly-leaf: "To 
Adam Smith, Esq., from The Author." 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 






Curne (M. 

de Sainte 








7 vo 


1 2 mo, 

Histoire de l'Universite de Paris. 

old calf. Paris , 1761. 
An Essay towards a System of Mineralogy, translated 

from the original Swedish, with Notes, by Gustav 

von Engestrom. 8vo. London, 1770. 
First Lines of the Practice of Physic. 4th ed. 

4 vols. 8vo, tree calf. Edinburgh, 1784. 

Memoires sur l'Ancienne Chevalerie. 3 vols. i2mo, 
calf. Paris , 1781. 

Instructions for Collectors of Customs, Land- 
Waiters, Coast- Waiters, etc. Small fol. 1 vol. 
Boards. N. D. 

Instructions for Collectors and other Officers of 
Customs, Forms of Dispatches, etc. Folio, old 
calf. Edinburgh, 1707. 

The Rates of Merchandise as settled by the Acts of 
12 Car. II. cap. 4, n George I. cap. 7, and 
subsequent Acts of Parliament, with the Duties 
and Drawbacks payable on all Goods imported, 
•exported, and carried coastwise, etc. Compiled, 
by order of the Commissioners of His Majesty's 
Customs, by William Sims and Richard Frewin. 
8vo. London, 1782. 

[Adam Smith was a Scottish Commissioner of 
Customs from 1778 to his death in 1790.] 

Memorials and Letters relating to the History of 
Britain in the reign of James I. 8vo, boards. 
Glasgow, 1 7 '66. 

Four tracts bound together. 

(a) Historical Memorials concerning the Provincial 

Councils of the Scottish Clergy from the 
earliest times to the Reformation. 4to, boards. 
Edinburgh, 1769. 

(b) Canons of the Church of Scotland, drawn up at 

Perth 1242 and 1269. [Anon.] 

(c) An Examination of some of the Arguments for 

the high antiquity of Regiam Majestatem. 
[Anon.] [1768.] 
Compare W. of N. I. xi. 84. 2. 










Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



(Sir James) 


(C. T.) 








(d) Catalogue of the Lords of Session from 1532, 
with Historical Notes. [Anon.] [1767.] 

Annals of Scotland. 2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh!, 

Collections concerning the Scottish History. 8vo, 
old calf. Edinbro (sic), 1 705. 




Graecum Lexicon. 2 vols. 4-to. Berolini, 1774. Q C 

A Voyage round the World. 2 vols. 8vo, old calf. B 
London, 1697. MS. list of contents on fly-leaf 
of vol. i. 

Voyage to New Holland, etc., in the year 1699. B 
8vo, old calf. London, 1703. 

Histoire de France depuis Petablissement de la B 
Monarchie Francoise. 1 7 vols. 4to, calf. Paris, 

W. of N. III. iii. 1 78. 2. (On Louis the Fat.) 

La Divina Commedia con varie annotazioni e copiosi B 
rami adornata. 5 vols. 4to, vellum. Venezia,!']^']. 

II Convito e la Vita Nuova. 4 vols. 8vo, boards. B 
Venecia, 1772. 

Political and Commercial Works relating to the N 
Trade and Revenue of England, the Plantation 
Trade, the East India Trade, and African Trade. 
Collected and revised by Sir Charles Whitworth, 
M.P. 5 vols. 8vo. London, IJJ1. 

W. of N. I. viii. 35. 1. (D. extols Mr. Gregory 
King's skill in political arithmetic.) 

Ibid. V. ii. 403. 2. (On the policy of taxing 
malt liquors more heavily than beer. Dr. 
Davenant thinks that the incidence of such a 
taxation is inequitable. The reference is to 
Davenant, Works, i. 221-224.) 

Historiadelle Guerre Civili. 2 vols. Large 4to, calf. B 

Londra, 1755. 
Mor. Sent. ii. 131 (Part VI. Sect. III.) ("The 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 








(Mdme et 






8vo, B 

calf. B 

1 2mo, calf. B 

dissimulation of Catharine of Medicis is often 
celebrated by the profound historian Davila.") 

Declaration du Roi, qui retablit le centieme denier 
sur les Immeubles fictifs. Donnee a Versailles 
le 24 avril 1763. 3 pp. 4to. Toulouse, 1763. 
[Bound with Messance, etc., q.v.] 

[De] Elocutione sive Dictione Rhetorica. 
calf. Glasguae, 1743. 

Demosthenis Opera Graece. Folio, old 

Lutetiae [Paris'], 1 570. 

Orationes Philippicae Duodecim. 
Glasguae, 1762. 

Demosthene. Oeuvres completes, 
par M. Augers. 5 vols. 8vo, calf. 

Mor. Sent. ii. 127 (Part VI. Sect. 

Philippics of Demosthenes " " derive their whole 
beauty from the noble propriety with which this 
passion [just indignation] is expressed." 

De regno Daniae et Norwegiae insulisque adjacenti- 
bus. Tractatus varii. 1 vol. i2mo, Elzevir, 
calf. Lugd. Batav. 1629. 

Oeuvres. [Poems.] 2 vols. i2mo. Paris, 1753. 

Paris , 1777. 

III.) "The 



Oeuvres Dramatiques. 4 vols. 4to, calf. Paris, C 

Letters on Slavery. 8vo, boards. London, 1789. B 

Pensees sur l'interpretation de la Nature. [Anon.] N 
i2mo. N. P. 1754. 

Oeuvres Philosophiques et Dramatiques. i2mo, 
calf. Amsterdam, 1772. 
Vols. i. ii. and v. B 

Vols. iii. iv. and vi. C 

Edinr. Rev. 1755, ii. 66, 68, speaks of his share in 
the Encyclopedic 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 





(John, of 




Bibliotheca Historica. Edd. L. Rhomanus et P. O C 
Wesselingius. Books I. to V. 2 vols. Folio. 
A?nstelodami, 1746. 

Opera edidit A. Menagius. 1 vol. 4-to. Amstelod. Q C 

Opera ed. M. Meibomius. 1 vol. \X.o. Amstelod. Q C 

Mor. Sent. ii. 215 (Part VII. Sect. II. ch. i.) (on ■ 
Zeno the Stoic), 245 {ibid.} (on Zeno's supposed 
suicide), 269 {ibid. ch. ii.) (on Epicurus). 

Dionvsii Orbis Descriptio. 8vo, calf. Oxoniae, B 

The Elements of Beauty ; also Reflections on the N 
Harmony of Sensibility and Reason. 8vo. 
Edinburgh, 1 780. 

On flv-leaf: "To Dr. Adam Smith, from the 

[Donaldson was an Edinburgh artist, and is perhaps 
the "gentleman of great knowledge and judgment 
in this art" (mentioned in the Essay on Imitative 
Arts, p. 141, in reference to painted sculptures).] 

Observations on the Pot-Ash brought from America, F 
with respect to its Goodness, Sophistication, etc., 
verified by Experimental Examination, together 
with Instructions for determining the compara- 
tive Value of any Parcel by expedient Methods ; 
communicated to the Society for the Encourage- 
ment of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce. 
41 pp. 8vo. London, 1767. 

[Bound with the following. See also Jenyns.J 

An Essay on Spirituous Liquors, with regard to F 
their Effects on Health, in which the compara- 
tive wholesomeness of Rum and Brandy are 
particularly considered. 50 pp. London (Ridley) 

Memoirs of Agricultural and other Economical N 
Arts. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1768. 

Peerage of Scotland. Folio, boards. Edinburgh, B 
1 704. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

3 1 

and Co. 






(William, of 

Precipitation and Fall of Messrs. Douglas, Heron, N 
and Co., late Bankers in Air [«VJ, with the 
Causes of their Distress and Ruin, investigated 
and considered by a Committee of Inquiry 
appointed by the Proprietors. 4-to. Edinburgh, 

This Ayr Bank is the bank described in W. of N. 
II. ii. 137- 2. 

Myographiae comparatae specimen : or a Compara- N 
tive Description of all the Muscles in Man and 
in a Ouadruped. 8vo. Edinburgh, IJJS- 

A Historical and Political Summary of the first B 
Planting and Present State of the British Settle- 
ments in North America. With coloured map. 
2 vols. 8vo, calf. London, 1760. 

" Douglas's Summary " is quoted with full reference, 
W. of N. I. xi. Part I. 73. 1. "We are told 
by Dr. Douglas " that in the West Indies the 
planters burn a certain quantity "for every negro" 
to keep the price up. But Adam Smith sus- 
pects he has been ill-informed. 

W. of N. II. ii. 144. 1: "The honest and 
downright Dr. Douglas assures us" that the 
system of paper money adopted in the Colonies 
was "a scheme of fraudulent debtors to cheat 
their credito 

Tarif des droits d'entree et de sortie des cinq grosses N 
fermes, ordonnes d'etre percus par l'edit de / i664 
sur toutes les marchandises, — et Recueil des Edits, 
Declarations, Arrets, et Reglemens au Tarif de 
1664. 2 vols. 8vo. Rouen, 1758. 

Recueil alphabetique des droits de traites uniformes, N 
de ceux d'entree et de sortie, des cinq grosses 
fermes, de douane de Lyon et de Valence, etc. 
4 vols. 8vo. Avignon, 1786. 

Works, consisting of those formerly printed and C 
those which were designed for the press ; now 
published from the Author's original copies. 
1 vol. Small folio, calf. Edinburgh, 171 1. 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


Du Bos 




Due los 



• ' DU 

Comedies, Tragedies, and Operas. 3 vols. Small 
folio, old calf, binding loose, and not uniform. 
(Jacob Tons on.) 1 70 1. 

Miscellaneous Works. 4 vols. 8vo, calf. London, 

Essay on English and Italian Verses, p. 189. 
(" Double rhymes abound more in Dryden than 
in Pope, and in Hudibras more than Dryden."). 

Ibid. p. 190, verses quoted from Absalom and 
Achitophel, i. 85. 

Mor. Sent. ii. 1 1 (Part V. ch. i.) (" The rambling 
freedom of Dryden " is no longer the object of 
imitation. In our own language " the quaint- 
ness of Dryden has given place to the plainness 
of Swift." 

Histoire Critique de l'etablissement de la Monarchic 
Francoise dans les Gaules. 4 vols. 1 2mo, tree- 
calf. Paris , 1742. 

Reflexions critiques sur la Poesie et sur la Peinture. 
3 vols. l2mo. Paris (Pissot), 1755. 

Mor. Sent. ii. 39 (Part V. ch. ii.) ("An Italian, 
says the Abbot Du Bos, expresses more emotion 
on being condemned in a fine of twenty shillings, 
than an Englishman on receiving the sentence 
of death.") 

Code de la Police ou Analyse des reglemens de 
police. [Anon.] i2mo. Paris, Ij6l. 

Memoires pour servir a l'histoire des mceurs du 
XVIII. siecle. l2mo. Berlin, 1752. 

Essay on the Imitative Arts, p. 184 (on the 
minuteness of the intervals in the pronunciation 
of Chinese). 

Essai sur les Ponts et Chaussees, la Voirie, et les 
Corvees. [Anon.] i2mo. Amsterdam, 1759. 

Reflexions sur la Corvee des Chemins. [Supple- 
ment to above.] i2mo. La Haye, 1762. 

Elemens d' A sericulture. 2 vols. i2mo. Paris 









(De la Tour 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


Du Marsais 



(Earl of). 



de Nemours, 

Traite des Tropes, pour servir d'introduction a la N 
rhetorique et a la logique. 8vo. Leipsic, 1757. 

[According to the Catalogue of Mirabeau's 
Library, p. 6, No. 33, the original edition was 
published at Paris, 1730, under the title: "Des 
Tropes ou des differens sens dans lesquels on 
peut prendre un meme mot dans une meme 

General Remarks on the British Fisheries. By F 
a North Briton. [Anon.] (Pp. 60.) 8vo. 
London, 1784. 

The Present State of the Manufacture of Salt ex- F 
plained, and a new mode suggested of refining 
British Salt, so as to render it superior to the 
finest Foreign Salt. To which is subjoined, 
A Plan for abolishing the present Duties and 
Restrictions on the Manufacture of Salt, and for 
substituting other Duties, less burthensome to 
the subjects, more beneficial to the Revenue, and 
better qualified to promote the Trade of Great 
Britain. The 2nd ed., with an Appendix, 17th 
May 1785. (Pp. 85, App. xxvii.) 8vo. London, 

[The two tracts are bound with others (Twining, 
Rose, O'Beirne) in one vol. 8vo, quarter calf, 
paper sides, lettered " Pamphlets." Contents in 
Adam Smith's handwriting.] 

Memoire pour le sieur Dupleix contre la Compagnie N 
des Indes avec les pieces justificatives. 4to. 
Paris, 1759. 

Lettre a la Chambre du Commerce de Normandie B 
sur le Memoire qu'elle a publie relativement au 
Traite de Commerce avec l'Angleterre. "Otez- 
lui ses liens et laissez le aller." Evangile St. 
Jean, xi. 44. 8vo, paper skins [thin parchment]. 
A Rouen et se trouve a Paris. Chez Moutard, 
1788. [Lettre, 91 pp.; Notes, 194 pp.] En- 
closed is the following autograph letter from the 
Author : — 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

Paris, iqjuin 1788. 

Monsieur — J'ai l'honneur de vous envoyer un 
ouvrage que je viens de publier sur le traite de com- 
merce entre nos deux Nations. 

Je vous prie de l'agreer comme un tribut de mon 
respect pour le Livre excellent dont vous avez enrichi 
le monde. 

Vous trouverez que je n'ai pas traite mon sujet assez 
philosophiquement ; qu'il y a un grand nombre de 
verites que je n'ai qu'indiquees ; qu'il y a plusieurs 
passages dans lesquels j'ai evite de choquer de front 
les prejuges de mes lecteurs, et j'ai commence par 
applaudir a leurs intentions et a leurs vues avant d'ex- 
poser les vues preferables qui sont a suivre. 

Monsieur, je voulais persuader merae avant de les 
convaincre des gens animes jusqu'au fanatisme, et qui 
croiraient faire une action louable en entrainant les 
deux nations a la guerre pour les replonger sous les 
fers des Prohibitions respectives. 

J'avais a combattre une opinion unanime et uni- 
verselle dans mon pays. Toute opinion publique 
merite d'etre traitee avec egard, surtout lors qu'il faut 
qu'a l'instant l'administration se determine contre 
elle. C'est lorsque la necessite de prendre un parti 
n'est pas pressante que l'on peut fronder l'erreur de 
toute la hauteur de la verite. 

J'espere done que vous pardonnerez les defauts 
de mon ouvrage qui ne me sont inconnus et dont 
quelques uns sont volontaires. 

II est encore plus important de bien faire que de 
bien dire. Si parlant comme attache au Gouverne- 
ment on annoncait a nos negocians, a nos fabricans 
et a la Tourbe de nos administrateurs qu'il est inutile 
et dangereux de donner des encouragemens parti- 
culiers aux fabriques et a l'exportation de leurs 
ouvrages, non seulement on ne serait ni lu, ni ecoute, 
mais on risquerait de decrier tellement les bons Prin- 
cipes qu'on en eloignerait le Gouvernement lui-meme, 
et qu'on prolongerait de dix ans l'ignorance et ses 
funestes effets. En frappant les yeux d'une lumiere 
trop vive, on leur rendrait la cecite. 

Je sais que la Posterite sera eclairee. C'est a la 
generation presente que je voudrais etre utile. Elle 
est dans l'enfance. II lui faut encore des alimens 
proportionnes a la faiblesse. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



Lorsque j'etais homme prive, j'etais plus hardi ; ct 
je le redeviendrai en quittant la tres petite part que 
j'ai a radministration. Un simple citoyen peut dire 
ce qu'il lui plait parce que personne n'imagine que 
les conseils des Princes ou des nations se determinent 
d'apres les livres. Mais si 1'administration elle-meme 
parait vouloir suivre uniquement les Principes d'une 
nouvelle philosophic, les Prejuges s'ameutent autour 
d'elle de maniere a lui interdire tout succes. 

C'est ce que j'ai vu arriver a l'excellent M. Turgot, 
ct c'est un malheur que j'ai partage avec lui. II a 
fallu dix ans pour qu'une partie de ses plans, celui 
de la suppression des corvees et celui de la forma- 
tion des assemblies provinciales pussent se realiser 
imparfaitement, et encore au prix des orages auxquels 
vous voyez notre Royaume en proie. 

II ne faut pas croire cependant que ces orages 
soient aussi nuisibles qu'ils le paraissent. lis 
accoutument a reflechir sur les interets et les droits 
des hommes ; ils murissent l'Etat gouvernant et l'Etat 

Nous marchons avec rapidite a une bonne con- 
stitution, qui contribuera ensuite a perfectionner meme 
celle de votre Patrie ; et les bons principes apres 
avoir ete quelque tems concentres entre les Etats unis 
d'Amerique, la France et l'Angleterre, se repandront 
enfin jusques sur les autres nations. 

Vous avez beaucoup hate cette utile revolution, les 
Economistes 1 francais n'y auront pas nui, et ils gar- 
deront pour vous autant de respect, Monsieur, que 
vous daignez leur temoigner d'estime. 

J'ai l'honneur d'etre avec un respectueux attache- 
ment, Monsieur, votre tres humble et tres obei'ssant 
serviteur Du Pont. 

1 Underlined in original. 

Reflexions politiques sur les Finances et le Com- 
merce ou l'on examine quels ont ete les revenus, 
les denrees, le change etranger, et consequemment 
sur notre commerce les influences des augmenta- 
tions -et des diminutions des valeurs numeraires 
des monnaies. [Anon.] 2 vols. i2mo. La 
Haye [really Paris (Prevost)], 1754. 



Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 








Examen du livre intitule " Reflexions Politiques sur N 
les Finances et le Commerce." The 1st out of 
2 vols. i2mo. La Haye [Prevost, Paris], 1740. 

W. of N. II. ii. 139. 2. (Law's Mississippi scheme 
has been so well described " by Mr. Du Verney 
in his Exarnination of the Political Reflections 
upon Commerce and Finances, of Mr. Dutot " 
that nothing more need be said about it.) 

W. of N. V. iii. 414. 1 (on "billets d'etat." See 
Examen, i. 225). 

Poems. 1 vol. Small 8vo, calf. London, 1770. C 

Letters to the Earl of Carlisle. 3rd ed. 8vo. N 

London, 1 780. 
[(1) On Political Reasoning and Parties. 

(2) On the War against France and Spain. 

(3) On the Public Debts and Supplies. 

(4) On a Free Trade with Ireland. 

(5) On Population, Revenue Regulations, and 
Public Oeconomy.] 

Edit du Roi qui ordonne le denombrement des F 
biens-fonds du royaume et la prorogation pro- 
visoire d'une partie des Impositions, avec la 
cessation du troisieme Vingtieme et des double- 
mens de la Capitation. Donne a Versailles au 
mois d'avril 1763. 6 pp. (last misnumbered 7) 
4to. N. P. 1763. 

Edit du Roi contenant [des] Reglemens pour 1'ad- F 
ministration des Villes et principaux Bourgs du 
Royaume. Donne a Compiegne au mois d'aoik 
1764. 16 pp. 4to. Paris, 1764. 

[The two above edicts are bound in one vol. with 
Messance, etc., q.v.] 

Edit de Pacification de 1782. Minimo, red morocco. B 
Imprime par ordre du Gouvernement. N. D., 
N. P. 

Loose hints upon Education, chiefly concerning the 
Culture of the Heart. 8vo. [Anon.] Edinr. 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 







(Le Mare- 


Education de la Noblesse Francoise. i2mo, calf. 
(Vols. ii. and iii. only.) [Anon.] Paris, 1763. 

Epicteti Encheiridion et Cebetis Tabula, Graece et 
Latine. 1 vol. 1 2mo, Elzevir, calf. Amstelod. 

Encheiridion ex editione Joannis Upton. Minimo, 
calf. Glasguae, N. D. 

Mor. Sent. i. 345 (Part III. ch. iii.) (On in- 
difference to calamities.) 

Ibid. i. 350 (Part III. ch. iii.) (In the matter 
of " insensibility " and affection, the poets and 
writers of romances are " much better instructors 
than Zeno, Chrysippus, or Epictetus.") 

Ibid. ii. 220 seq. (Part VII. Sect. II. ch. i.) 
(On the Wise Man's acquiescence in all that 
befalls him, and recognition of his place as only 
a part of the Whole.) 

Principles of Equity. [Anon.] Folio, calf. Edin- 
burgh , 1760. 

L'Espion Anglois, ou Correspondance Secrete entre 
Milord All-eye et Milord All-ear. 4 vols. 8vo, 
calf. Londres, 1779. 

[In the Catalogue of Mirabeau's Library this appears 
as : L'Observateur Anglais ou Correspondance, 
etc. 1777 seq. 7 vols. i2mo.] 

Lettres, Memoires, et Negociations du Comte 
d'Estrades, Ambassadeur en Hollande depuis 
1663 jusqu'en 1668. Vols, i and vi. i2mo, 
calf. Londres, 1743. 

Eclaircissements presentes au Roi par le Marechal 
D'Estrees. 32 pp. 4to. Paris, 1758. 

[Bound in one vol. with Messance, etc., q.v.] 

Tragoediae XIX. [Ed. G. Canterus. Ex officina 
C. Plantini.] 2 vols. i6mo, calf. Antverpiae, 

J. Burnes. Calf, i2mo. 

Orestes ex editione 
Glasguae, 1753. 

Ouae exstant Omnia, 
tern Tragoedias. 
4to. Oxonii, I J J 

Cum Scholiis Graece in Sep- 
Ed. S. Musgrave. 4 vols. 










Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


St. Evre- 







Mor. Sent. i. 63, 64 (Part I. Sect. II. ch. i.) 
(What interests us in Hippolytus is not the 
bodily pain but the attendant circumstances.) 

Ibid. ii. 244 (Part VII. Sect. II. ch. i.) (Zeno, 
the Stoic, quoting the Niobe of Euripides.) 

Eutropii Historiae Romanae Breviarium, in usum 
Scholarum. 1 vol. i2mo, calf. Edinburgh, 1725. 

On fly-leaf: " Adam Smith, his book May 4th 1 733." 

[Ad. Smith was at that time attending the Grammar 
School at Kirkcaldy.] 

Oeuvres Mesclees. 2 vols. 4to, old calf. Londres, 

Bookplate [in addition to Ad. Smith's] of "Sir Ellis 

Cunliffe, Bart." 

A Treatise on the Court of Exchequer. By a late 
Lord Chief Baron of that Court. [Anon.] 8vo. 
London , 1758. 

Rates of Excise, with the Bounties, Allowances, and 
Drawbacks on Exportation. Printed by Alex. 
Kincaid, His Majesty's printer. Edinburgh, 1 766. 

[Bound in one vol. with Grenville's "Considerations 
on the Trade," etc., q.v.'] 

Thesaurus Eruditionis Scholasticae. 2 vols. Fol. 
Hagae Comitum^ 1755. 

Bibliotheca Latina sive Notitia Auctorum Veterum. 
2 vols. i2mo, old calf. Hamburg!, 1721. 

Bibliotheca Graeca. 14 vols, in 9. 4to, old calf. 

Hamburgi, 1721. 
Bookplate [in add. to Ad. Smith's] of "Dr. James 

Gordon " on each vol. 

Bibliotheca Latina Mediae et Infimae Aetatis. 
5 vols. i2mo, vellum. Hamburgi, 1734. 

Bibliotheca Latina. Books VII. VIII. 1 vol. 
8vo. Hamburghi, 1 735. 

Theatre et autres Oeuvres de Fagan. 4 vols. 1 2mo. 
Paris [Duchesne], 1760. 
Vols. i. ii. and iv. 
Vol. iii. 









Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 




de Cam- 





(Le Marquis 



(Sir Robert). 


Les Plans et les Descriptions de deux des plus belles 
Maisons de Campagne. 1 2mo, old calf. Paris, 

Conferences de l'Academie Royale de Peinture et 
de Sculpture. i2mo. London, 1705. 

Les AventuresdeTelemaque. (Vol. i. only.) i2mo, 
calf. Leyde, 1778. 





Institutes of Moral Philosophy. i2mo, calf. Edin 
burgh, 1769. 

History of the Roman Republic. 3 vols. 4-to. B 
London, 1783. 

[The manifesto of doctrines drawn up by Adam 
Smith in 1755 was probably directed against 
Ferguson. See Alex. Carlyle's Autob. p. 285, 
compared with Dugald Stewart's Life of Adam 
Smith prefixed to Essays, pp. lxxxi. xlvii. (Cf. 
also Mor. Sent. i. 306 [Part III. ch. ii.] on 
plagiarism.) But Ferguson bore no ill-will. See 
his letter to Gibbon, April 18, 1776, in Gibbon's 
Miscell. Works, vol. i. 502.] 

Astronomy explained on Sir Isaac Newton's N 
Principles, and made clear to those who have not 
studied Mathematics. 410. London, 1764.. 

Status particularis regiminis Suae Christ. Majes- C 
tatis Fernandi II. I vol. i2mo. Lugdun. 
Batav. 1637. 

Memoires du Marquis de Feuquieres contenant ses B 
maximes sur la Guerre et l'application des 
exemples aux maximes. 4 vols. i2mo. Paris, 
1750. [See also Louis XIV.] 

Patriarcha, or the Natural Power of Kings. [Small JSN 
8vo.] London, 1680. 

Argonauticon. Books I. to VIII. 1 vol. 4to. Q C 
Leidae, 1724. 

Declamationes. Ed. Burmannus. Vol. ii. Bound O C 
with Quinctilianus, q.v. 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


of Saltoun). 




(Jean de la). 




Veron de). 



de la). 


Political Works. 8vo, calf. London. 



Epitome Rerum Romanarum ex editione Georgii B 
Graevii. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. Amstelod. 1702. 

Fables Choisies mises en vers par Jean de la Fontaine. C 
Nouvelle ed. 1 vol. Demv 8vo, calf. Amsterdam, 

Oeuvres. 3 vols. Large 4to, old calf. Anvers,iji6. 

Mor. Sent. i. 314 (Part III. ch. ii.) (Despreaux 
and Racine treated " the good La Fontaine with 
a species of most disrespectful kindness.") 
A Journal of the Session, containing the decisions of 
the Lords of Council of Session, and Acts of 
Sederunt, 1705-13. Folio, boards. Edinburgh, 
1 7 1 4. [ Forbes was Professor of Law at Glasgow. ] 

Elemens du Commerce. Premiere partie. Nulla 
magis praesens fortuna laborum. Georgica III. 
2nd. ed. 2 vols. [Anon.] A Leyde, 1754. 

In Prof. Hodgson's writing, on fly-leaf: "Par 
Forbonnais selon M'Culloch." 

Recherches et Considerations sur les 
France depuis 1595 jusqu'en 1721. 
vols. i2mo. Liege, 1758. 

Principes et Observations Oeconomiques 
l2mo. Amsterdam, ij6j. 

Oeuvres. [Tragedies.] 
calf. Paris, 1747. 

finances de 
[Anon.] 6 

Gallia sive de Francorum regis dominiis et opibus. 
1 vol. [Anon.] i2mo, calf, Elzevir. Lugd. 
Bat. iblt). 

Le Siecle de Louis XIV. 2 vols. [Anon.] i2mo, 
calf. Edimbourg, 1752. [No doubt Voltaire's.] 

Les Interets de la France malentendus. Agriculture, 
Population, Finances, etc. Par un Citoyen. 
[Anon.] 2 vols. i2mo, calf. A?nsterdam, 1757. 
[Auge de Goudar.] 





2 vols. N 

Vol. ii. only. Small 8vo, C 


Catalogue of Adam Smith 's Library 

4 1 



Fresne de). 

St. Francis 
of Assisi. 


the Great. 

Du Fresny 









Dissertation sur l'origine et les fonctions essentielles 
du parlement, sur la paierie, et le droit des pairs, 
et sur les loix fondamentales de la Monarchic 
Francaise. [Anon.] i2mo. Amsterdam, 1764. 

Histoire generale et particuliere des Finances. 
2 vols. 4-to. Paris, 1738. 

Strategemata. 8vo, vellum. Amstelod. 1661. 

Dictionnaire Universel. 
Haye, 1727. 



Opuscula ed. F. L. Waddingus. 1 vol. 4to. Ant- Q C 
werpiae, 1623. 

(An allusion to the order of St. Francis occurs in 

W. of N. V. i. 354. 2.) 
Experiments and Observations on Electricity made B 

at Philadelphia. With plates. 4to, calf. London, 


[The only reference to Franklin is about the pro- 
pagation of sound by vibrations of the air : 
" Dr. Franklin has made objections to this 
doctrine, but, I think, without success" (Essay 
on the External Senses, p. 215).] 

Oeuvres du Philosophe de Sans Souci. [Anon.] N 
8vo. Potsdam, 1760. No bookplate. 

Oeuvres Posthumes de Frederic II., Roi de Prusse. N 
15 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1788. 

W. of N. IV. i. 193. 1. (No king except the 

King of Prussia now accumulates treasure.') 
Oeuvres. [Poems.] 4 vols. i2mo, calf. Paris, B 

Graecia Illustrata. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. Lugd. Batav. B 


4 vols. Fol. paper. La C 


An Essay on the Nature and Principles of Public 
Credit, ascribed to S. Gale, Charleston, South 
Carolina. London, 1784. 

Opere. 2 vols. 4to, calf. Bologna, 1656. C 

4 2 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 











Opere. 4 vols. 4to, tree calf. Padova^ 1 744. B 

Essay on the Hist, of Astronomy, p. 66: "This 
very bold assertion of Copernicus [that Venus 
and Mercury would be found to pass through 
the same phases as the moon] was confirmed 
by Galileo " with his telescopes. See also the 
same Essay, p. 70. 
Life of David Garrick, the whole forming a History B 
of the Stage for a period of Thirty-Six Years. 
By Thomas Davies. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. London^ 

Istoria della Repubblica di Venezia. Small 4to, B 
vellum. Venezia^ 1720. 

Opera. Vol. vi. only. Folio. Lugduni, 1658. Q C 

Essay on the Hist, ot Astron. p. 70. (Neither 
Galileo nor Gassendi, the most eloquent of the 
defenders of Copernicus, takes any notice of his 

Ibid. p. 71. (Gassendi was himself no mean astron- 
omer, but he did not realize the importance of 
Kepler's discoveries.) 

W. of N. V. i. 364-365. ("The famous Gassendi 
[as Voltaire remarks] was in the beginning of 
his life a professor in the university of Aix. 
Upon the first dawning of his genius, it was 
represented to him that by going into the 
Church he could easily find a much more quiet 
and comfortable subsistence, as well as a better 
situation for pursuing his studies ; and he im- 
mediately followed the advice.") 

Opera Critica. 2 vols. Folio, old calf. Trajecti ad B 
Rhenum (Utrecht)^ 1698. 

The Trade and Navigation of Great Britain con- B 
sidered. [5th ed.] i2mo, old calf. Glasgow^ 

Noctes Atticae. 1 vol. 41:0. Lugduni, 1706. Q C 

Edits de la Republique de Geneve. i2mo, calf. B 
Gen 'eve , 1735. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 










2 vols. Folio, B 

Trois livres des Offices de France, 
old calf. Paris, 1638. 

Thesaurus Linguae et Eruditionis Romanae. 2 
vols. Fol. Lipsiae, 1749. 

Scriptores Rei Rusticae. Editio secunda. 2 vols. 
4to, calf. Lipsiae, 1773. [See also Claudian.] 

Opere. 6 vols. Small 8vo, tree calf. Venexia, 

Les Vrais Principes de la langue francoise, ou la 
Parole reduite en Methode conformement aux 
lois d'usage. 2 vols. i2mo. Paris, 1747. 

The same. In one vol. i2mo. Amsterdam, 

Les Synonymes francois par M. l'abbe Girard, et le 

Traite de la Prosodie par M. l'abbe D'Olivet. 

1 vol. l2mo. Amsterdam, 1748. [For 

D'Olivet's Cicero, see Cicero.] 

Glossarium ad scriptores Mediae et Infimae Latini- 
tatis. Only vol. ii. Fol. N. D., N. P. 

Medea, a Tragedy. [Anon.] 4to. London (H. 
Woodfall for J. Morgan, Paternoster Row), 
1 761. 

Leonidas, a Poem. 2 vols. i2mo, calf. London, 

Substance of the Evidence delivered to a Committee 
of the Hon. House of Commons by the Mer- 
chants and Traders of London concerned in the 
Trade to Germany, Holland, and of the Dealers 
in Foreign Linens, as summed up by Mr. 
Glover. 72 pp. London (Wilkie), 1774. 

Substance of the Evidence on the Petition presented 
by the West India Planters and Merchants to 
the House of Commons, as it was introduced at 
the Bar, and summed up by Mr. Glover on 
Thursday, 16th March 1775. 47 pp. London 
(Woodfall) [1775]. 

[The two above tracts are bound in one volume 
with Dossie and Jenyns, q.v.~\ 







Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 








(Comte de). 


(Chancel de 



(Le Sieur 




vanni Vin- 






Auctores Linguae Latinae ed. Dionysius Gotho- 
fredus. I vol. 4to. Genevae, 1622. 

Poetical Works. Now first collected. 2 vols. 
Small 8vo, calf. London, 1786. 

Memoires. 2 vols. Old calf. Paris, IJ24.. 

Thesaurus Antiquitatum Romanorum. 12 vols. 
Fol. Lugduni Batav. 1694-99. 

Memoires par le Comte Antoine Hamilton. 2 vols. 
i2mo. N. P. 1760. 

Oeuvres. [Plays.] 5 vols. i2mo. Paris, 1758. 

Relation du Voyage fait en Egypte en l'annee 1730. 
i2mo. Paris, 1745. 

Delia Ragione Poetica. Libri due. 1 vol. 

8vo, calf. Napoli, 17 16. 
[The patron of Metastasio.] 



Small C 

Poems by Mr. Gray. 4to, boards. Glasgow, 1768. B 
Mor. Sent. i. 311 (Part III. ch. ii.) ("Gray, who 
joins to the sublimity of Milton the elegance 
and harmony of Pope, and to whom nothing is 
wanting to render him perhaps the first poet in 
the English language but to have written a little 
more." This passage is not in the 1st ed.) 
Ibid. i. 350 (Part III. ch. iii.) ("The pang, as 
Gray says, to secret sorrow dear" This pas- 
sage too is not in the 1st ed. Ad. Smith is, as 
usual, quoting from memory ; Gray says " A 
pang." Epitaph on Mrs. Clarke, line 13.) 

Oeuvres Choisies. 3 vols. i2mo. Geneve, 1777. N 

D. Gregorii Elementa Astronomiae Physicae et O C 
Geometricae. 1 vol. Fol. Oxoniae, 1702. 

Treatise of Practical Geometry. In three parts. N 
8vo. Edinburgh, 1 745. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 






Edinr. Rev. 1755, ii. 67 : "The Latin treatises of 
Keil and Gregory, two Scotsmen, upon the 
principles of mechanics and astronomy, may be 
regarded as the best things that have been written 
in this way by any native of Great Britain, though 
in many respects confused, inaccurate, and super- 
ficial." [Gregory was professor of Mathematics 
at Edinburgh, and afterwards of Astronomy at 

Considerations on the Trade and Finances of this U 
Kingdom, and on the Measures of Administration 
with respect to those great National Objects 
since the Conclusion of the Peace. [Anon.] 
Printed for J. Wilkie in St. Paul's Churchyard. 
4-to. London, 1766. 

[Attributed to Grenville by MacCulloch, Liter, of 
Pol. Econ. p. 89.] 

W. of N. V. iii. 419. 1. " The very well-informed 
author of Considerations on the Trade and 
Finances of Great Britain " is quoted for the 
figures of the funded and unfunded debt in 1764. 

The Anatomy of Plants. Printed for the Author. C 
1 vol. Small fol. calf. 1682. 

De l'influence des Loix sur les Moeurs. Memoire F 
presente a la Societe Royale de Nancy. [Anon.] 
44 pp. 4to. Nancy et Paris, 1757. 

[In one vol. with Lettres Patentes, q.v.~\ 

Nouveaux Memoires ou Observations sur l'ltalie et N 
sur les Italiens, par deux gentilshommes suedois. 
Traduits du Suedois. 3 vols. i2mo. London, 

J 7 6 4- 
[The name of the author is half legibly written on 

the fly-leaf in pencil.] 

Annales et Historiae de Rebus Belgicis. Small fol. B 

Amstelod. 1657. 

The same. 8vo, vellum. Amstel. 1658. B 

De Jure Belli et Pacis. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. Amstelo. B 

De Jure Belli et Pacis. With commentary by H. Q C 
deCocceius. 3 vols. Fol. TVratislaviae,\']\6 ( .-\']. 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 











Mor. Sent. ii. 208-209 (^ art V ^- Sect. II. ch. i.) : 
" What Grotius calls the justitia expletrix and 
justitia attributrix? 

Ibid. ii. 398-399 (Part VII. Sect. IV.) : "Grotius 
seems to have been the first who attempted to 
give the world anything like a system of those 
principles which ought to run through and be 
the foundation of the laws of all nations ; and 
his treatise of the laws of war and peace, with 
all its imperfections, is perhaps at this day the 
most complete work that has yet been given 
upon this subject." 

Corpus Inscriptionum totius orbis Romani. 4 vols. 
Fol. Amstelodami, 1707. [Title slightly differ- 
ent in different vols.] 

II Pastor Fido. i2mo, calf. N. D. 


La Istoria d' Italia. 2 vols. Large fol. old calf. B 
Venecia, 1738. 

W. of N. III. iv. 186. 2. (On the extensive cultiva- 
tion of the land in Italy before the invasion of 
Charles VIII.) 

Poesie. i2mo, calf. Verona, 1726. B 

Memoires Militaires sur les Grecs et les Romains. N 
2 vols. 8vo. Lyon, 1760. 

Voyage litteraire de la Grece, ou lettres sur les Grecs N 
anciens et modernes avec un parallele de leurs 
mceurs. [Nouvelle edition. Augmentee de 
quelques opuscules du meme Auteur.] 4 vols. 
8vo. Paris [veuve Duchesne], 1783. 

The principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques, B 
and Discoveries of the English Nation. 3 vols. 
in 2. Small fol. black letter. London, 1599. 

Philosophical Essays. 3rd ed. i2mo. Dublin, N 
1772. [Dean of Ardagh, mathematician and 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 








de p^refixe. 














Poems on several Occasions. i2mo, old calf. B 

Edinburgh^ 1 760. [Author of "The Braes o' 

Historical Account of the British Trade over the B 

Caspian Sea. Vol. i. only (out of 4). 4to, calf. 

London^ 1753. 
Cenie, piece nouvelle en cinq actes. i2mo. La N 

Haye^ 1 75 1. 

Histoire du Roy Henry le Grand. Minimo, vellum. B 

Amsterdam^ 166 1. 
Voyages. Carefully revised. 2 vols. Fol. calf. C 

London^ I/64. 
Essays on Husbandry. Illustrated. 2nd ed. 1 vol. C 

5vo, calf. London^ 1770. 


Observations on Man, his Frame, his Dutv, and 
his Expectations. 2 vols. 8vo. London^ 1749. 

Biographia Classica. 2 vols. i2mo. London^ 1778. N 

Poems on Painting, etc. 3rd ed. 4to, calf. London^ B 
1781. [The friend of Cowper and Gibbon.] 

Elementa Juris Civilis, secundum ordinem Pandec- N 
torum commoda auditoribus methodo adornata. 
4th ed. 8vo. Amstelod. 1740. 

De 1'Esprit. [Anon.] Vol. ii. only. i2mo, calf. B 
Amsterd. 1759. 

See letter of Hume to Ad. Smith (in Life prefixed 
to Essays, p. xlviii.), dated 12th April 1759: 
" I believe I have mentioned to you already 
Helvetius's book, De 1'Esprit. It is worth your 
reading, not for its philosophy, which I do not 
highly value, but for its agreeable composition." 
Ad. Smith made the acquaintance of Helvetius 
in Paris in 1766. 

History of Great Britain. 5 vols. 4to, calf. Lon- B 
don , 1 771. 

Bibliotheque Orientale [ou Dictionnaire universel C 
contenant tout ce qui fait connoitre] les Peuples 
del'Orient. 1 vol. Fol. calf. Maestricht, ijj6. 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 









of THE 



Essai sur la police generale des Grains, sur leur N 
prix et sur les effets de l'Agriculture. [Anon.] 
l2mo. Berlin, 1757. 

In W. of N. I. xi. 83. 1. " The elegant author of 
the Essay on the Police of Grain " is quoted on 
the price of corn in France in the 15th cent. 

So W. of N. I. xi. 91. 1 top, on the rise of the 
value of silver as compared with that of corn. 
The influence of the book has also been traced 
(by Prof. Foxwell) in the W. of N. IV. v. 234. 1 
(compared with Essai, pp. 21, 22). 

Les Loix Ecclesiastiques de France dans leur ordre B 
naturel. Large fol. calf. Paris, ijji. 

Opera Hermogenis Philosophi ac Rhetoris. i2mo. B 
Lugdunum, 1538. 

Historia. 9 vols. i2mo, calf. Glasguae, 1761. B 

Lexicon, cum notis doctorum virorum integris. O C 
Ed. J. Albert. 2 vols. Fol. Lugdun. Batav. 

Nouveau Dictionnaire Historique ou Histoire N 
abregee de tous les hommes qui se sont fait un 
nom par des talens, des vertus, des forfaits, des 
erreurs, etc. Par une Societe de Gens de 
Lettres. 8 vols. 5th ed. Caen, 1783. 

Thesaurus Historiae Helveticae, continens lectis- O C 

simos Scriptores. 1 vol. Fol. Tiguri (Zurich), 

Historiae Augustae Scriptores VI. [Cum notis Isaaci 

Casauboni, CI. Salmasii et Joannis Gruterii.] 

8vo, vellum. Lugduni Batav. 1 671. 

Vol. i. QC 

Vol. ii. B 

History of the Union of Great Britain. 1 vol. C 
Small fol. calf. Edinburgh, 1709. [Attributed 
to Defoe.] 

Leviathan. 1 vol. Small fol. calf. London, 1651. C 

Moral and Political Works. 1 vol. Fol. calf. C 
London, 1750. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



(J- T.) 


Mor. Sent. ii. 325 (Part VII. Sect. III. ch. i.) 
(Hobbes is one of those who deduce the principle 
of self-approbation from the principle of self-love.) 

Ibid. ii. 332 (Part VII. Sect. III. ch. ii.) («a 
state of nature is a state of war"), 333-335 
(the controversy aroused by Hobbes). 

W. of N. I. v. 14. 1. ("Wealth, as Mr. Hobbes 
says, is power," — but it is not necessarily political 
power. ) 

India Tracts by Mr. Holwell and Friends, con- 
taining : ( 1 ) An Address to the Proprietors of 
East India Stock, setting forth the unavoidable 
necessity and real motives for the Revolution in 
Bengal, 1760. (2) Refutation of a Letter from 
certain Gentlemen of the Council at Bengal to 
the Hon. the Secret Committee. (3) Important 
Facts regarding the East India Company's Affairs 
in Bengal from the years 1752 to 1760, with 
copies of several very interesting letters. (4) 
Narrative of the deplorable Deaths of the 
English Gentlemen who were suffocated in 
the Black Hole in Fort William at Calcutta, 
June 1756. (5) Defence of Mr. Vansittart's 

Frontispiece : Monument at Calcutta to the Suf- 
ferers in the Black Hole Prison. 2nd ed. with 
additions. Pp. vii. 286. Calf, 4to. London 
(Becket), 1764. 

OMHPOY OAY22EIA. 8vo. Oxford, 1705. 

Ilias Graece et Latine. Clarke's edition. Vol. ii. 
only. 8vo, calf. Londini, 1 735. 

Ilias ex Editione S. Clarke. Vol. ii. only. i2mo, 
calf. Glasguae, 1747. 

Iliad. 2 vols. Fol. Glasguae, 1756. 

Odyssey. 2 vols. Fol. Glasguae, 1758. 

Opera Omnia cum notis Samuelis Clarkii. 5 vols. 
8vo, calf. Lipsiae, 1759. 

Hymnus in Cererem, editus a Davide Ruhnkenio. 
8vo, boards. Lugd. Batav. 178 1. 






Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



Essay on Astron. 27. (Homer was a native of 
the Greek islands, which were more secure, and 
therefore sooner civilized, than the mainland.) 

Mor. Sent. ii. 131 (Part VI. Sect. III.) 
(Homer's Ulysses is praised, by Cicero for 
"flexibility of manners.") 

(3) W. of N. I. iv. II. 1. (Diomede's exchange 

with Glaucus.) 

(4) Ibid. IV. vi. 246. 2. (Before the " late reforma- 

tion " of the English coinage (1774) "the 
operations of the Mint were somewhat like 
the web of Penelope.") 

( 5 ) Ibid. V. i. 322. 2. ( Agamemnon offers Achilles 

the rule over seven cities, with the induce- 
ment "that the people would honour him 
with presents.") 

(6) Ibid. V. i. 348. 1. (Music and dancing, as we 

find from Homer, were "the great amuse- 
ments of all barbarous nation^ 


Micrographia or some Physiological Descriptions 

of Minute Bodies made by Magnifying Glasses. 

Small fol. old calf. London, 1665. 
Bookplate [in addition to Adam Smith's] of "John 

[Philosophical] Observations [and Experiments]. 

1 vol. 4to, tree calf. London, 1758. 
Satiras, Epistolas, et Artem Poeticam ed. D. 

Lambinus. Vol. ii. only. 4to. Lutetiae 

[Paris), 1578. 
Opera ed. J. Dousa. 1 vol. 4to. Lugd. Bat. 1597. 
Opera ex fide atque Auctoritate complurium 

Librorum. Fol. calf. Lutetiae, 1680. 
Horace. Oeuvres en Latin et en Francois. 

Remarques Critiques et Historiques. Par M. 

Dacier. 10 vols. i2mo. Paris, 1709. 
Opera Omnia ed. Richard Bentley. 1 vol. 4to. 

Amstelod. 1728. 
Poemata ex castigationibus observationibusque 

Bentleii Cuningamii et Sanadonis emendata. 

i2mo. London, 1740. 
Opera. 8vo. Foulis. Glasgow, 1744. 



Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

5 1 



Many marginal notes on fly-leaves and body of 
book, also on inserted sheets at the end. 
[Possibly used at college. Ad. Smith was 
at Oxford, 1740-47.] 

Opera. Recensuit varietate lectionis M. Christi- 
anus David, jun. 2 vols. 8vo. Lipsiae^ 1778. 

Epistolaad Augustum. 8vo,calf. Without title-page. 
Sent. i. 68 (Part I. Sect. II. ch. ii.) : "The 
gaiety of Ovid and the gallantry of Horace are 

The Universal Merchant, containing the Rationale 
of Commerce in theory and practice. An 
Inquiry into the Nature and Genius of Banks, 
their power, use, influence, and efficacy, the estab- 
lishment and operative transactions of the Banks 
of London and Amsterdam, etc. By William 
Horsley. Printed by C. Say for W. Owen at 
Homer's, near Temple Bar. 4to. London^ 1753. 

At page 109 a new title-page : A brief Disquisi- 
tion into the nature of Gold and Silver, and 
into the Art of Assay, etc., being " a proper 
supplement to the preceding work." Dedicated 
to Henry Pelham. 

Bound with the above in one vol. is also : Further 
Explanations of some particular Subjects relating 
to Trade, Coin, and Exchanges, contained in 
the Universal Merchant. By N. M. [Nicholas 
Magens]. Printed by John Haberken, Gerrard 
Street, 1756. [This is the Postscript described 

W. of N. I. xi. 95. 2. Ad. Sm. gives the figures 
"according to Mr. Meggens " (sic in all edd.) 
for the annual importation of gold and silver into 
Spain and Portugal circa 1750. "The great 
experience of this judicious merchant renders his 
opinion of considerable weight." The footnote 
giving exact reference to the " Postscript to the 
Universal Merchant, p. 15, and 16," appears 
first in the 2nd ed. of the W. of N. 1778. 
It concludes: "The postscript is to be found in 
few copies [of the Universal Merchant] ; it 
corrects several errors in the book." 




5 2 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 




(le Sieur 

Amelot d'). 








Sir William). 











An Account of the Ancient Free State of France. 

8vo, calf. London, 1738. 
Histoire du Gouvernement de Venise. 3 vols. 

Small 8vo, calf. Amsterdam, 17 14. 

State of the Prisons in England and Wales. 1 vol. 
4-to. Warrington, 1777. 

A Candid and Impartial Narrative of the Trans- 
actions of the Fleet under Lord Howe. 2nd ed. 
8vo, paper covers. London, N. D. 

Narrative of his Conduct in North America. 4to, 
boards. London, 1781. 

Geometrica, Astronomica et 
4 vols, in 2. 4to. Lugd. 

Opera Mechanica 


Batav. 1 75 1. 
Dissertatio medica inauguralis de Sanguine Humane 

1 vol. 8vo, calf. Edinburgh, N. D. 
History of the House of Douglas and Angus. 

1 vol. 4to, quarter leather. Edinburgh, 1644. 
A General History of Scotland from 767 to the death 

of King James. 1 vol. Small fol. calf. 

London, 1657. 
A Treatise of Human Nature, being an attempt to 

introduce the Experimental Method of Reason- 
ing into Moral Subjects. [Anon.] 8vo, calf. 

London, 1739-40. 

Vol. i. (1739). 

Vols. ii. and iii. (1739-40). 

Essays, Moral and Political. 

[Anon.] Edinburgh, 174.1. 
Essays and Treatises on several subjects 

1 2mo, old calf. 

A new 

edition. 1 vol. 4to, calf. London, 1758. 
Philosophical Essays. (1) Academical Philosophy. 

(2) Active Powers. (3) Liberty and Necessity. 

l2mo, calf. Edinburgh, 1768. 
Concerning Human Understanding. i2mo, calf. 

[Anon.] London, 1768. 
Essays and Treatises on several subjects. A new 

edition. 4 vols. Small 8vo, calf. London, 17 70. 












Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


\ l ) 

History of England from the Invasion of Julius 
Caesar to the Revolution in 1688. 8 vols. 8vo, 
calf. London, 1778. 
Dialogues concerning Natural Religion. 1 vol. 
8vo, calf. 1779. 

Mor. Sent. i. 197 (Part II. Sect. I. ch. v.) : 
"That remarkable distinction between justice 
and all the other social virtues, which has of 
late been particularly insisted upon by an 
author of verv great and original genius." 

(2) Ibid. i. 475 (Part IV. ch. ii.) : "The same in- 

genious and agreeable author who first explained 
whv utilitv pleases." (Criticism follows.) 

(3) Ibid. ii. 357 (Part VII. Sect. III. ch. iii.) 

'Another system' is mentioned which ex- 
plains the moral sentiments by sympathy, but 
in a different wav from Ad. Smith. It "places 
virtue in utility." 

(4) The passage on Suicide, which does not occur 

in the 1st ed. of the Mor. Sent., but is to be 
found in the 6th ed. ii. 242-250 (Part VII. 
Sect. II.), may have been meant as a reply to 
Hume's posthumous Essav on Suicide. 
W. of N. I. xi. 106. 1. ("Mr. Hume" on 
the value of fleece and sheep in Saxon times.) 

(6) Ibid. II. ii. 143. 1, 2. (On the increase of 

paper money, and its alleged effects on prices.) 
(Political Discourses.) 

(7) Ibid. II. iv. 157. 1. (Mr. Hume's discussion 

of the relation of the discoveries of precious 
metals to the rate of interest is so satisfactory 
that Ad. Smith need not enter on the sub- 
ject.) (Political Discourses.) 

(8) Ibid. III. iv. 181-182. (Mr. Hume is the only 

writer who has noticed how commerce intro- 
duces order and liberty.) ( Political Discourse^ : 
Essays on Commerce and Luxury.) 

(9) Ibid. IV. i. 195. 1 : " Mr. Hume frequently takes 

notice of the inability of the ancient Kings 
of England to carry on without interruption 
any foreign war of long duration" (History). 



Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

(10) VV. of N. V. i. 354. 2 to 355. 1 : "Most of 
the arts and professions, says by far the most 
illustrious philosopher and historian of the 
present age, are of such a nature" that the 
State consults its own interest best by leaving 
them alone ; not so with the Church. This 
passage contains a long quotation from the 
History of England, Henry VIII. ch. iii. 
with unimportant verbal alterations, probably 
due to Ad. Smith's habit of dictating. See 
Life by Dugald Stewart, prefixed to Essays, 
p. lxxxvii. note. 
Hutcheson A short Introduction to Moral Philosophy, contain- 
(Francis). ing the Elements of Ethicks. i2mo, calf. 

Foulis. Glasgow, 1747. 
A System of Moral Philosophy, in three books. 

2 vols. 4to, calf. London, 1755. 
[Hutcheson was Professor of Moral Philosophy at 
Glasgow, 1730-46, Thomas Craigie 1746-52, 
Adam Smith 1752-64.] 

(1) Edinr. Rev. 1755, ii. 72. "Mr. Hobbes, Mr. 
Locke, and Dr. Mandeville, Lord Shaftesbury, 
Dr. Butler, Dr. Clarke, and Mr. Hutcheson," 
unlike the French writers, have all of them 
at least tried to be original, and to make 
some new contribution to the old stock. 

(2) Mor. Sent. ii. 197 (Part VII. Sect. I.) (Holds 
the theory that virtue consists in benevolence.) 

(3) Ibid: ii. 286 (Part VII. Sect. II. ch. iii.) Of 
all the patrons of the system that makes 
virtue consist in benevolence, "the late Dr. 
Hutcheson was undoubtedly beyond all com- 
parison the most acute, the most distinct, the 
most philosophical, and what is of the greatest 
consequence of all, the soberest and most 
judicious." (Criticism follows.) (This eulogy 
occurs in all edd.) 

(4) Ibid. ii. 340 (Part VII. Sect. III. ch. ii.) (Dr. 
Hutcheson first precisely distinguished how 
far moral distinctions are due to reason and 
how far to sense and feeling.) 



Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 












(5) Mor. Sent. ii. 342 (Part VII. Sect. III. ch. iii.) 

(Ouotes Hutcheson's "Inquiry concerning 
Virtue" on the "principle of approbation.") 
(Criticism follows.) 

(6) Ibid. ii. 369, cf. 374 (Part VII. Sect. IV.) 

(Too lax in regard to promises made under 

History of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. 2 B 

vols. 8vo, calf. London^ 1760. 
[Governor of Massachusetts at the beginning of 

the troubles in America.] 
W. of N. V. iii. 428. 2. (On Colonial Debts — 

from the History, ii. 436 seq.) 
The Theory of Rain. 4to, stitched. Edin. 1784. B 
[Dr. James Hutton the geologist (1726-97). He 

was one of Ad. Smith's executors.] 

Iamblichi Chalcidensis ex Coelesyria [Tractatus de B 
Mysteriis]. Ed. Thomas Gale. Fol. vellum. 
Oxoniiy 1678. 

Opera. Notes by [William] Battie [M.D.] Vol. B 

i. only (out of 2). 8vo, calf. Londini^ 1749. 
W. of N. I. x. ii. 61. 2. (Reproaches the Sophists 

for taking the small fee of 4 or 5 minae. His 

own scholars paid 10.) 
Vocabolario degli Academici della Crusca. 6 vols. C 

Fol. calf. Napo/i, 1746. 

De principatibus Italiae. Tractatus varii. I vol. C 
i2mo, vellum (Elzevir). Lugd. Bat. 1628. 

Etat present de la Republique des Provinces Unies. B 
2 vols. l2mo, old calf. La Haye, 1741. 

Thoughts on the Causes and Consequences of the F 
Present High Price of Provisions. 4th ed. 
26 pp. 8vo. [Anon.] London (Dodsley)^ 1767. 

Political Speculations, or an attempt to discover the F 
Causes of the Dearness of Provisions and High 
Price of Labour in England, with some hints 
for remedying those evils. Pp. viii. 41. 8vo. 
[Anon.] London (Jlmon), 1767. 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 




Jones (Sir 







Do. Part the Second. Pp. 62. [Anon.] 1767. 
[The above books are bound in one vol. 8vo, 

quarter calf, paper sides, lettered on back: 

" Political Pamphlets." Contents in Adam 

Smith's handwriting. The vol. includes also 

Dossie, Young, and Stahlin, q.v.~\ 
[Hume sent Jen) ns a copy of the Mor. Sent. See Life 

of Adam Smith, prefixed to Essav?, p. xlvii.] 
Pieces sur les Jesuites. 4 vols. Small 8vo, calf. C 

N. P. 1760. 
The Idler. 2 vols. 3rd ed. 8vo, calf. London^ C 

The Rambler. 4 vols. i2mo, calf. London^ 177 1. B 
Lives of the most eminent English Poets. 4 vols. C 

8vo, calf. London^ 178 1. 
Prayers and Meditations. 1 vol. 8vo, calf. C 

London^ 1785. 
Edinr. Rev. 1755, i. 01-73. Review of Johnson's 

Poems, consisting chiefly of Translations from the B 

Asiatick Languages. i2mo, calf. Oxford^ 1772. 

Opera Omnia. Graece et Latine. 2 vols. Fol. Q 

Amstelod. I'jlb. 
The Letters of Junius. i2mo, calf. London^ 1783. B 

Digestorum Codicis Repetitae Praelectionis Libri B 
XII. Large folio (without title-page). 

Above Adam Smith's bookplate : " Pharamus Fiennes, 
his book, 1669 ; pret. 01/: 05X : 04*/." 

De Historiis Philippicis. In usum Delphini. 8vo, B 

calf. London^ 17 — . 
Satyrae. 8vo, vellum. A?nstelod. 1684. 

Satyrae. Ed. Henr. Chr. Henninius. 1 vol. 4to. 

Ultrajecti^ 1685. 
Satyrae. In usum serenissimi Delphini. 8vo, calf. B 

London^ 1707. 
Satyres. i2mo, calf (without title-page). B 

Travels into North America : its Natural History, B 
Plantations, Manners of the Inhabitants, etc. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 







(L. G. F.) 



La Caille 



(Abbe de). 

(Comte de). 

(Le R. P. 


Translated by J. R. Forster. 3 vols. 8vo, 

boards. Warrington, 1770. 
W. of N. I. xi. 103. 1. "Mr. Kalm, the Swedish 

traveller," thinks that the American Colonists 

show little of the English skill in husbandrv. 
Sketches of the History of Man. 2 vols. 4-to, calf. 

[Anon.] Edinburgh, 1774. 
W. of N. V. ii. 372. 1. (On the temptation to 

smuggling, created by the existing laws and the 

present inequitable treatment of the offence. 

The reference is to Book II. Sect. IV. v. 

The author's name is not mentioned.) 

A Short Account of the Ancient History, Present 
Government, and Laws of the Republic of 
Geneva. 8vo. London, 1761. 

Systema Logicae. i2mo, old calf, two clasps. 
Francofurti, 1 628. 

Abrege de l'Histoire de la Hollande et des Pro- 
vinces-Unies, depuis les terns les plus anciens 
jusqu'a nos jours. 4 vols. 8vo. A Leide, 1778. 

Biographia Britannica. A to F. 5 vols. Fol. 
London, 1778. 

History of the Turkish Empire, with continuation 
by Sir P. Rycaut. 2 vols. Fol. old calf. 

Bookplate of Stuart of Dunnairn on each vol. in 
addition to Adam Smith's. 






Lecons elementaires de la Mathematique. 8vo. N 

Paris, 1778. 
On title-page : " New edition by M. l'abbe Marie." 

La Poetique de la Musique. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris N 
[Didot jeune], 1 785. De l'imprimerie de 

Histoires des Decouvertes et Conquestes des Portu- N 
gais dans le Nouveau Monde 2 vols. i2mo. 
Paris, 1735. 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

(Comte de). 





(Claude et 




Law (John), 



Lee (James), 
Le Trosne. 

Patent es. 

Memoires. I vol. 4*0, quarter leather. Paris, C 

Systeme du Monde. 2nd ed. 8vo. Berlin, 1784. N 

Grammaire Generale et raisonnee. i2mo. [Anon.] N 
Amsterd. 1703. 

The same. i2mo. Paris, 1754. N 

Latinorum Poetarum opera et fragmenta, pro- B 
fanorum et ecclesiasticorum. 2 vols. Fol. 
calf. [Anon.] Londini, 1713. 

Money and Trade considered, with a proposal for B 
supplying the Nation with Money. i2mo, old 
calf. Glasgow, 1750. 

Proposals and Reasons for Constituting a Council B 
of Trade in Scotland. i2mo, old calf. 1751. 

W. of N. II. ii. 139. 2. "That the industry of 
Scotland languished for want of money to em- 
ploy it, was the opinion of the famous Mr. Law." 

Ibid. III. iv. 157. 1. (Mr. Law, with Locke and 
Alontesquieu, imagined that the discoveries of 
gold and silver lowered the rate of interest in 

Principles of Penal Law. 2nd ed. 8vo. [Anon.] N 
London, 1 771. 

An Introduction to Botany. 2nd ed. 8vo. London, N 

Recueil de Plusieurs Morceaux Economiques princi- U 
palement sur la Concurrence des Etrangers dans 
le transport de nos Grains. Par M. Le Trosne, 
avocat du Roi au Bailliage d'Orleans. A 
Amsterdam et se trouve a Paris chez Desaint 
libraire, rue du Foire St. Jacques. i2mo. 

Lettres patentes du Roi concernant l'abonnement F 
de la Ville de Saint Quentin. Donnees a Ver- 
sailles le 29 mars 1759. 4to. 4 pp. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 









(L'abbe de). 



(Carl von 


The same for la ville de Troyes 1759. 4 pp. 

„ » Langres „ „ 

„ » Tonnerre „ 3 pp. 

„ „ Reims „ 4 pp. 

„ „ Montfort „ „ 

„ „ Chateaugontier „ „ 

„ „ St. Dizier „ „ 

» » Lyon „ „ 

„ „ Romoranton „ „ 

„ „ Boulogne , 

sur Mer 

„ „ Houdan , 

» » Epernay , 

„ „ Meulan , 

[Bound in one vol. with Messance, Grosley, Ques- 
nay, q.v.] 

Lettres populaires ou l'on examine la Reponse aux 

lettres ecrites de la Campagne. 2 vols. 8vo, 
calf. 1765. 

Historia Poetarum et Poematum. 8vo, vellum. 
N. P. 1741. 

3 PP- 

4 pp. 


Caroline de Lichfield par Madame De 
i2mo, calf. Londres^ 1786. 



2 vols. B 

Les Jardins ou l'art d'embellir les paysages. 4th ed. N 
8vo. Paris, 1782. 

Philosophia Botanica. 1 vol. 8vo, calf. Stock- C 
holmae, 1751. 

Genera Plantarum. Editio novissima. 1 vol. 8vo, C 
calf. ViennaCj ij6y. 

Systema Naturae. Editio decimatertia. 4 vols. C 
8vo, calf. Vindobonae [Vienna), 1768. 

Species Plantarum. Editio secunda. 2 vols. 8vo, C 

calf. Holmiae {Stockholm), 1762-63. 
Essay on Extern. Senses, 234 (the hawk, etc., 

blind at birth) ; 237 (mammals in infancy 

directed to the nipple by smell) ; 241 (most 

worms without head). 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


Lit de 










II Malmantile Racquistato. Minimo, calf. Parigi, B 

Proces verbal de ce qui s'est passe au Lit de Justice U 

tenu par le Roi a Versailles, le mardi douze 

mars 1776. A Paris, 1776. 
[Bound with Considerations sur les Richesses. 

See Richesses.] 
Quod exstat. Ed. Gronovius. Vol. i. only. 8vo. 

Amstelod. 1665. 
History of the War in Germany between the King 

of Prussia and the Empress of Germany and 

the Allies. 4-to, old calf. London, 1781. 
Essays on the Trade, Commerce, Manufactures, B 

and Fisheries of Scotland. Vol. i. only (out of 

4). 8vo, boards. Edinburgh, 1778. 
An Essay concerning Human Understanding, in C 

four books. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. London, 1726. 

(1) Edinr. Rev. 1755, ii. 72. (His originality in 

Philosophy. See above, under Hutcheson.) 

(2) Essay on External Senses, 218 (the blind man's 

idea of scarlet). 

(3) Mor. Sent. ii. 131 (Part VI. Sect. III.) 

(The dissimulation of the first Ashley, Earl 
of Shaftesbury, is often celebrated by "the 
judicious Mr. Locke. 

(4) Ibid. ii. 344 (Part VII. Sect. III.) (On the 

faculty of Reflection, " from which he derived 
the simple ideas of the different passions and 
emotions of the human mind.") 

(5) W. of N. I. v. 20. 1. (Imputed the high price of 

silver bullion to the permission of exporting it.) 

(6) Ibid. II. iv. 157. 1. (Imagined that the dis- 

coveries of the precious metals lowered the 
rate of interest.) 

(7) Ibid. IV. i. 188. 1. "Mr. Locke remarks a dis- 

tinction between money and other moveable 
goods." It is more durable. 
Elements of the Philosophy of Historv. Part I. B 

i2mo, boards [1781]. 
On title-page: "From the Author." [Logan of 
Leith, the Poet.] 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


Louis XIV. 



De Luc 

(J. A.) 







Artis Logicae Compendium. [Anon.] i2mo, calf. B 

N. D. 
Memoires et Reflexions sur les principaux evenemens B 

du regne de Louis XIV. Par M. L. M. D. 

L. F. [M. le Marquis de la Feuquieres ? ] 1 2mo, 

old calf. Ainsterdam, 1740. 
Conferences des Ordonnances de Louis XIV. Vol. B 

ii. only. 4to, calf. Paris^ 1760. 
[See also Anquetil, France, Rochefoucauld.] 
The Lounger. 3 vols. i2mo, calf. London^ 1787. B 
[Edited by Henry Mackenzie at Edinr. 1785-87.] 
A Report containing an Essay for the Amendment B 

of the Silver Coins. [Anon.] 8vo, old calf. 

London^ 1695. 
On fly-leaf: "Ex libris Bibliothecae Facultatis 

Juridicae Edinburgh" 
Recherches sur les modifications de l'atmosphere. C 

2 vols. 4to, calf. Geneve^ 1772. 

Opera. 3 vols. 4to, old calf. Amstelodami, 1787. B 
Opera, ed. C. C. Reitzius. Vol. ii. only. Fol. Q 

Trajecti ad Rhenum^ 1 746. 
Opera ex recensione Joannis Benedicti. Vol. i. B 

only. 8vo, calf. Amstelod. 1787. 
Mor. Sent. ii. 245 (Part VII. Sect. II. ch. i.) 

(Believes in the story of Zeno's suicide.) 
W. of N. V. i. 348. 2. (Marcus Antoninus, as we 
learn from Lucian, bestowed bounty on one of 
the teachers of philosophv. [See Aurelius.p 

Titi Lucretii Cari De Rerum Natura. Large 4to, B 
calf. Londini, 1 71 2. 

Titi Lucretii Cari De Rerum Natura Libri Sex. C 
2 vols. 4to, calf. Lugd. Bat. 1725. 

Titi Lucretii Cari De Rerum Natura Libri Sex. B 
i2mo, calf. G/asguae, 1759. 

Lucophrontis Chalcidensis Carmina. 1 
Oxoniae, 169^-. 

Moral and Political Dialogues between divers B 
eminent persons of the past and present age. 
[Anon.] 8vo, boards. London^ 1759. 

vol. 4to. Q C 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 




Bonnet de). 





History of the Life of King Henry II. Vol. ii. 
only [out of four]. 4to, calf. London, 1767. 

Poetical Works. Fol. tree calf. Foulis. Glasgow, 


Des Principes des Negociations pour servir d'intro- 
duction au droit public de l'Europe fonde sur les 
traites. i2mo. Amsterd. 1 757- 

Entretiens de Phocion sur le Rapport de la Morale 
avec la Politique. i2mo, calf. Amsterd. 1763. 

Le Droit Public de l'Europe fonde sur les traites. 
3rd ed. 3 vols. i2mo. 1764. 
Vols. i. and ii. 
Vol. iii. 

Observations sur l'histoire de France. Vol. ii. only. 
i2mo, calf. Geneve, 1765. 

Observations sur l'histoire de la Grece ou des causes 
de la prosperite et des malheurs des Grecs. 
i2mo. Geneva, 1766. 

De la maniere d'ecrire l'histoire. i2mo, boards. 
Paris, 1783. 

Opere. Vols. vi. vii. and viii. Small 8vo, calf. 
London, 1768. 

(1) Mor. Sent. ii. 64 (Part VI. Sect. I.) (His cool 

account of Caesar Borgia's murder of the five 
princes J 

(2) W.ofN.'lII.iii. 180. 1. ("OneofMachiavel's 

heroes, Castruccio Castracani," drove many 
skilled artisans out of Lucca, in 13 10.) 

(3) Ibid. V. i. 354. 2. (On the Dominican and 

Franciscan orders, as rousing the Church 
from its languour.) 
'(4) Ibid. V. ii. 368. 1. (On the trading of "Lor- 
enzo of Medicis.") 

Inquiries concerning the Poor. 8vo, calf. Edin- 
burgh, 1782. 

On fly-leaf: "To Commissioner Smith, from the 






Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


Mac kay 





The Same. 8vo, calf. Edinburgh, 1782. U 

On fly-leaf: "To Adam Smith, Esq., from his much 

obliged and affectionate servant the Author." 
[See Tod.] 

Abstract Table of Rates of all the Duties under the N 
Management of the Commissioners of Excise in 
Scotland, etc., as at 5th Oct. 1777. 4-to. Edin- 
burgh, 1777. 

Abridgment of the Excise Laws and of the Customs N 
Laws therewith connected, now in force in 
Great Britain. 8vo. Edinburgh, ijjg. 

[Maclcay was Supervisor of Excise.] 

Man of the World. [Anon.] Vol. ii. only. i2mo, B 
calf. London, 1773. [See also Lounger.] 

A Treatise on Fluxions. 2 vols. 4to, old calf. B 

Edinburgh, 1742. 
Essay on Astron. 74. (The "analogy of nature" 

seems to M. in favour of Copernicus.) 

Fingal, an ancient epic poem in six books, together C 
with several other poems composed by Ossian, 
son of Fingal. 1 vol. 4to, calf. London, 1762. 

Temora, an ancient epic poem in eight books, com- C 
posed by Ossian, son of Fingal. 1 vol. 4to, 
calf. London, 1763. 

Introduction to the History of Great Britain and B 
Ireland. 4to, boards. London, 1772. 

History of Great Britain. 2 vols. 4to. London, Q C 

[" Adam Smith, the celebrated Professor in Glasgow, 

told me that the piper of the Argyleshire militia 
repeated to him all those poems which Mr. Mac- 
pherson has translated, and many more of equal 
beauty." — Letter of David Hume, Aug. 16, 
1760, quoted in Ritchie's Life of Hume (1807), 
p. 1 

Elemens de Chymie theorique. i2mo. Paris, N 

Dictionnaire portatif des Arts et Metiers. 2 vols. N 
i2mo. Paris, 1766. 

6 4 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 






(John Mair). 





(or Mallius). 





History and Antiquities of the Exchequer of the B 
Kings of England. From the Norman Con- 
quest to Edward II. Folio, old calf. London, 

On flv-leaf : "To the chief of School Arcail, from 
a cadet of Loch Sloy." 

W. of N. I. x. Part II. 56. 2. (On the charters of 
trade corporations.) (From the Firma burgi.) 

Ibid. III. iii. 177. 1, 2. (On the privileges of 
burghers and the history of the Exchequer.) 
(Firma burgi.) 

La Merope. Tragedia. 8vo, calf. Londini, 1721. B 

Historiarum Indicarum Libri XVI. Folio, old calf. B 
Viennae, 1 75 1 . 

Historia Maioris Britanniae tarn Angliae quam C 
Scotiae per Joannem Maiorem [nomine quidem 
Scotum, professione autem theologum, e veterum 
monumentis concinnata]. Ex officina Ascen- 
siana. 1 vol. 4to. [Paris'] Sheepskin, 1521. 

[From the press of Jodocus Badius (of Assche in 
Flanders). J 

Treatise of Music, Speculative, Practical, Historical. B 
8vo, old calf. Edinburgh, 1721. 

A New System of Arithmetic, Theoretical and B 
Practical. 4-to, old calf. London, 1730. 

[He was teacher of Mathematics at Aberdeen.] 

Poesies. Avec la vie de l'Auteur. i2mo, calf. B 
Paris, 1776. 

Malpighii Marcelli Opera Omnia. Illustrated. C 

3 vols. Fol. calf. London, 1686. 
[Botanist and anatomist.] 
Astronomica. Ex recensione et cum notis Richardi 

Bentleii. 1 vol. 4to. Londinii, 1739. 
Memoirs of Russia, 1727-44. 4to, calf. London, 

Res Gestae. Ed. J. Gronovius. 1 vol. 4to. 
Lugd. Bat. 1593. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 




Dowager or). 
(M. Vale- 





(Jean Bapt.) 

Historia de Rebus Hispaniae. Fol. Hagae Comitum, 

r 733- 

Vol. i. 

Vol. iii. 

L'Adone, Poema,e l'Allegorie di Don Lorenzo Scoto. 
4-to, vellum. Venetia, 162^ 

La Lira, Rime. 3 vols. Thick minimo, old calf. 
Venetia, 1674. 

Remarks on the Epistles of Cicero to Brutus, and 
of Brutus to Cicero. 8vo. London, 1745. 

An Account of her Conduct from her first coming 
to Court to the year 17 10. In a letter from her- 
self to my Lord . 8vo, calf. London, 1742. 


8 C 



Epigrammata. Books I. to XV. 1 vol. 4to. Q C 

Parisiis, 1 680. 
The Epigrams of Martial. With a Comment by B 

James Elphinston. 4to, boards. London, 1782. 
A late Voyage to St. Kilda. 1 vol. 8vo, calf. C 

London, 1693. 
A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland. B 

8vo, old calf. 2nd ed. London, 17 16. 
[The books which gave Dr. Johnson his wish to 

visit the Hebrides.] 
An Historical Account of English Money[s] from B 

the Conquest to the Present Time, including 

those of Scotland from the Union of the Two 

Kingdoms. 8vo, old calf. London, 1745. 
The Principles of the Doctrine of Life Annuities N 

explained in a familiar Manner. 4to. London, 

Poems. The 5th ed. Printed by A. Ward, and B 
sold by J. Dodsley and T. Cadell, London ; J. 
Todd, York, 1779. 

Sermons de Massillon. 15 vols. i2mo, calf. B 
Paris, 1776. 

Mor. Sent. i. 328-329 (Part III. ch. ii.) Quotation 
from " the discourse which the eloquent and 
philosophical Massillon pronounced on giving 
his benediction to the standards of the regiment 
of Catinat," exalting the monk unduly above 
the soldier. 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



(John, of 

or Melon 



Mor. Sent. i. 423 (Part III. ch. v. " The eloquent 
and philosophical Bishop of Clermont, with that 
passionate and exaggerating force of imagination 
which seems sometimes to exceed the bounds of 
decorum," holds that God would be a mere tyrant 
unless good and bad received fitter recompense 
than in our world. 

A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem at Easter, 
1707. 2nd ed. I vol. 8vo, calf. Oxford, ijoj. 

Journal Historique de la Revolution operee dans la 
constitution de la Monarchic Francoise, par M. 
de Maupeou, Chancelier de France. 7 vols. 
i2mo. London, ijj6. 

An Essay upon Tune, being an attempt to free the 
Scale of Music and the Tune of Instruments 
from Imperfection. [Anon.] 8vo. Edinburgh, 

A Political Essay upon Commerce, written in 

French by Monsieur M . Translated, with 

some annotations and remarks, by David Bindon, 
Esq. 8vo. Dublin, 1739. 

Essai Politique sur le Commerce. Nouvelle edition 
augmentee de sept chapitres et ou les lacunes des 
editions precedentes sont remplies. N. P. 1 761. 

[The first French ed. was in 1734.] 

W. of N. V. iii. 421. I. "In the payment of the 
interest of the public debt, it has been said it is 
the right hand which pays the left." Melon 
says (towards the end of his Essai), " Les dettes 
d'un etat sont des dettes de la main droite a la 
main gauche, dont le corps ne se trouvera point 
affbibli, s'il a la quantite' d'alimens necessaires et 
s'il scait les distribuer." Pinto approves the 
saying ; but when Hume quotes it ("'Tis like 
transferring money from the right hand to the 
left," Essay on Public Credit) it is only, like 
Adam Smith, to condemn it. 

Memoiies et A ventures d'un homme de qualite. 4 
vols. Minimo. Amsterdam, 1735. 



Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 







Eudes de). 


Oeuvres dramatiques. 2 vols. i2mo. Amsterd. N 
and Paris , 1776. 

[Member of the Convention.] 

Recherches sur la Population des F 
d'Auvergne, de Lyon, de Rouen, et de quelques 
Provinces et Villes du Royaume, avec des Re- 
flexions sur la Valeur du Bled tant en France 
qu'en Angleterre, depuis 1674, jusqu'en 1764. 
8 pp. (at beginning not numbered) and an 
additional 334 pp. 4to. Paris, 1766. 

[Bound with Grosley, q.v.] 

W. of N. I. viii. 38. 2. " A French author of great 
knowledge and ingenuity, Mr. Messance, re- 
ceiver of the tailles in the election of St. Etienne, 
endeavours to show that the poor do more work 
in cheap than in dear years." His account is 
copied from the registers of the public offices in 
his districts. 

Ibid. I. xi. in. 2. Prices in the different French 
markets have been "collected with great diligence 
and fidelity bv Mr. Messance and bv Mr. Dupre 
de St. Maur." [See Monnoies.] 

Poesie. 12 vols. i2mo, old calf. Parigi, 1755. B 

Essay on Imit. Arts, 159: "Nothing can be more 
deeply affecting than the interesting scenes of 
the serious opera, when to good poetry and wood 
music, to the poetry of Metastasio and the music of 
Pergolese, is added the execution of a good actor." 

Ibid. 169, Metastasio and Apostolo Zeno reformed 
Italian opera. [See Zeno.] 

Edinr. Rev. 1755, ii. 78, " The works of Metastasio 
are esteemed all over Europe." 

Metrologie ou traite des Mesures, Poids, et Monnoies. g 
4to, calf. Paris, 1780. [Par M. Paucton.] 

Histoire de France depuis Faramond jusqu'a main- B 
tenant, avec les portraits au naturel des Rois, 
des Reines, des Dauphins, et enrichie de 
medailles, etc. 3 vols. Folio, calf. Paris, 1 643. 

Arms stamped on front and back of each volume. 

Observations concerning the Distinction of Ranks in C 
Society. I vol. 4to,calf. London, 1771. [isted.] 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



Disputatio Juridica ad Tit. I. Libr. xliv. Digest. 
De Exceptionibus, Praescriptionibus et Praeju- 
diciis. 4-to. Edinburgh, 1783. 

[Two years before his death Adam Smith sent his 
cousin David Douglas " to study law at Glasgow 
under the care of Mr. Millar," then Professor 
of Law at Glasgow University. See Life by 
Dug. Stewart prefixed to Essays, p. xcv.] 

The Elevation, Section, Plan, and Views of a Triple 
Vessel, and of Wheels. 1 vol. Fol. calf. Edin- 
burgh, 1787. 

Paradise Regained. To which is added Samson 
Agonistes and poems on several occasions, with 
tract on education. 8th ed. 1 vol. 8vo, calf. 
London, 1743. 

Paradise Lost. i2mo, calf. Glasgow, 1750. 

(1) Essay on Hist, of Astron. 4 (Parad. Lost, ii., 

"The fiend what this might be admired, 
Admired, not feared"). 

(2) Essay on Imitat. Arts, 144. (Speaking of 

gardens " sculptured " by the shears of the 
gardener, he quotes II Penseroso, 49, 50.) 

(3) Ibid. 152. He gives out of the L' Allegro from 

memory : " Music married to immortal verse " 
(instead of "soft Lydian airs Married to im- 
mortal verse"). 

(4) Ibid. 160. (On Handel's music to the Allegro 

and Penseroso. Adam Smith thinks that (in 
the case even of the bells, the lark, and the 
nightingale) the verse was needed to show 
what the music was meant to imitate.) 

(5) Essay on Engl, and Ital. Verses, 192. (Milton's 

verse accented on first and fifth syllable.) 

(6) Mor. Sent. ii. 241 (Part VII. Sect. II. ch. i.) 

Speaking of the ancient philosophies fortifying 
the mind against the fear of death, he quotes 
Parad. Lost, ii. 568: "Or arm the obdured 
breast With stubborn patience as with triple 

(7) Mor. Sent. ii. Considerations concerning the 

First Formation of Languages, 460, 461 . (He 
shows in some detail how Milton's translation 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

6 9 


(Victor de 


Marquis de). 



(A. de). 










Principe di) 

of Horace's Ode to Pyrrha cannot easily be 
interpreted without the original.) 
[See also Shakespeare.] 

La Theorie de l'Impot. [Anon.] i2mo. N. P. 

L'Ami des Hommes ou Traite de la Population. 
i2mo, calf. vol. iv. Mercier, Paris, 1763. 

Philosophic Rurale ou £conomie generale et poli- 
tique de l'Agriculture. 4-to, old calf. Amster- 
dam^ 1763. 

W. of N. IV. ix. 307. 2. " Three great inventions, 
writing, money, and the economical table [of 
Ouesnay]," is quoted from Philos. Rur. i. 52. 

The Mirror. 3 vols. 1 2mo, calf. Edinburgh, 1 78 1 . 

[For an anecdote of Adam Smith in relation to the 
Mirror see Mackintosh, Dissertation (on Hume).] 

Doctrine of Chances. 3rd ed. 4*0. London, 17 56. 

Oeuvres. New ed. 1 vol. only. Paris, IJ2S- 
Oeuvres. 7 vols. Minimo, old calf. Paris, 1749. 
Oeuvres avec des remarques grammaticales. 6 vols. 

8vo, calf. Paris, 1773. 
Antient Metaphysics or the Science of Universals. 

[Anon.] 3 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1779. 

Considerations on Money [Bullion, and Foreign 
Exchanges, being an Inquiry into the present 
state of British Coinage]. [Anon.] 8vo, calf. 
London, 1772. 

Essai sur les Monnoies ou Reflexions sur le Rapport 
entre l'Argent et les Denrees. 4to, calf. Paris, 
1746. [Dupre de St. Maur.] 

Essais. 3 vols. 4to. Paris, 1725. 

Memoires de Montecuculli [generalissime des 
troupes de l'Empereur, sur l'art militaire]. 
i2mo, old calf. Colonia, 1704. 














Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



(Charles de 
Baron de). 




(Dr. John). 




Les Philosophes, Comedie. i2mo, boards. La 

Haye, 1 760. 
Oeuvres. 3 vols. 41:0, calf. Amsterdam and 

Leipsic, 1758. 

W. of N.I. ix. 44. 1. (Thought that the high rate 

of interest among Mahometans was due to the 

difficulty of recovery.) 
Ibid. II. iv. 157. 1. (Thought with Locke and 

Law that the discoveries of gold and silver 

lowered interest.) 
Ibid. IV. ix. 309. 2. Hungarian mines are wrought 

by free labour less expensively than Turkish by 

Poesies. Minimo, calf. Amsterdam, 1759. 

A View of Society and Manners in France, Switzer- 
land, and Germany, with Anecdotes relating to 
some eminent Characters. By a gentleman who 
resided several years in those countries. [Anon.] 
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1779. 

A View of Society and Manners in Italy, with 
Anecdotes relating to some eminent Characters. 
By John Moore, M.D. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 

Prospectus d'un nouveau Dictionnaire du Com- 
merce. [Probably the copy sent by Hume. 
See below.] Paris, 1769. 

Refutation [par l'abbe Morellet] de l'ouvrage qui 
a pour titre Dialogues sur le Commerce des 
Bleds [par Galiani secretaire v de l'Ambassade 
Napolitaine a Paris]. 8vo. A Londres, 1770. 

[The bracketed words are in Prof. Hodgson's hand- 

W. of N. V. i. 340. 1. "An eminent French 
author, of great knowledge in matters of political 
economy, the Abbe Morellet, gives a list" of 
joint-stock companies established since 1760. 

It was Morellet who said of Adam Smith (in his 
Memoires (publ. 1 821), tome i. 237), "II parlait 




Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 






(Bills of). 



de la). 


fort mal notre langue." See MacCulloch's ed. 
of W. of N. Introduction, p. ix. n. (ed. 1863). 
As to the Prospectus, see Letters of Emin. 
Persons to David Hume (ed. Burton, 1849), PP- 
309-312 ; Life of Hume (Burton, 1846), vol. ii. 
427, 428 (where Hume promises Morellet that 
he will send the " Prospectus " to Adam Smith). 
Compare Letters of Hume to Strahan (ed. Hill, 
1888), p. 150. [See also Beccaria.] 
Polyhistor. 2 vols. 4to. Lubecae, 1747. Q C 

A Collection of the Yearly Bills of Mortality from B 
1657 to 1758 inclusive [to which are subjoined 
Graunt's Essay, Sir Wm. Petty's Essay on the 
Growth of the City of London, Morris's 
Observations, and a tract by Morris, entitled 
Observations, Political and Natural, etc., on the 
Bills of Mortality, written for this volume. 
With a Table of the Probability of Life by J. 
P., Esq., F.R.S.] [James Postlethwayte.] 4to 
boards. London, 1759. 

[The Collection is ascribed to Dr. Heberden. See 

MacCulloch, Liter, of Pol. Ec. p. 272.] 
James Postlethwayte's History or the Public 
Revenues from the Revolution to the Present 
Time, 1758, is quoted in W. of N. V. iii. 418. 
2 (in regard to the growth of the Debt). 

Every Man his own Broker, or a Guide to Exchange B 
Alley. [Anon.] i2mo, calf. London, 1761. 

[This book reached a 13th ed. in 1801.] 

Oeuvres. 11 vols. i2mo. Paris, 1754. N 

Mor. Sent. i. 314 (Part III. ch. ii.) Despreaux and 
Racine caballed against Fontenelle and La Motte. 
See Boileau, above. 

England's Treasure by Foreign Trade, or the U 
Balance of our Foreign Trade is the Rule of 
our Treasure. Written by Thomas Mun of 
London, merchant ; first published by his son 
in the year 1664. Printed and sold by R. and 
A. Foulis. Glasgow, 1755. 

[Bound with Berkeley's Querist, q.v.~\ 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 






W. of N. IV. i. 1 88. 2. Adam Smith quotes from 
ch. iv. p. 28 of Mun : " If we only behold the 
actions of the husbandman in the seed-time," 
etc. (where Mun wishes to show that by allow- 
ing gold and silver to go abroad to buy foreign 
goods, we may eventually cause a much greater 
quantity to come to us again). 

Ibid. IV. i. 190. 1 : "The title of Mun's book, 
England's Treasure in [sic] Foreign Trade, 
became a fundamental maxim in the political 
economy " of all commercial countries. 

[Liber] Variarum Lectionum. i2mo, vellum. B 
Antwerpiae, 1580. 

Relatione delle Revolutioni Popolari a Napoli. B 

i2mo, vellum. 1648. 
De l'Administration des Finances de la France par U 

M. Necker. Ubi igitur mens ex multis miseriis 

et periculis requievit, non fuit consilium socordia 

atque desidia otium deterere — Sallust. 3 vols. 

N. P. 1784. 
Compte Rendu au Roi par M. Necker, directeur- U 

general des Finances au mois de Janvier 178 1. 

Imprime par ordre de sa Majeste a Paris. A 

LondreSj 1786. 
[Bound with Consider, sur les Richesses and 

Proces Verbal, q.v.] 
Reponse de M. Necker au discours prononce par N 

M. de Calonne a l'Assemblee des Notables. 

8vo. London^ 1787. 
[Adam Smith made the acquaintance of Necker 

in 1766. J 
W. of N. V. ii. 410. 2. (On the population of 

France, from N.'s tract on Corn.) 
Optice sive de Reflexionibus, Refractionibus, In- B 

flexionibus, et Coloribus Lucis. Libri Tres. 

4to, old calf. Londini, 1706. 
Opticks, or a Treatise on the Reflections, Re- N 

fractions, Inflections, and Colours of Light. 

3rd ed. 8vo. London^ 1J2I. 
Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. 4to, B 

old calf. Londiniy 1726. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 




A Treatise on the Method of Fluxions and Infinite 
Series, with its Application to the Geometry of 
Curve Lines. 8vo. London, 1737. 

(1) Edinr. Rev. 1755, ii. 66. The "Cartesian 

philosophy " had the same superiority over the 
Peripatetic as the Newtonian now Has over 
the Cartesian ; the Encyclopedic adopts the 

(2) Essay on Astron. 75. (Newton considers the 

" analogy of nature" to be in favour of Coper- 

(3) Ibid. 83 seq. N.'s own account of the motions of 

the planets. "The superior genius and sagacity 
of Sir Isaac Newton made the most happy, and, 
we may now say, the greatest and most admir- 
able improvement that was ever made in philo- 
sophy when he discovered that he could join 
together the movements of the planets by 
so familiar a principle of connection," etc. 

(83, 84). 

(4) Essay of the Extern. Senses, 204. (View of 

Democritus, etc., on plenum and vacuum, re- 
vived by Gassendi and adopted by Newton. 
Opposed only by " that species of metaphysics 
which confounds everything and explains 

(5) Ibid. 215. (Explains Sound by vibrations of air.) 

(6) Mor. Sent. i. 312 (Part III. ch. ii.) "The 

great work of Sir Isaac Newton, his Mathe- 
matical Principles of Natural Philosophy, I 
have been told was for several years neglected 
by the public. The tranquillity of that great 
man, it is probable, never suffered upon that 
account the interruption of a single quarter of 
an hour." 
Scotch Ballads. 2 vols. Small 8vo, calf. London, 

[Biographical and Literary] Anecdotes of William 
Bowyer [Printer, F.S.A., and many of his 
learned friends]. 1 vol. 4to, tree calf. London, 



Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



Bishop of 





(De la 



Bishop of 




(Comte de 





(Duke of). 



The Irish Historical Library ; pointing at most of < 
the authors and records in print and in MS. 
which may be serviceable to the compiler of a 
General History of Ireland. I vol. 8vo, calf. 
London, 1724. 

Voyage en Arabic Traduit de PAllemand. 4 vols. C 
4to, tree calf. Amsterdam, 1776. 

Oeuvres [de theatre]. 5 vols. i2mo. Paris, N 

A Gleam of Comfort to this distracted Empire in 
despite of Faction, Violence, and Cunning j de- 
monstrating the fairness and reasonableness of 
national confidence in the present Ministry. 
[Anon.] 63 pp. 8vo. London, 1 785. 

[Bound with Dundonald, q.v.] 

The History of the Saracens. 3rd ed. 2 vols. 
Cambridge, 1 757. 

Remarques sur plusieurs branches de commerce et 
de navigation. l2mo. Amsterdam, 1758. 



Reipublicae Romanae Commentarii. 1 vol. 4to. Q 

Francofurti, 1 59 7. 
[Panvinio Onofrio.] 
Contra Celsum et Philokalia. Graece et Latine. Q 

Ed. W. Spencer. 1 vol. 4to. Cantabrigiae, 

l6 V: 

Les origines de l'ancien gouvernement de la France, B 
de 1'AUemagne, et de lTtalie. Vols. i. and iv. 
only. [Anon.] i2mo, calf. La Haye, IJ5J. 

Memoirs of the Regency of the Duke of Orleans. B 
[Anon.] 8vo, calf. London, 1732. 

History of the Military Transactions of the British C 
Nation in Indostan from mdccxlv. 2nd ed. 
[Anon.] 2 vols. 4to, calf. London, I'J'/S- 

History of the Portuguese during the Reign of H 
Emmanuel, containing all their Discoveries from 
the Coast of Africa to the furthest parts of 
China. With a description of these countries, 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



Earl of). 


Earl of). 






Le Parge 
(Louis A.) 




and a particular account of the religion, 
government, and customs of the natives. 
Translated by James Gibbs. 2 vols. 8vo, 
calf. London, 1752. 

Report from the Committee of Secrecy on the 
conduct of Oxford as Commissio \2r of the 
Treasury. 8vo, calf. London, 1742. 

A Collection of Voyages and Travels, compiled 
from the library of the Earl of Oxford by 
Thomas Osborne. 2 vols. Fol. old calf. 
London, 1 745. 

The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy. 
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1787. 

DelP Architettura. (With plans and plates.) 
Small fol. old calf, tooled, gilt edges. Venetia, 

L'Anima. Thick minimo, vellum. Colonia, i6j$. 

Opere. 6 vols. Small 8vo, vellum. Venetia^ 1688. C 

Lettres historiques sur les fonctions essentielles du 
Parlement, sur le droit des Pairs, et sur les loix 
fondamentales du royaume. [Anon.] 2 vols. 
i2mo. Amsterdam, 1753-54. 

Arrests, Remontrances, etc. Bound in 5 volumes. 

Volume I 

(i) Arrests, Arrestes et Remontrances du Parlement de 
Bordeaux au Roy au sujet des Entreprises des Gens 
du Grand Conseil. 1756. 

(2) Remontrances du Parlement de Bordeaux du 7 
septembre 1757. 

(3) Tres-humbles et tres-respectueuses representations 
du Parlement seant a Bordeaux, du 10 juin 1 76 1, 
au sujet d'une Requete presentee au Roi et son 
Conseil par le Chapitre de Saint Severin, et d'un 
Arret du Conseil intervenu sur cette Requete, le 9 
decembre 1760. N. P. 1761. 






7 6 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

(4) Arrest de la Cour du Parlement de Bordeaux extrait 
des Registres de Parlement du 23 juin 1762. 

And another of same date — printed together — both 
dealing with the Jesuits. Bordeaux. 

(5) Objets des Remontrances arrestees par le Parlement 
seant a Bordeaux, sur les Edits et Declaration du 
mois d'avril 1763 ; portant prorogation de quelques 
Impots, et Etablissement de nouveaux. 1763. 

(6) Arrestes de la Cour du Parlement de Bordeaux, au 
sujet de la Transcription faite sur les Registres le 7 
septembre 1763. De l'Edit et de la Declaration du 
Roi, du mois d'avril dernier. Bordeaux. 

(7) Arrete et Objets de Representations du Parlement 
seant a Bordeaux, pour demander la Punition des 
Attentats commis contres les Classes du Parlement 
seantes a Toulouse, Grenoble et Rouen, du 21 
Janvier 1764. Extrait des Registres du Parlement. 

(8) Tres- humbles Representations qu'addressent au 
Roi notre tres-honore et souverain Seigneur les gens 
tenant sa Cour de Parlement seant a Bordeaux. 7 
jan. 1764. 

Volume II. Containing: — 

(1) Remontrances de la Cour des Aides de Montauban, 
sur les Declarations du 7 juillet dernier, portant 
etablissement d'un second Vingtieme, et prorogation 
pendant dix ans des deux sols pour livre du dixieme. 

(2) Arrest du Conseil Provincial et Superieur dArtois, 
du 29 mai 1762. 

(3) Remontrances du Parlement, 1 la Cour suffisamment 
garnie de Pairs, au sujet de la Reponse du Roi au 
Parlement concernant la convocation des Princes 
et des Pairs, ordonnee a l'occasion de l'Instruction 
Pastorale de M. l'Archeveque de Paris, du vingt- 
huit octobre 1763, Reponse du Roi a ces Remon- 
trances, et Arrestes du Parlement. 

(4) Discours d'un des Messieurs des Enquestes au Parle- 
ment, toutes les Chambres assemblies, les Princes 
du sang et Pairs de France y seans, sur l'Instruction 
Pastorale de M. l'Archeveque de Paris, et sur 

[ x Apparently of Paris.] 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 77 

l'lmprime intitule Nouvelles Observations, etc. Du 
lundi, 16 Janvier 1764. 

Volume III 

(1) Remontrances du Parlement de Rouen, au sujet de 
l'Edit du mois de fevrier dernier et de la Declaration 
du 3 du meme mois. Rouen, le 10 mai 1760. 

(2) Tres-humbles et tres-respectueuses Remontrances 
que presentent au Roi, notre tres-honore et Souverain 
Seigneur, les Gens tenant sa Cour de Parlement a 
Rouen. Rouen, 4 juillet 1760. 

(3) Lettre de M. le Chancellier, Arrete et Remontrances 
du Parlement de Normandie, sur l'exil des trente 
Magistrats du Parlement seant a Besancon. Rouen, 

(4) Arretes des Parlemens de Paris et de Rouen des 3 
decembre 1760 et 9 Janvier 1761. 

(5) Arrest de la Cour du Parlement de Rouen. Toutes 
les Chambres Assemblies. Extrait des Registres de 
la Cour. Du 26 juin 1762. (With three others of 
same date.) 

(6) Arrets et Arretes du Parlement seant a Rouen au 
sujet des Transcriptions faites sur ses Registres, des 
Radiations des Arrets et Arretes des 18 et 19 aout 
dernier, et de l'oppression actuelle des Parlemens 
seans a Toulouse et a Grenoble. Extrait des 
Registres du Parlement. Du lundi, 14 novembre 

Volume IV 

(1) Remontrances du Parlement de Toulouse au Roi, 
concernant deux declarations du Roi du 7 juillet 
1756, dont l'une ordonne la levee d'un second 
Vingtieme, et l'autre proroge pendant dix ans la 
levee des 2 sols pour livre en sus du Dixieme. Du 
27 septembre 1756. Quatrieme edition, 1756. 

(2) Tres-humbles et tres-respectueuses Remontrances 
que presentent au Roi, notre tres-honore et Souve- 
rain Seigneur, les Gens tenant sa Cour de Parlement 
a Toulouse. (Constitutional grievances.) N. D. 

(3) Arretes et Objets de Remontrances du Parlement 
de Toulouse. 

[Three documents dated respectively Nov. 13 and 
Dec. 15, 1759, an ^ J an - 5» 1760.] 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

(4) Objets de Remontrances arretes par le Parlement 
de Toulouse, toutes les chambres assemblies, le 29 
Janvier 1760, au sujet de l'Edit du mois de 
septembre 1759, P or tant etablissement d'une Sub- 
vention generale. 

(5) Tres-humbles et tres-respectueuses Remontrances 
que presentent au Roi, notre tres-honore et Souve- 
rain Seigneur, les Gens tenant sa Cour de Parlement 
seant a Toulouse. 

[About the affairs of the Hopital Saint Joseph de la 
Grave.] Juillet 4, 1 761. 

(6) [Proces] Verbal de ce qui s'est passe au Parlement 
de Toulouse, le 14 aout 1761, au sujet de l'Enregis- 
trement de la Declaration du 16 juin dernier, portant 
prorogation pour deux ans de l'execution de l'Edit 
du mois du fevrier 1760. 

(7) Tres-humbles, tres-respectueuses Remontrances que 
presentent, etc. (as No. 5). 

[About the " troisieme Vingtieme et la double 
Capitation."] Aug. 20, 1761. 

(8) Tres-humbles, etc. (as above). 

[Protesting against an order to register a law with- 
out deliberation.] Sept. 9, 1761. 

(9) Journal de ce qui s'est passe au Parlement de 
Toulouse, au sujet de la Transcription des Edit et 
Declaration du mois d'avril 1763. 

(10) Tres-humbles et tres-respectueuses iteratives 
Remontrances que presentent au Roi, notre tres- 
honore et Souverain Seigneur, les Gens tenant sa 
Cour de Parlement, au sujet de l'Edit et de la 
Declaration du mois d'avril 1763, et de l'Oppression 
des Classes de Toulouse, Rouen, et Grenoble. 
Besan<;on, Dec. 13, 1763. 

(11) (a) Recueil d'Arrets, Arretes, Remontrances et 
Proces Verbaux extraits des Registres du Parlement 
seant a Toulouse. Concernant les entreprises et 
attentats de M. le Due de Fitz-James. Edition 
complete et exacte. N. P. 1764. 

(b) Recueil de Pieces concernant le Due de Fitz- 
James en sa pretendue qualite de Commandant en 
Chef dans la Province de Languedoc. N. P. 1764. 
[(a) and (b) are paged continuously.] 

(12) Extraits des Registres du Parlement de Toulouse, 
. . . de suite aux arrests, arrestes et remontrances 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 79 

concernant les entreprises et attentats de M. le Due 
de Fitz-James. N. P. 1764. 
(13) Objets de Remontrances, Arrestes en Parlement 
suffisamment garni de Pairs, au sujet des vexations 
exercees contre plusieurs Classes du Parlement, 
notamment contre celle de Toulouse par le Due de 
Fitz-James. Jan. 16, 1764. 

Volume V 

(1) Secondes Remontrances de Parlement de Provence, 
memoire sur les evenemens qui y ont donne occasion, 
Requisitoire et Arrest du meme Parlement, qui con- 
damne un Libelle intitule : Observations sur le re/us 
que fait le C hate let de reconnoitre la Chambre Roy ale, 
a etre lacere, etc. 28 juin 1754. 

(2) Lettre du Parlement de Provence au Roy. [Con- 
flict of jurisdiction with Archbishop of Aix, arising 
out of refusal to administer Sacrament to a sick man 
because he failed to accept the Bull Unigenitus. 
Letter not dated, apparently 1754.] 

(3) Arrest du Parlement d'Aix qui ordonne la suppression 
de la Lettre circulaire de l'Assemblee du Clerge. 
Mars 16, 1756. 

(4) Remontrances du Parlement de Provence au Roy, 
sur les Declarations des 8 septembre 1755 et 7 
juillet 1756 portant imposition d'un second Vingt- 
ieme et autres droits. Aix, Nov. 5, 1756. 

(5) Recueil de Remontrances du Parlement de Pro- 
vence au Roi. 1760. 

[Five "Remontrances" follow, all relating to taxa- 
tion, dated 1759 an< ^ 1760. These have been 
separately printed, but apparently have been 
collected with title-page as above.] 

(6) Remontrances du Parlement de Provence au Roi. 
[Various grievances.] Aix, Nov. 21, 1763. 

(7) Remontrances du Parlement de Provence au Roi, 
deliberees le neuf Janvier 1764, en enregistrant 
l'Edit du Roi du mois d'avril 1763, concernant les 
Dons Gratuits, et les Declarations du 21 novembre 
suivant. Aix, Jan. 18, 1764. 

Volume VI 
Remontrances du Parlement au Roi, du 9 avril 1753. 
Senatus Optimo principi. 1753. 

[Apparently the Parliament of Paris. Complaints 
against ecclesiastics.] 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

Memoire sur la Liberation de l'Etat et le Soulage- 
ment des Peuples, presente par le Parlement 
seant a Bordeaux en consequence de la Declara- 
tion du Roi du mois de novembre 1763 et de 
l'article V. des Lettres Patentes du juillet 1764. 
23 pp. 4-to. N. P. 1764. [Bound with 
Messance, q.v.~\ 

W. of N. V. iii. 417. 1. "According to a memoir pre- 
sented by the Parliament of Bordeaux to the king 
in 1764" the French debt was 2400 millions of 
livrcs. " These estimations . . . having been pre- 
sented by so very respectable a body " may be 
counted "approximations to the truth." 

Arrest de la Cour de Parlement portant condamna- 
tion des Actes d'adhesion aux Actes de l'Assem- 
blee du Clerge de France, tenue en 1765, 
intervenus en differentes Dioceses du 8 juillet 
1766. 36 pp. 4to. Paris, 1 766. 
[Bound (like above and following) with Mes- 
sance, q.v.~\ 

Collection bound with Messance [^."y.] 

(a) Recueil de plusieurs Pieces concernant le Parlement 
de Normandie. 86 pp. 4to. Amsterdam [date 
torn off. Circa 1754]. 

{b) Recueil des Memoires interessans (au nombre de 
sept) que Messieurs des Enquetes exiles en divers 
endroits ont envoyes a Messieurs de Grand-Chambre 
a Pontoise, precede d'une lettre d'un des Messieurs 
des Enquetes et suivi d'une Reponse d'un conseiller 
de Grande-Chambre au Septieme Memoire de ce 
Recueil, pour servir de suite aux Remontrances du 
Parlement de Paris du 9 avril 1753. 33 pp. 4to. 
Utrecht, etc., 1753. 

(c) Recueil des Pieces concernant la Commission etablie 
pour servir de Chambre des Vacations, ou se trouve 
tout ce qui regarde les suites qu'elle a eu au chatelet 
de Paris. 43 pp. 4to. Paris, 1753. 

(d) Reglement fait par les Gens des Trois Etats du 
Pays de Languedoc, assembles par mandement du 
Roi en la Ville de Montpellier, au mois d'octobre 
1762 au sujet de la Ferme et Exploitation du Droit 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

d'Equivalent. Concernant l'adjudication de la 
Ferine. 22 pp. 4-to. Toulouse, N. D. 

[e) Resume des Memoires du Parlement de Toulouse 
concernant la jurisdiction contentieuse du Domaine. 
222 pp. 4-to. 1761. 

Adam Smith was indebted to such documents as these 
(probably picked up in his travels) for the informa- 
tion given in W. of N. V. i. 323. 2 about the salaries 
of judges in Toulouse, and in V. i. 326. 2 about the 
cost of the canal in Languedoc. 

Collection of six papers bound in one vol. small 8vo, 
calf, gilt ; lettered " Objets de Remontra. Mont- 

(1) Arretes et objets des Remontrances de la cour des 
Com[p]tes, Aydes, et Finances de Montpellier, du 
22 Janvier 1760. 26 pp. 

(2) Arrest du Conseil d'Etat du Roi qui maintient et 
garde les Gens des Trois Etats de la Province de 
Languedoc dans leurs Usages, Droits, Libertes, et 
Privileges, et ordonne en consequence que la 
Deliberation des Gens des dits Etats, du 1 1 decembre 
1759, pour le troisieme Vingtieme, et l'Arret du 
Conseil du 2 Janvier 1760, sur lAbonnement d'ice- 
lui, seront executes selon leur forme et teneur. Du 
21 mars 1760. Extraits des Registres du Conseil 
d'etat. 103 pp. 

(3) Tres humbles et tres respectueuses Remontrances de 
la Cour des Comptes, Aides et Finances de Mont- 
pellier au Roi, au Sujet de PArret du Conseil, du 
14 mars 1760. 46 pp. 

(4) Tres humbles et tres respectueuses Remontrances de 
la Cour des Comptes, Aydes, et Finances de Mont- 
pellier, au Roi, Contre les Entreprises du Parlement 
de Toulouse. 136 pp. 

(5) Tres humbles, tres respectueuses, et iteratives 
Remontrances que presentent au Roi, notre tres 
honore et Souverain Seigneur, les Gens tenans sa 
Cour de Parlement seant a Toulouse. 40 pp. 

(6) Lettres d'un Avocat au Parlement de Toulouse a 
un Avocat en la Cour des Aydes de Montpellier, 
avec les Reponses. 

Nouv. ed. revue, corrigee, et augmentee d'une cinquieme 
Lettre. 106 pp. Avignon, 1760. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

Collection lettered " Arrestes et Remontrances." 
In one vol. small 8vo, calf, gilt, the ten following 
documents : — 

(i) Arrestes et Remontrances de la Chambre des 
Comptes du 31 juillet 1761. 27 pp. 

(2) Extraits des Registres de la Chambre des Comptes 
du 11 septembre 176 1. 12 pp. 

(3) Tres humbles et tres respectueuses Remontrances 
que presentent au Roi, notre tres-honore et Souverain 
Seigneur, les Gens tenans sa Chambre des Comptes 
de Pari: [sur la multiplicity des Impots et la misere 
des Peuples]. 1759. 2 3 PP* 

(4) Declaration du Roi du 17 mars 1762. 70 pp. 

(5) Tres humbles et tres respectueuses iteratives 
Remontrances, que presentent au Roi, notre tres 
honore et Souverain Seigneur, les Gens tenant sa 
Chambre des Comptes. 1765. 42 pp. 

(6) Tres humbles et tres respectueuses Remontrances 
de la Chambre des Comptes au Roi sur l'Edit d'aout 
1764, concernant l'administration des principales 
Villes et Bourgs du Royaume. 1765. 72 pp. 

(7) Tres humbles et tres-respectueuses Remontrances 
de la Chambre des Comptes au Roi, sur l'Edit de 
decembre 1764 concernant la liberation des Dettes 
de l'Etat. 1765. 60 pp. 

(8) Objets des Remontrances de la Cour des Comptes, 
Aydes, et Finances de Montpellier, pour la suppres- 
sion de la Commission de Valence, le 9 fevrier 
1764. 15 pp. 

(9) Tres humbles et tres respectueuses Remontrances 
de la Cour des Comptes, Aydes, et Finances, de 
Montpellier, sur l'Edit du mois d'avril 1763, qui 
ordonne le denombrement des Biensfonds du 
Royaume, etc. Et sur la Declaration du 24 avril 
1763 qui retablit le Centieme denier sur les Im- 
meubles fictifs. Toulouse, 1763. 15 pp. 

(10) Tres humbles et tres respectueuses Remontrances 
que presentent au Roi, notre tres honore et 
Souverain Seigneur, les Gens tenant sa Cour des 
Comptes, Aides, et Finances, de Normandie. 1763. 
24 pp. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


Collection lettered " Remontrances du Parlement 
Norm. Rouen." In one vol. small 8vo, calf, 
gilt, the following six documents : — 

(1) Extrait des Registres du Parlement de Rouen du 
Mercredi 9 avril 1756. 23 pp. 

(2) Tres humbles Remontrances du Parlement de 
Normandie. Articles arrestes par MM. les Com- 
missaires pour fixer les Objets des Remontrances. 
vi. pp. 

(3) Tres humbles et tres respectueuses Remontrances 
que presentent au Roi, notre tres honore Souverain 
Seigneur, les Gens tenant sa Cour de Parlement de 
Normandie. [Fait en Parlement le 14 aout 1753.] 

53 PP- 

(4) Tres humbles et tres respect. Remontrances que 
presentent au Roi, notre tres honor, et Souv. 
Seigneur, les Gens tenant sa Cour de Parlement de 
Rouen. [Fait en Parlement le 26 juin 1756.] 83 pp. 

(5) Recueil de tous les Actes concernant les Affaires du 
Parlement de Rouen pendant les annees 1759 et 
1760. Avec le recit exact et circonstancie de tout 
ce qui les a occasionnes. 70 pp. 

(6) Reponses du Roi, Lettres de Jussion, et de cachet, 
aux Arretes et iteratives Remontrances du Parlement 
a Rouen. [Au sujet de l'fidit du mois de fevrier 
dernier et de la Declaration du 3 du meme mois.] 
1760. 44 pp. 

Remontrances. [Bound with Messance, q.v.~\ 

(1) Tres humbles et tres respectueuses Remontrances 
de la Chambre des Comptes, Cour des Aydes, 
Domaines, et Finances du Comte de Bourgogne. 
7 pp. 4to. Bourgogne, 1756. 

(2) Tres humbles et tres resp. Remontrances que pre- 
sentent au Roi, notre tres hon. et Souver. Seigneur, 
les Gens tenans sa Cour de Parlement de Navarre. 
4 pp. 410. 1756. 

The Use and Abuse of Parliaments. In two 

Historical Discourses. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. 

London^ 1744. 
Parnaso Italiano ovvero Raccolto de' Poeti Classici 

Italiani. 32 vols. Small 8vo, tree calf. Venetia, 






Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 





















Poems on Several Occasions. 8vo, old calf. 
London, 1737. 

Pensees sur la Religion. Nouv. ed. 1 vol. Small 

8vo, calf. Paris, 1761. 
Mor. Sent. i. 342 (r'art III. ch. iii.) (One of the 

moralists who reproach us with being happy 

when so manv are in miser 
Les Recherches de la France. Folio calf. Paris, 


A New and Accurate Description of all the direct 
and principal Cross Roads in England and 
Wales. 7th ed. i2mo. London, 1786. 

Pauli Jovii Novo-Comensis, episcopi Nocerani, 
Historiarum sui temporis tomus primus, xxiii. 
libros complectens. 1 vol. Fol. calf. Lutetia 
Parisiorum, 1553. 

On fly-leaf: "Ex libris Colini Campbelli 1604." 

Graeciae descriptio accurata, ac novae notae Joachimi 
Kuhnii. Fol. old calf. Lipsiae, 1596. 

Recherches philosophiques sur les Grecs. 2 vols. 

8vo. Berlin, 1 787. 
[See also Aeschylus, America.] 

Oeuvres [Poems]. 2 vols. i2mo. Amsterdam, 


Poesies. Minimo, calf. J?nsterdam, 1759. 

A Tour in Scotland, 1769. 3 vols. 4to, calf. 
Warrington, 1774. 

Historical Review of the Constitution and Govern- 
ment of Pennsylvania from its origin. 8vo, calf. 
London, 1759. 

Reliques of Ancient English Poetry. 2nd ed. 1st 
vol. only. Small 8vo. [Anon.] London, 1767. 

D'Architecture de Vitruve. [Plates.] 2 vols. 

Fol. old calf. Paris, 1773. 
Bookplate (in addition to Adam Smith's) of Hugh 

Seton of Touch, dated 1756. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



(Earl of). 







An Inquiry into the Causes of the Pestilence. In B 

3 parts. 8vo, calf. Edinburgh, 1759. 

Account of the Earl of Peterborough's conduct in B 

Spain since raising the siege of Barcelona, 1706. 

i2mo, old calf. London, 1707. 

Le Rime. Minimo, calf. Bergamo, i"JS 2 - B 

Le Rime brevemente esposte per Ludovico Castel- B 

vetro. 2 vols. 4to, calf. Venezia, 1756. 
Essay on English and Italian Verses, 193. (Rime in 
Vita di Laura, Son. xix. Canz. I ma , v. 1 quoted 
and its pauses discussed.) 
Mor. Sent. i. 68 (Part I. Sect. II. ch. ii.) : "We 
grow weary of the grave, pedantic, and long- 
sentenced love of Cowley and Petrarca, who 
never have done with exaggerating the violence 
of their attachments." 
Satyricon quae supersunt. Ed. P. Burmannus. Q C 

2 vols. 4to. Amstelod. 1733. 
Satyricon, cum supplementis Nodotianis et frag- B 

mentis Petronianis. 8vo, calf. Lipsiae, 1781. 
Abrege Chronologique de l'histoire et du droit public N 

de l'Allemagne. 2 vols. i2mo. Paris, 1766. 
Nouvel Abrege chronologique de l'histoire et du N 
droit public de l'Allemagne. 2 vols. 4to. 
Paris, 1776. 
In W. of N. III. iii. 177. 2, 178. 2, in connection 
with the Hanseatic League reference is made to 
PfefFel's "Remarkable Events under Frederich II. 
and his successors of the House of Suabia." 

Fabulas ed. R. Bentley. [With Terence, q.v.~\ Q C 
Cantabrigiae, 1726. 

Fabulae. i2mo, calf. Glasguae, 1751. B 

Philosophia vetus et nova. 4th ed. Vol. ii. only. Q C 

8vo. London, 1685. 
The same. 5th ed. Vols, ii., iv., v., vi. 8vo. Q C 

Amstelod. 1700. 

Transactions. 21 vols, with Index. B* 

A Voyage towards the North Pole. 1 vol. 4to, C 
calf. London, 1774. 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


de la Force 









Nouveau Voyage de France. 2 vols. 
Paris, 1755. 



1 v 


Svo, calf. 


Got- B 

Opera Graece et Latine 

Carmina curavit Gottlob Heyne 
tingae, 1773. 

Vitae antiquae Sanctorum [qui habitaverunt in 
Scotia vel in ejus Insulis]. 8vo, calf. [1789.] 

An Inquiry into the History of Scotland preceding 
the reign of Malcolm III. or the year 1056, 
including the authentic history of that period. 

2 vols. 8vo, calf. London, 1789. 

Anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson during the 
last twenty years of his life. 4th ed. 1 vol. 
8vo, quarter calf. London, 1784. 

Oeuvres completes. 8 vols. 8vo. Neuchatel, 1JJJ. 

Lexicon Antiquitatum Romanorum, cum figuris. 

3 vols. Fol. Hague Comitinn, 1737. 

Opera Omnia. Fol. old calf. N. P. 1556. 

Opera Omnia quae exstant Graece et Latine. Ed. 
H. Stephanus. 3 vols. Fol. N. P. 1578. 

Loix de Platon [trad, du Grec par M. l'abbe Grou]. 
Vol. ii. only. i2mo, calf. Jmsterd. 1769. 

(1) Essay on Astron. 33. (His notion of the 

"harmonic proportion to be discovered in 
the motions and distances of the heavenly 

(2) Essay on Anc. Physics, 107. (Follows 

Timaeus in believing that there is a "Soul 
of the world.") 

(3) Essay on Anc. Logics and Metaphysics, 118. 

(Like Timaeus, describes Matter, * Species,' 
and Sensible Objects as the three principles out 
of which God made the world.) 

(4) Ibid. 119-121. (Explanation of the " Ideas.") 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 








(The Elder) 

(Virtue of all beauties the 

(5) Imit. Arts, 157 


(6) Mor. Sent. ii. 47 (Part V. Sect. II. ch. 

(Does not condemn child-exposure.) 

(7) Ibid. ii. 109 (Part VI. Sect. II. ch. ii.) "The 

divine maxim of Plato, never to use violence 
to his country no more than to his parents " 
(Republ. ix.) 

(8) Ibid. ii. 163-164 (Part VI. Sect. III.) (Plato 

by himself was sufficient audience for Par- 

(9) Ibid. ii. 202-210 (Part VII. Sect. II. ch. i.) 

(Plato's account of the nature of Virtue.) 

(10) Ibid. ii. 398 (Part VII. Sect. IV.) (In the 
Laws of Cicero and Plato no attempt is made 
to enumerate the "rules of natural equity.") 

(n) W. of N. I. x. ii. 62. 1. (Represents Hippias 
and Protagoras as living in a style of. great 
magnificence ; and he is said to have done so 

(12) Ibid. III. ii. 172. 2. (Aristotle's criticism of 
Plato's " Laws," where 5000 men were to be 
maintained in idleness.) 

Compare W. of N. V. i. 347, 348 (on Music and 

Comoedias ed. J. F. Gronovius. 1 vol. 8vo. 
Lugd. Bat. 1664. 

Remarks on the Astronomy of the Brahmins. 

Read before the Royal Society of Edinburgh. 

60 pp. 4to. 
On fly-leaf : " From the Author." 

Naturales Historiae. 3 vols. 8vo. Lugd. Bat. 1669. 
W. of N. I. iv. 11. (Tells us (lib. xxxiii. cap. 3) 

that the Romans used bars instead of coin till 

Servius Tullius.) 
Ibid. I. v. 17. 2. (Tells us (loc. cit.) that the Romans 

had only copper money till a few years before 

the First Punic War.) 
Ibid. I. xi. 10 1. 1. On the extravagant sums paid by 

Seius for a white nightingale and by Asinius 

Celer for a sur-mullet (from x. 29, and ix. 17). 

o c 




Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 








I vol. 
Mor. Sent. 

W. of N. III. ii. 172. 2. (On the unprofitableness 

of cultivation by slaves.) 
Ibid. IV. ix. 310. 1. (On the prices of fine cloth, 

etc. [from ix. 39 and viii. 48].) 

Epistolae. 8vo, calf, gilt edges. Arms on back 
and front. [N. P.] 1625. 

Epistolae. 2 vols. Mini mo, calf. G/asguae, 1751. 

Books I. to X. Ed. J. M. Gesnerus. 

8vo. Lipsiae, 1770. 

ii. 247-248 (Part VII. Sect. II. ch. I.) 
" In the epistles of Pliny we find an account of 
several persons " who took their own life, on 
Stoical principles. 

Omnia Opera. Greek text, with Latin notes by 
Marsilius Ficinus. 1 vol. 410. Basileae^ 1580. 

Opera. Books I. to LIV. Graece et Latine. [The 
whole six Enneads.] 1 vol. Fol. Basileae^ 

Plutarchi Chaeronensis quae exstant opera. 6 vols. 
8vo, vellum. [N. P.J 1572. 

Opuscoli Morali. Tradotti [per] Marco Antonio 
Gundino. 2 vols. 4to, vellum. Venetia, 1614. 

Bookplate (in addition to Adam Smith's) of "Sir 
Eve (l . Fawkener." 

Vitae Parallelae. Graece et Latine. Ed. A. 
Bryanus. 5 vols. 4to. Londinii, 1723-29. 

Quae supersunt omnia. Graece et Latine. Ed. 
J. J. Reiske. 12 vols. 8vo. Lipsiae^ 1774. 

Essay on Astron. 44. ( Takes no notice of Hippar- 
chus, though the author of the only tolerable 
system of astronomy in his time.) 

Essay on Anc. Logics and Metaph. 1 20-1 21 note. 
Speaking of Plato's theory of Ideas as separate 
from the world, Adam Smith says : "Is there any 
author in all antiquity who seems to understand 
it otherwise, earlier than Plutarch, an author 
who seems to have been as bad a critic in 
philosophy as in history, and to have taken 
everything at secondhand in both, and who lived 



Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 









after the origin of that eclectic philosophy from 
whence the later Platonists arose, and who 
seems himself to have been one of that sect r " 

W. of N. I. x. ii. 61. 2. (A thousand minae are 
said by Plutarch to have been the fee of Isocrates 
for teaching.) 

Charity Triumphant. The 45th chapter of 
Thomas the Rhymer's Prophecy. The Cale- 
donian Heroine, and seven other pieces. 4to, 
boards. Various dates. 

Adam Smith's bookplate is wanting. 

Memoires de Guy Pole, conseiller au Chastelet de 
Paris. 3 vols. i8mo, old calf. Geneve, 1751. 

Dictionnaire ou Traite de la Police Generate des 
Villes, Bourgs, Paroisses. [Anon.] 4to, calf. 
Paris, 1758. 

Political Essays concerning the present state of the 
British Empire, particularly respecting - — I. 
Natural Advantages and Disadvantages. II. 
Constitution. III. Agriculture. IV. Manu- 
factures. V. The Colonies, and VI. Commerce. 
[Anon.] London, 1772. 

Bound together in one vol. 8vo, calf, the following : — 

(a) Letter on the Prospect of Peace. London, 1760. 

(b) Remarks on the above Letter. London, 1760. 

(c) The Interest of Great Britain considered with 

regard to her Colonies. London, 1760. 

(d) A Dissertation on Obstacles to the Improvement 

of Land. Aberdeen, 1760. 

(e) Trial of Lord George Sackville for disobeying 

the orders of Prince Ferdinand. Edinburgh, 

(f) Inquiry concerning Human Liberty. Edin- 

burgh. 3rded. London, 1735. [Anth. Collins.] 

Polybii Lycortae Historiarum libri qui supersunt. 
3 vols. 8vo, vellum. Amstelod. 1670. 

W. of N. V. i. 

347. 1, and 349. 

1. .He and 

Dionysius of Halicarnassus both remark that 
the Romans were superior to the Greeks in 
moral character.) 







Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


Works. 10 vols. 

old calf. London^ 1 751 . B 


(1) Essay on Imitat. Arts, 167: "I have seen a 

Latin translation of Mr. Pope's Ode on St. 
Cecilia's Day, which in this respect [in 
imitation of natural sounds] very much 
excelled the original." 

(2) Essay of Imitat- Arts, 168. (Extravagant 

imitations on the stage. " The thunder 
rumbling from the mustard bowl and the thick 
hail of pease, so finely exposed by Mr. Pope" — 
namely, in Dunciad II. and Dunciad III.) 

(3) Essay on Engl, and Ital. Verses, 188. (When 

Mr. Pope says "Worth makes the man," etc. 
(Essay on Man, Ep. iv.), he is consciously 
stooping to a familiar style " in compliance 
with his subject," etc. Double rhymes occur 
oftener in Dry den than in Pope.) 

(4) Ibid. 190. (Essay on Man, Ep. i. 29, 30, quoted 

from memory, to illustrate unaccented last 
syllables. Line 30 is given with " strict con- 
nections" for "strong connections.") 

(5) Ibid. 192. (Pastorals, i. 1 quoted, to illustrate 

accentuation on first syllable ; Essay on Man, 
Ep. i. 3, 4, on second syllable as in Tasso.) 

(6) Mor. Sent. i. 311 (Part III. ch. ii.) "The 

elegance and harmony of Pope" (in description 
of Gray, q.v.) 

(7) Ibid. "The Dunciad of Mr. Pope is an ever- 

lasting monument of how much the most 
correct as well as the most elegant and 
harmonious of all the English poets had been 
hurt by the criticisms of the lowest and most 
contemptible authors." Gray is described as 
equally sensitive. 

(8) Ibid. 314. (Addison caballing against Pope.) 

(9) Ibid. ii. 11, 12 (Part V. chA) "Mr. Pope 

and Dr. Swift have each of them introduced a 
manner different from what was practised 
before, into all works that are written in rhyme, 
the one in long verses, the other in short." 
" All long verses are now written after the 
manner of the nervous precision of Mr. Pope." 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

9 1 






(io) Mor. Sent. ii. 255 (Part VII. Sect. II. ch. i.) 
" To the great Superintendent of the universe 
all the different events which the course of his 
providence may bring forth, what to us appear 
the smallest and the greatest, the bursting 
of a bubble, as Mr. Pope says, and that of 
a world, for example, were perfectly equal." 
(Essav on Man, Ep. 

Administration of the British Colonies, their Rights, B 
and Constitution discussed. 8vo, calf. London^ 

[Governor of South Carolina, etc. Author of a 

" Letter to Adam Smith respecting his Wealth 

of Nations," 1776.] 

Observations on Reversionary Payments, on Schemes N 
for providing Annuities for Widows, and for 
Persons in Old Age, and on the Method of cal- 
culating the Value of Assurances on Lives, and 
on the National Debt. 4th ed. 2 vols. 8vo. 
London^ 1783. 

Civil Liberty. 1778. American Revolution. B 
1785. Bound in one volume. 

In a letter exhibited in 1891 at the Guelph Exhibi- 
tion in London, Adam Smith (writing from the 
Custom House, Edinburgh, Dec. 22, 1785) 
speaks as follows : " Price's speculations cannot 
fail to sink into the neglect that they always 
deserved. I have always considered him as a 
factious citizen, a most superficial philosopher, 
and by no means an able calculator." (Exhib. 
Catal. p. 253, No. 1844. "Letter from Adam 
Smith, in which he goes into the question 
of the relative amounts of custom duties paid in 
Scotland in 1785 and former years. Lent by 
Alfred Morrison, Esq.") 

Lectures on Oratory and Criticism. 4to, calf. B 

London^ 1777. 

Essai de la Psychojogie ou Considerations sur les B 
operations de l'Ame. [Anon.] i2mo, old calf. 

Londres^ 1745. 

9 2 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 









1st vol. 

2nd vol. 

De Rebus Gestis Frederici Wilhelmi Magni B 
Electoris Brandenburgici. Fol. old calf. 
Berolini, 1685. 

De Rebus Gestis Frederici Wilhelmi Magni. Vol. Q 
ii. only. Fol. Berolini, 1695. 

Puffendorfius de Officio Hominis et Civis. Books Q 
I. and II. 1 vol. " 8vo. Londini, 1 707. 

Mor. Sent. ii. 325 seq. (Part VII. Sect. III. ch. i.) 
(Author of one of " those Systems which deduce 
the Principle of Approbation from Self-love.") 

Ibid. ii. 369 (Part VII. Sect. IV.) (One of those 
casuists who think that a promise made under 
compulsion, as by a traveller to a highwayman, 
need not be kept.) 

II Morgante Maggiore. 4to, vellum. Firenze, B 

J 73 2 - 
His Pilgrims. 5 vols. Fol. calf. London, 1625-26. C 

Grammaticae Latinae Auctores Antiqui. 1 vol. Q 
4-to. Hanoviae, 1 605. 

Physiocratie, ou constitution naturelle du gouverne- E 
ment le plus avantageux au genre humain. 
Recueil publie par Du Pont, des Societes Royales 
d'Agriculture de Soissons et d'Orleans et Corre- 
spondant de la Societe d'Emulation de Londres. 

Ex natura jus, ordo, et leges 
Ex homine arbitrium, regimen, 

et coercitio. (F. Q.) 

A Leyde et se trouve a Paris chez Merlin, Libraire, 
rue de la Harpe. mdcclxviii (sic). 

Discussions et developpemens sur quelques-unes des 
notions de l'economie politique. Pour servir de 
seconde partie au recueil intitule : Physiocratie. 

A Leyde, etc. (as above), mdcclxvii (sic). 

2 vols. 8vo. In spite of the dates, apparently 
published at the same time. Paged continuously 
(520 pp.) 

Both have vignette on title-page (of man plough- 
ing). The Physiocratie has also engraved 

Catalogue of Adam Smith 's Library 93 

frontispiece by Jeaurat, engraved by Ozanne, of 
agricultural scene, with Latin texts from Ecclesi- 
asticus and Proverbs. 
Both have bookplate, and are well bound in calf, 
with gold tooling and gilt edges, now much 
worn. On fly-leaf : " From the Authour Mr. 
Quesnai, first Physician in ordinary to the 
french King." On last page of each volume, 
" Best manner," probably an instruction to 
binder. No other notes or marks observed. 

Aspect de la Psychologic L'Ame est une sub- 
stance qui a la propriete de sentir ; la propriete 
de sentir est la propriete radicale de toutes les 
affections et facultes de l'Ame. 5 parties. 4 pp. 
4to. No place or date. 

[Bound with Messance, etc., q.v., and described on 
list of contents as by Ouesnay.] 

W. of N. IV. ix. 304. 1 : "Mr. Ouesnay, the very 
ingenious and profound author of this [Physio- 
cratic] system," has illustrated it by "some 
arithmetical formularies " and an " Economical 
Table," presenting an ideal state. 

Ibid. 304. 2. Being himself a physician, he looked 
at the body politic from a physician's point of 
view, and thought that it would only thrive 
"under a certain precise regimen," that of 
perfect liberty and perfect justice. 

Ibid. 307. I, 2. Followed " implicitly and without 
any sensible variation by the sect distinguished 
in the French republic of letters by the name of 
the Economists." His economical table is, 
according to Mirabeau (the Elder), one of the 
three greatest "inventions that have »iven 
stability to political societies." (See Mirabeau 
above.) There is another reference to the 
Economists in W. of N. V. ii. 373. 2, where 
the author speaks of a tax on Rent (varying 
with its amount and the productiveness of the 
soil) as recommended by "that sect of men of 
letters in France who call themselves the 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 









(Paul de 

economist?." In IV. ix. 300. 1, he calls them 
" the French philosophers " who bent the rod 
the other way in order to straighten it. 

Theatre. 5 vols. i2mo. Paris, 1739. N 

" Ex libris T. Harvie." 

Mor. Sent. i. 314 (Part III. ch. iv.) (Despreaux 

and Racine formed a cabal against Ouinault and 


Declamationes Majores et Minores. Ed. P. Bur- Q 
mannus. 2 vols. 4to. Lugd. Bat. 1720. 

Mor. Sent. ii. 10 (Part V. ch. i.) (Accuses Seneca 
of corrupting the taste of the Romans.) 

Oeuvres. Nouv. ed. 3 vols. 4to, calf. Amsterd. C 

Works. Urquhart and Motteux's translation. Re- N 
vised by Ozell. 5 vols. i2mo. London, 1750. 

Oeuvres. 3 vols. Minimo, old calf. Paris, 1750. B 

Oeuvres. 4 vols. 4to. Paris, 1 760. O C 

Mor. Sent. i. 310 (Part III. ch. ii.) (Disgusted by 
the bad success of "his Phaedra, the finest tragedy 
perhaps that is extant in any language." 311. 
More pained by criticism than pleased by eulogy.) 

Ibid. i. 314 (Part III. ch. ii.) See above (Boileau, 

Ibid. i. 350 (Part III. ch. iii.) (One of those 
"poets and romance writers " who are "much 
better instructors " in regard to love and friend- 
ship than Zeno, Chrysippus, or Epictetus.) 

Ibid. ii. 9 (Part V. ch. i.) "What is the burlesque 
verse in English is the heroic verse in French," 
in the tragedies of Racine, for example. 

Generation harmonique ou Traite de Musique N 
theorique et pratique. 8vo. Paris, IJ3J. 

Oeuvres Diverses. 1 vol. Small 8vo, calf. Amster- Q 
dam, 1695. 

History of England. 2 vols. Large fol. old rough B 
calf. London, 1743. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 






Raynal (J.) 







Republic of 


cians (The 



Raii Synopsis [Methodica] Stirpium Britannicarum. 

[No title-page.] i vol. 8vo. 
[The i st ed. was in 1690, 2nd 1696. Both 8vo.] 

Histoire Philosophique et Politique des Etablisse- 
mens du Commerce des Europeens dans les deux 
Indes. 3 vols. 4to, calf. Geneve, iJJS- 

W. of N. I. xi. iii. 95. 2, 96. 1.: "The eloquent 
and sometimes well-informed author " gives us 
figures for the annual importation of gold and 
silver into Spain and Portugal. 

Histoire de la Ville de Toulouse. 4to. Toulouse, 

x .759- 
[This may have been picked up during the visit of 


Recueil des Comedies et Tragedies des plus celebres 
auteurs francois. 8vo. Edinbourg, 1784. 

Oeuvres. 4 vols. i2mo. Paris, 1750. 

Inquiry into the Human Mind. 8vo, calf. London, 

Essays on the Active Powers of Man. 2 vols. 
Large 4to, boards. Edinburgh, 1788. 

An Impartial Repository of Public Events. 2nd 
ed. 8vo, boards. London, 1775. 

The Present State of the Republic of Letters. For 
January 1734. Vol. xiii. i2mo, boards. N. P. 

Principes generaux et raisonnes de la Grammaire 
francoise. 7th ed. i2mo. Paris, 1756. 

Edited by Franciscus Portus. i2mo, vellum. 1570. 
Bookplate (in addition to Adam Smith's) of L. E. 

Reflexions historiques et critiques sur les Theatres 
de l'Europe. i2mo, calf. Amsterdam, 1740. 

Mor. Sent. i. 350 (Part III. ch. iii.) (" Racine and 
Voltaire, Richardson, Maurivaux, and Ricco- 
boni, as instructors on love and friendship, etc." 
See above [Racine].) 









9 6 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

[Madame Riccoboni, a friend of Adam Smith's from 
1766, was the wife of the son of this author.] 

An Essay on the Causes of the Decline of Foreign 
Trade, consequently of the Value of the Lands 
of Britain, and on the means to restore both. 
" Trade has always been the best support of all 
nations and the principal care of the Wisest " 
(Lord Chesterfield's Speech, Dublin, Oct. 8, 




1745). Edinburgh^ 1756. 

[MacCulloch, Liter, of Pol. Ec. p. 329, gives this 
tract to Richardson on the authority of Fauquier 
(Ways and Means, 3rd ed. p. 56). Adam Smith 
quotes it as Sir Matthew Decker's, to whom 
MacCulloch himself had ascribed it in the earlier 
part of his "Literature," p. 46.] 

W. of N. IV. v. 228. 1. Our bounty enabled the 
Dutch to eat cheaper corn than we, " as we are 
assured by an excellent authority, Sir Matthew 

Ibid. IV. vii. 268. 1. "Causes of decay in other 
branches of foreign trade, which, by Sir Matthew 
Decker and other writers,. have been sought for " 
in taxation. 

Ibid. V. ii. 395. 1. Taxes are repeated and "accumu- 
lated in the price of goods. But the proposal 
treated in V. ii. 396. 2 as Decker's (a licence 
to consume) is really Decker's (from "Con- 
siderations on the High Duties which the Nation 
in general, as well as Trade in particular, labours 
under," 1743). 

Testament Politique. Old calf. Amsterdam, 1696. 

Mor. Sent. i. 436 (Part III. ch. vi.) "Projects 
very daring and extensive, though altogether 
devoid of justice, such as those of the Cardinals 
of Richlieu (sic) and of Retz." 

Richesses de l'Etat. [Anon.] 8 pp. 4to. N. P., 
N. D. 

[Bound with Messance, q.v.~\ [Ascribed to Roussel 
de la Tour.] 

Traite des Richesses. [Anon.] 2 vols. 8vo, 
boards. Londres, 1 781. 




Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 






(Due de). 

Considerations sur les Richesses et le Luxe. Aurea 
nunc vere sunt. Ovid. A Amsterdam et se 
trouve a Paris chez la Veuve Valade, rue des 
Noyers. 8vo. 1787. [Senac de Meilhan.] 

[Bound with Lit de Justice, q.v.~\ 

An Inquiry into the Fine Arts. 4to, boards. 
Vol. i. only [containing the history and theory 
of Music]. [The 2nd was never published.] 
London^ 1784. 

[Minister of Dalmeny.] 

History of Scotland during the Reign of Queen 
Mary and James VI. 2 vols. 4to, calf. 
London^ 1759. 

History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V. 
3 vols. 4to, calf. London^ 1769. 

History of America. 2nd ed. 2 vols. 4to, calf. 
London^ 1778. 

Mor. Sent. i. 374 (Part III. ch. 

(Story of 

Joanna of Castile and the monk's consolation of 
Mathematical Tracts. 2 vols. 8vo. London,ij6i. 

Maximes et Reflexions Morales. 

Memoires de la Minorite de Louis XIV. par le Due 
D. L. R. 2 vols. Minimo, calf. Trevoux, 

x 754- 

Bookplate (besides Adam Smith's) of "Sir Ellis 
Cunliffe, Bart." 

Mor. Sent. (1759) ns of the 

Duke of Rochefaucault (sic) and Dr. Mande- 
ville " seem to take away the distinction between 
vice and virtue, and have a wholly pernicious 
tendency. In the edition of 1 790 Adam. Smith 
dropped the reference to Rochefoucauld. The 
following extract from a letter written to Adam 
Smith by the grandson of Rochefoucauld, besides 
owing that the first of the two above books 
was presented by the family, is of general 
interest: — "Paris, 3 mars 1778. — Le desir de 







5vo, calf. Paris. B 


9 8 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 



se rappeler a votre souvenir, Monsieur, quand 
on a eu l'honneur de vous connoitre, doit vous 
paroitre fort naturel. Permettez que nous 
saisissions pour cela, ma Mere et moi, l'occasion 
d'une edition nouvelle des Maximes de La 
Rochefoucauld, dont nous prenons la liberte de 
vous offrir un exemplaire. Vous voyez que 
nous n'avons point de rancune, puisque le mal que 
vous avez dit de lui dans la Theorie des Sentimens 
Moraux ne nous empeche point de vous envoier 
ce meme ouvrage. II s'en est meme fallu de 
peu que je ne fisse encore plus, car j'avois eu 
peutetre la temerite d'entreprendre une tra- 
duction de votre Theorie ; mais comme je venois 
de terminer la premiere partie, j'ai vu paroitre 
la traduction de M. l'Abbe Blavet ; et j'ai ete 
force de renoncer au plaisir que j'aurois eu de 
faire passer dans ma langue un des meilleurs 
ouvrages de la votre. II auroit bien fallu pour 
lors entreprendre une justification de mon grand- 
pere. Peutetre n'auroit-il pas ete difficile, 
premierement de l'excuser, en disant qu'il avoit 
toujours vu les hommes a la Cour et dans la 
guerre civile, deux theatres sur lesquels ils sont 
certainement plus mauvais qu'ailleurs, et ensuite 
de justifier, par la conduite de l'auteur, les prin- 
cipes qui sont certainement trop generalises dans 
son ouvrage. II a pris la partie pour le tout ; 
et, parceque les gens qu'il avoit eu le plus sous 
les yeux etaient animes par l'amour propre, il en 
a fait le mobile general de tous les hommes. Au 
reste, quoique son ouvrage merite a certains 
egards d'etre combattu, il est cependant esti- 
mable meme pour le fond et beaucoup pour la 
forme." (Stewart's Life of Adam Smith, pre- 
fixed to Essays, p. lv.) 
Rochefoucauld is quoted (on love and ambition) in 
Mor. Sent. i. 139 (Part I. Sect. III. ch. ii.), and 
the passage is the same in the 1st ed. ( 1 759), 
p. 126. 

Physica. Latine vertit, recensuit, et adnotationi- 
bus ex illustrissimi Isaaci Newtoni philosophia 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 







maximam partem haustis amplificavit et ornavit 
Samuel Clarke, S.T. P. 4th ed. 8vo. London^ 

The proposed System of Trade with Ireland ex- 
plained. [Anon.] 8vo. 58 pp. London^ 1785. 

[Bound with Dundonald, q.v.~\ 

Antiquitates Romanae. 1 vol. 4-to. Amstelodami, 

Oeuvres. 5 vols. Minimo, calf. Londres, 1753. 

Lettres de Deux Amans. 6 vols. i2mo. Amster- 
dam^ 1 761. 
Emile ou de l'Education. 1 2mo, old calf. Francfort, 
Vol. i. 
Vol. iii. 

Edinr. Rev. 1755, ii. 73-78. (Compares "Mr. 
Rousseau of Geneva " with Mandeville, giving 
a long quotation from the Discourse on Ine- 

Ibid. ii. 79. (Letter of Voltaire to him.) 

Essay on Imitat. Arts, 165 seq. "An author more 
capable of feeling strongly than of analysing 
accurately, Mr. Rousseau of Geneva " attributes 
to Music by itself effects which it obtains only 
when conjoined with the scenery and action 
of the stage. Adam Smith is referring to the 
Lettre sur la Musique Francaise, 1753. 

In the Considerations concerning the First Forma- 
tion of Languages (Mor. Sent. ii. 407) Ad. Sm. 
speaks of c genera and species ' — " of which the 
ingenious M. Rousseau of Geneva finds himself 
so much at a loss to account for the origin ;" and 
(with unusual care) gives the reference, "Origine 
de Plnegalite. Partie Premiere, pp. 376, 377. 
Edition d'Amsterdam des Oeuvres diverses de 
J. J. Rousseau." 

Rousseau may have been in mind when the passage 
on Causes of Inequality was written, W. of 
N. V. i. 319 seq. 

Histoire de la Reformation de la Suisse. 6 vols. 
Small 8vo, calf. Geneve^ 1728. 



ioo Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 







Le Sage. 

Saint Maur 



Dupre de). 

Saint Real. 

De la Salle 

(de l'£tang), 

S. P. 

Russia sive Muscovia itemque Tartaria, commen- C 
tario topographico atque politico illustrata. 
I vol. i2mo, Elzevir. Lugcl. Bat. 1630. 

Russia, or a compleat historical account of all the N 
nations which compose that Empire. 3 vols. 
8vo. London, 1780. 

History of the Turks from 1679. Large fol. old B 
calf. London, 1700. 

Sabaudiae [Savov] Respublica et Historia. 1 vol. C 
i2mo, Elzevir. Lugd. Batav. 1634. 

Istorici Veneziani. 11 vols. 4to, calf. Venezia, B 

Le Diable Boiteux. istvol. Small 8vo. London, 

Gil Bias. 4 vols. [N. P., N. D.j 
Alaine Rene le bachelier de Salamanque. 3 vols. 

Minimo, calf. 1777. 

Recherches sur la valeur des monnoies et sur les 
prix des grains avant et apres le Concile de 
Francfort. i2mo. Paris, 1762. 

N. I. xi. 83. I. (On price of corn in France 
from 15th century.) 

Ibid. 85. 2. (Agrees with Fleetwood in his figures. ) 

Ibid. 91. 1. The rise in the value of silver in re- 
lation to corn has been observed in France 
by St. Maur, Messance, and the author of the 
" Police of Grain." 

til. 2. Market prices have been collected by 
St. Maur and Messance "with great diligence 

Oeuvres. i2mo, old calf. La Haye, 1726. 

Prairies artificielles ou moyens de perfectionner 
l'Agriculture dans les terreins sees et sterils de 
toutes les Provinces, surtout en Champagne, et 
de l'encourager dans tout le Royaume. i2mo. 
Brussels, 1758. 






Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 101 

De Sal- 



(C. Crispus). 








Novus Thesaurus Antiquitatum Romanorum. Q C 
3 vols. Fol. Hagae Comitum, 1719-40. 

Opera Omnia. 8vo, calf (Delphin). Londini, 1735. B 

Opera quae supersunt omnia ed. G. Cortius. 8vo. Q C 

Glasguae, IJJJ. 

Mor. Sent. ii. 11 (Part V. ch. i.) (Sallustius and 
Tacitus charged by some with affectation and 
want of simplicity.) 

Plinianae Exercitationes in Caii Julii Solini Poly- Q C 
histora. 2 vols. Fol. Parisiis, 1629. 

A Short View of the Peerage of Ireland. 1 vol. C 
Small 8vo, calf. London, 1759. 

Palladio Londinensis, or the London Art of Building, B 
to which is annexed the Builder's Dictionary. 
7th ed. 4-to, old calf. London, 1767. 

Histoire des Troubles de la Grand'Bretagne. Fol. B 
Red morocco. Paris, 1661. 

Royal arms in centre, monogram 3C in 

A Collection of all the Statutes now in force relating 
to the duties upon Salt. i2mo, calf. Black 
letter. London, 1760. 

An Abridgment of all the Statutes now in force 
relating to Salt and Herrings and the importa- 
tion of Beef and Pork from Ireland. i2mo, 
calf. London, 1774. 

Instructions for a Collector of the Duties upon Salt. 
1 2mo, boards. Edinburgh, 17 7 7. 

The earlier part of the history of the Fishing 
Bounties (W. of N. IV. v. 230 seq.) owes 
something to the above sources. Only a part of 
the passage is in the 1st ed. (cf. also V. ii. 
395. 1,406. 1). 



102 Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 










Comte de). 










Minerva seu de causis linguae Latinae comment- 
arius. 5th ed. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1733. 

Formation of Languages, Mor. Sent. ii. 439. 
(Quoted on impersonal verbs. He thinks that 
"pluit" means " pluvia pluit," etc.) 

Travels [in Turkey, Egypt, Palestine, etc.] 7th 
[9th ?] ed. 1 vol. Small fol. calf. London, 

Arcadia. 1 vol. Venice, 1524. 

Elements of Algebra in Ten Books. 2 vols. 4to. 

Cambridge, 1 740. 
Le Coran traduit de l'Arabe. 2 vols. 8vo, tree 

calf. Paris, 1783. 
Les Reveries ou Memoires sur l'art de la Guerre. 

1 vol. Fol. calf. La Haye, 1788. 


Viri Clarissimi Poetices. Libri Septem. 
Small fol. calf. Brabant, 1559. 

I v 


Respublica Achaeorum. 1 vol. i2mo, Elzevir. 

Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1674. 
Compendium Juris. l2mo. Tubingae, Francofurti, 

et Lipsiae. N. D. 

Respublica sive status regni Scotiae et Hiberniae. 
Diversorum Auctorum. 1 vol. i2mo, Elzevir. 
Lugd. Bat. 162J. 
Musae Sacrae Poetarum Scotorum. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Edinburghi, 1739. 
Scottish Songs, Ancient and Modern. 1 vol. 

Small 8vo, calf. 1776. 
A reference to Scottish poetry occurs in the Essay 
on Imitative Arts, pp. 182, 183. Ad. Sm. 
observes that the tunes have altered even in his 
lifetime ; and the remark seems to show that 
this part of the Essay at least was written late 
and not early. 
Appendix ad Thesaurum Graecae linguae ab Henrico 
Stephanoconstructum,et ad Lexicon Constantini, 
et Scapulae. 2 vols. Fol. Londini, 1745-46. 








Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 103 








Mare Clausum. 1 vol. Fol. Wratislaviae, 1751. Q C 

Tragoediae. 8vo, vellum. Amstelod. 1662. B 

Opera quae exstant. 2 vols. 8vo. Amstelod. 1673. Q C 
Seneca a M. Antonio Mureto correctus notis. B 

Small fol. old calf. 1692. 
Essay on Astron. 44. (He does not mention Hip- 

parchus anywhere.) 
Mor. Sent. i. 114-115 (Part I. Sect. III. ch. i.) 

Cato's conduct in his last moments "appears to 

Seneca, that great preacher of insensibility, a 

spectacle which even the gods themselves might 

behold with pleasure and admiration." 
Ibid. ii. 10 (Part V. ch. i.) (He is accused by 

Ouintilian of having corrupted the tastes of the 

Ibid. ii. 247 (Part VII. Sect. II. ch. i.) (He says it 

would be " easier to prove that drunkenness is a 

virtue, than that Cato could be addicted to any 

Recueil des Lettres. 9 vols. i2mo, calf. Paris, B 


Opera, Graece et Latine ed. J. A. Fabricius. 1 vol. 

Fol. Lipsiae, 1 718. 
The Plays of Shakspeare. Ed. by Samuel Johnson. 

[2nd ed.] 2 vols. 8vo, calf. London, 1778. 

Edinr. Rev. 1755, ii. 65, " In the old English poets, 
in Shakespear, Spenser, and Milton, there often 
appears, amidst some irregularities and extra- 
vagancies, a strength of imagination so vast, so 
gigantic and supernatural, as astonishes and con- 
founds their reader into that admiration of their 
genius which makes him despise as mean and 
insignificant all criticism upon the inequalities 
in their writings." 

Mor. Sent. i. 75 (Part I. Sect. II. ch. iii.) "We 
detest Iago as much as we esteem Othello." 

Ibid. ii. 177 (Part VI. Sect. III.) The proud man 
"dies, as Hamlet says, with all his sins upon 
his head, unanointed, unanealed." (The quota- 
tion is given freely, from memory.) 


104 Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 














Observations on the Commerce of the United States. B 
8vo, calf. London, 1784. 

Observations on the Manufactures, Trade, and N 
Present State of Ireland. 2nd ed. 8vo. London, 

On fly-leaf: "From the Author." 

Scotia Illustrata sive Prodromus Historiae Naturalis. B 
Fol. old calf. Edinburgh 1684. 

The History, Ancient and Modern, of the Sheriff- C 
doms of Fife and Kinross. 1 vol. Small fol. 
calf. Edinburgh, 17 10. 

De antiquo jure civium Romanorum. Fol. old calf. 
Francofurti, 1593. 

Opera. Ed. Arnold Drakenborch. 1 vol. 4to. 
Trajecti ad Rhenum, 171 7. 

De republica Helvetiorum,cum Compendio Historiae B 
Helveticae. 8vo, calf. Tiguri [Zurich), 1734. 

The Nature and Laws of Chance. Illustrated with B 
a great variety of examples. Large 8vo, vellum. 
[Edward Cave, St. John's Gate) 1740. 

Essays in Speculative and Mixed Mathematics. 4to, B 
old calf. London, 1740. 

A Treatise of Algebra. 2nd ed. 8vo. London, 17 54. N 

Elements de Geometrie traduits de l'Anglois de M. U 
Thomas Simpson de la Societe Royale de Londres, 
professeur de Mathematiques a Woolwich. 8vo. 
De l'imprimerie de Vincent, rue S. Severin. 
Paris, 1755. 

The Doctrine and Application of Fluxions. 2nd N 
ed. 8vo. London, 1776. 

Apollonii Pergaei Locorum Planorum Libri Duo. B 
4to, old calf. Foulis, Glasguae, 1749. 

Sectionum Conicarum Libri Quinque. 4to, old B 
calf. Edinburgi, 1750. 

Euclidis Elementorum libri priores sex, item un- N 
decimus et duodecimus, ex versione Latina 
Federici Commandini, sublatis iis quibus olim 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 105 

(Sir John). 



libri hi a Theone aliisve vitiati sunt et quibus- 
dam Euclidis demonstrationibus restitutis a 
Roberto Simson, M.D. 4-to. Glasguae, 1756. 

Opera Quaedam Geometrica [Roberti Simsoni, post 
mortem ejus, impensis Philippi Comitis Stanhope 
impressa]. 4to, tree calf. Foulis, Glasguae, 1776. 

The Elements of Euclid. Also Euclid's Data. 

1 vol. 8vo, calf. Glasgow, 1781. 
[Professor of Mathematics, Glasgow, 171 1-6 1.] 

Mor. Sent. i. 312 (Part III. ch. ii.) "The two 
greatest mathematicians that I ever have had the 
honour to be known to, and I believe the two 
greatest that have lived in my time, Dr. Robert 
Simpson [sic] of Glasgow and Dr. Matthew 
Stewart of Edinburgh," were quite indifferent 
to public neglect. 

Regiam Majestatem Scotiae [sive veteres Leges et 
Constitutiones collectae et illustratae]. [2nd 
ed.] Small fol. old calf. London, 161 3. 

Compare W. of N. I. xi. 84. 2. " In an ancient 
manuscript of the Regiam Majestatem, an old 
Scotch law book," there is an assize of bread. 
He quotes some words of the statute of assize. 

Joannis Sleidani Religionis et Reipublicae, Carlo 
Ouinto Caesare, Commentariorum libri xxvi. 
Fol. calf. N. P. 1555. 

Joannis Sleidani de Quatuor Summis Imperiis Libri 
Tres. Postrema editio. 1 vol. i2mo, Elzevir. 
Amstelod. 1654. 

The Theory of Moral Sentiments. [1st ed.] 8vo, 
calf. London, 1759. 

The Theory of Moral Sentiments. 3rd ed. 8vo, 
calf. London, 1767. 

Theorie des Sentimens Moraux [Metaphysique 
de l'Ame]. Trad, par M. . . . i2mo, old 
calf. Vol. ii. only. Paris, 1764. 

Theorie des Sentimens Moraux [Metaphysique de 
Ame], etc. 2 vols. i2mo, calf. Paris, 1764. 










Catalogue of Adam Smith's Libra?')' 



Theorie des Sentimens Moraux. Trad, par M. 

l'abbe Blavet. 2 vols. i2mo, calf. Paris, 1774. 

[Presentation copy, from translator.] 
The same. Another copy. 

Theorie der Moralischen Empfindungen. 1 vol. 
8vo, red morocco. Braunschweig, 1770. 

Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth 

of Nations. [1st ed.] 2 vols. 4-to, calf. 

London, 1776. 
Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth 

of Nations. [5th ed.] 3 vols. 8vo, boards. 

London, 1786. 
Untersuchung der Natur und Ursachen von Nation- 

alreichthumern. Vol. ii. only. 8vo, red morocco. 

Leipzig, 1776. 
[Monogram of George III. in gold on cover.] 
[Another copy, of same date and binding, without 

Recherches sur la Nature et les Causes de la Richesse 

des Nations. Trad, par M. l'abbe Bl[avet]. 

3 vols. i2mo. Paris, 1781. 
On fly-leaf: "A M. Smith de la part de son tres 

humble serviteur, l'abbe Blavet." [See above, 

Recherches, etc. Trad, par M. Roucher. Vols. i. 

and iii. only. 8vo, paper covers. Paris, 1790. 
[Babbage's library, sold in 1872, is said by Thor. 

Rogers to have contained Hume's copy of the 

Wealth of Nations. A copy of the Moral 

Sentiments (1790) that belonged to Robert 

Burns was recently offered for sale (August 

1893) m London.] 

Gaelic Antiquities. 1 vol. 4to, calf. Edinburgh, 

[Minister of Kilbrandon, Lorn.] 

Chronicum Rusticum Commerciale, or Memoirs of 
Wool. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. London, 1747. 

W. of N. I. xi. 106. 2. (Quoted for prices of the 
tod of wool in middle of 14th cent.) 

Ibid. IV. viii. 294. I. "It is observed by the very 




Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 107 







accurate and intelligent author of the Memoirs 
of Wool, the Rev. Mr. John Smith," that the 
best English wool sells for less in England than 
a poorer sort would fetch in Amsterdam. 
Complete System of Opticks. 4-to. Cambridge, 

Harmonics, or the Philosophy of Musical Sounds. 

2nd ed. 8vo. London, 1759. 
[D.D., F.R.S., Master of Trinity, Cambridge, after 

Edinr. Rev. 1755, ii. 67. "In Dr. Smith's Optics, 
all the great discoveries which had before been 
made in that science are very completely re- 
corded." In knowledge of his science he is 
superior to Keil and Gregory, but inferior "in 
the order and disposition of his work." 
Historia del Concilio Tridentino. 4-to, old calf. 

Geneva, 1629. 
Quae exstant omnia ed. R. F. P. Brunck. 
4to. Argentorati (Strasburg), 1786. 

Tragoediae septem ex editione Phil. Brunck 
8vo, tree calf. Argentorati, 1786. 

Mor. Sent. i. 63 (Part I. Sect. II. ch. i.) (In 
Philoctetes it is not the pain that interests us, 
but the attendant circumstances.) 

Ibid. i. 272 (Part II. Sect. II. ch. iii.) "It is this 
fallacious sense of guilt, if I may call it so, which 
constitutes the whole distress of Oedipus and 
Jocasta upon the Greek, of Monimia and Isabella 
upon the English theatre [in Otway's Orphan]. 
They are all of them in the highest degree 
piacular (sic), though not one of them is in the 
smallest degree guilty." 

Hispania sive de regis Hispaniae regnis et opibus 
Commentarius. 1 vol. i2mo, Elzevir. Lugd. 
Bat. 1629. 

Impartial Inquiry into the Management of the War 
in Spain by the Ministry at home. i2mo, old 
calf. London, 1 7 1 2. 

Papers relative to the rupture with Spain, laid before U 

2 vols. O C 

2 vols. B 




Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 






^ de). 
(J. von). 








both Houses of Parliament on Friday 29th 
January 1762 by his Majesty's command 
Printed by Mark Baskett, printer to hi: 
Majesty, and by the assigns of Robert Baskett 
4to. London, 1762. 

[Bound with Grenville and Rates of Excise 

Opuscoli di Fisica Animale e Ve°;etabile 

2 vol: 

8vo, calf. Modena. 1786. 


A Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope. 2 vols 

4-to, calf. London, 1785. 
Histoire de Geneve. 2 vols. 4to, tree 

[Barillot] Geneve, 1730. 
Rhoetia, ubi ejus verus situs politicus, bella, foedera 

et alia memorabilia accuratissime describuntur 

I vol. l2mo, Elzev. Lugd. Batav. 1633. 
Memoire, ecrit par elle-meme. 4 vols. Small 8vo 

calf. London- I ' 


Account of the new Northern Archipelago, lately 
discovered by the Russians in the Seas of 
Kamtschatka and Anadir. Translated from the 
German original (with map) [by C. Heydinger], 
pp. xx. 118. London, 1774. 

History of Philosophy. 2nd ed. 1 vol. Fol. 
calf. London, 1687. 

Historia Philosophiae. Thick 410, vellum. Lipsiae, 

On fly-leaf: "To Adam Smith, Esq., from his 

much obliged friend John Davidson, 1788." 

Tableau historique et politique de la Suisse, traduit 
de l'anglais par M. de la Chapelle. i2mo. 
Freibourg, 1766. 

Papinii Statii Opera — Sylvae, Thebais, Achilleis. 
Frontispiece, the burning of Troy. Lugd. 
Batav. 1 67 1. 

Silvae. Ed. Jer. Markland. 1 vol. 4to. Londini, 

Prosodia Rationalis, or an Essay towards establish- 
ing the Melody and Measure of Speech, to be 










Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 109 

4 vols. 4to. N. P., 
4 vols. Fol. Basileae, 


3rd ed. 

expressed and perpetuated by peculiar symbols. 
2nd ed. 4to. London, 1779. 
On fly-leaf: " From the Author." 

The Tatler, with illustrations. 6 vols. 8vo, calf. 

London, 1786. 
The Guardian. 2 vols. i2mo, calf. Glasgow, 17 46. 

Stephanorum Historia, vitas ipsorum ac libros com- 
plectens. 8vo, tooled calf, bound by Scott, Edin- 
burgh. Londini, 1709. 

Thesaurus linguae Graecae. 

N. D. 
Thesaurus linguae Latinae. 

Sermons by Mr. Yorick. [Anon.] 

1 vol. Small 8vo, calf. London, 

An Inquiry into the Principles of Political Econ- 
omy. Vol. i. only. Large 4to. London, 1767. 

[Ad. Sm. said "he understood Sir James's system 
better from his conversation than his volumes." 
Works of St. (1805), vol. vi. p. 378.] 

Some General Theorems of considerable use in the 
higher parts of Mathematics. 8vo. Edinburgh, 

Tracts Physical and Mathematical. 8vo. Edin- 
burgh, 1 76 1. 

[Minister of Roseneath. Father of Dugald 

Mor. Sent. i. 312 (Part III. ch. ii.) See above,. 
Simson (Robert). Compare Life, by Dug. 
Stewart, prefixed to Essays, p. xi. : "I remem- 
ber to have heard my father remind him (Ad. 
Smith) of a geometrical problem of considerable 
difficulty about which he was occupied at the 
acquaintance commenced." 

A genealogical history of the family of the 
Stewarts, from 1304 to the year 17 10, collected 
from Public Records. Small fol. old calf. Edin- 
burgh, 1 7 10. 

Prefixed is a General Description of the Shire of 







(Sir James, 

of Coltness). 








Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 






(Jacobus de). 









(Due de). 






Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Natural History, N 

Husbandry, and Physick, to which is added the 

Calendar of Flora. 3rd ed. 8vo. London, \~j 75. 
Loci Communes sacri et profani sententiarum omnis O 

generis. 1 vol. 4to. Frankofurti, 1 58 1. 
The same. 1 vol. Fol. Frankofurti, 1581. 
Res Geographicae. Subjiciuntur Chrestomathiae. 

2 vols. 4to. A?nstelo. 1707. 
Epitome Thesauri Antiquitatum. 1 vol. 4to, C 

vellum. Lugd. Batav. 1553. 
Respublica Bojemiae a M. Paulo Strausky descripta, C 

recognita, et aucta. 1 vol. i2mo, Elzevir. 

Lugd. Batav. 1643. 
Commentarius ad Flavii Vegetii Renati libros de re B 

militari. 8vo, vellum. Vesaliae \_JVesel\\b~jO. 
Corpus historiae Germanicae. 2 vols. Fol. old B 

calf, jfenae, 1730. 

Letters to Lord Mansfield relating to his lordship's B 
judgment in the Douglas cause. 4to, boards. 
London, 1773. 

Omnia quae supersunt. Ed. F. Oudendorphius. 
2 vols. 8vo. Lugd. Batav. 1 75 1. 

Memoires [ou Oeconomies Royales d'Etat, domes- 
tiques, politiques, et militaires de Henry le 
Grand (depuis 1570 jusqu'en 1610), par Maxi- 
mil. de Bethune, due de Sully. Mis en nouveau 
francais et en ordre avec des remarques] par 
M.L.D.L.D.L. [M. l'abbe de Lecluse des 
Loges]. 6 vols. i2mo, old calf. Londres, IJ52. 

The Additional Case. Elizabeth claiming the title B 
and dignity of Countess of Sutherland. By her 
Guardians. 4to, boards. 17 7-. 

Works. 17 vols. 8vo. London, 1784. C 

Mor. Sent. i. 465 (Part IV. ch. i.) " The homely 
and vulgar proverb that the eye is larger than the 
belly." From Gulliver, Brobdingnag, ch. viii. 

Ibid. ii. 11 (Part V. ch. i.) See above (Pope). 

Ibid. ii. 57 (Part VI. Sect. I.) Dr. Swift and 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 






Voltaire are mentioned among the men of "splen- 
did talents and virtues" who have shown " a most 
improper and even insolent contempt of all the 
ordinary decorums of life and conversation." 
W. of N. V. ii. 398. 2. "The saying of Dr. 
Swift that in the arithmetic of the customs two 
and two instead of making four make sometimes 
only one, holds perfectly true with regard to 
such heavy duties." Hume had quoted the say- 
ing before Ad. Sm. See the Essay on the Balance 
of Trade : " We ought always to remember the 
maxim of Dr. Swift that in the arithmetic of the 
customs two and two make not four, but often 
make only one." The passage concerned is in 
Swift's " Answer to a Paper called a Memorial 
of the poor inhabitants, tradesmen, and labourers 
of the kingdom of Ireland. Written in the year 
1728." The Commissioners of Customs in 
London told him "that the Mistake of Parlia- 
ments on such occasions was owing to an Error 
of computing Two and Two to make Four, 
whereas in the Business of laying heavy Imposi- 
tions Two and Two never made more than One." 

Remarks on the Life and Writings of Dr. Jonathan 
Swift, in a series of letters from John, Earl of 
Orrery. 8vo, calf. London^ 1752. 

The Excise Laws abridged and digested under their 
proper heads, in alphabetical order. 2nd ed. 
8vo. London^ 1775. 

Ed. R. Bentley. [With Terence, q.v.~] 

Systeme Social ou principes naturels de la Morale et 
la Politique avec un examen de l'influence du 
Gouvernement sur les Moeurs. Difficilis virtus 
est ; ars est bonum fieri ; erras si existimas vitia 
nobiscum nasci ; supervenerunt, ingesta sunt. 
Seneca, Epist. 124. 2 vols in one. London^ 1773. 

[Ascribed to Baron d'Holbach, who is mentioned 
in the letter of Adam Smith given in facsimile 
by MacCulloch in his separate Life of Adam 
Smith, 1855.] 





I 12 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 















Opera. 2 vols. 8vo, vellum, Elzevir. Amstelo. 



Opera ex editione Jacobi Gronovii. 4 vols 

Minimo, old calf. Foulis, Glasguae, 1753. 
Mor. Sent See above 

Essai general de tactique. 2 vols, in one. 4-to. 

London, 1773. 
Original Papers relative to Tanjore, being letters B 

between the Nabob of Arcot and Lord Pigot. 

4to, boards. London, 1777. 

La Gerusalemme Liberata. 4 vols. 4to, calf. C 
London, 1724. 

La Gerusalemme Liberata. 2 vols. Small 8vo, C 

calf. Glasguae, 1763. 
Essay of Certain Engl, and Ital. Verses, 192 

(Quotes Canto I. lines 1, 5, 6, and 9.) 
De' Pensieri Diversi. 1 vol. 4to, sheepskin. C 

Venetia, 1676. 

Les Six Voyages de J. B. Tavernier en Turquie, B 
en Perse, et aux Indes. 3 vols. Thick i2mo, 
vellum. Paris, 1779. 

W. of N. I. xi. "When Tavernier, a 

jeweller, visited the diamond mines of Golconda 
and Visiapour " he was told that the king had 
shut up all but the best. 

Antiquitates Christianae. 4 vols. Fol. calf. C 
London, 1703. 

Works. 4 vols. 8vo, calf. Edinburgh, 1754. 

Comoediae Sex. 8vo, vellum. Amstelod. 1686. 

Comoediae. Edidit R. Bentley. 1 vol. 4to. 
Cantabrigiae, 1726. (With Phaedrus, q.v.) 

Comoediae. Edidit A. H. Westerhovius. 2 vols. 

4to. Hagae Comitum, 1726. 
Comoediae ex editione Westerhoviana. Large 8vo, 

calf. Glasguae, 1742. 


O ( 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 113 

(M. l'Abbe). 




(Antoine L.) 




De Thou 



Comoediae, ad fidem optimarum editionum expressae. B 
8vo, calf. Edinburgh 1758. 

La Philosophic applicable a tous les objets de l'esprit N 
et de la raison. i2mo. Paris, 1754. 

Carmina Bucolica, Graece et Latine. Notes by B 

Valckenaer. 8vo, calf. Lugd. Batav. 1781. 
W. of N. I. x. 45. 2. " Fishermen have been poor 

since the days of Theocritus. See Idvllium 

• 11 

Codex Theodosianus. 8 vols. Fol. calf, in beauti- G S 
ful order, including 7 vols, of the Codex itself 
(the 6th in 2 parts) and 1 vol. of Leges Novellae 
Theodosii Junioris et Valentiniani III. 

The 7 printed at Leipzig (G. Wadman), 
1736 ; the 8th at Rome (Zempoli), 1767. 

Characteres Ethici. i2mo, calf. Glasguae, 1743. B 

Oeuvres Diverses. i2mo, calf. Amsterdam, 1766. B 

The British Negociator, or the Foreign Exchanges 
made perfectly easy. Containing tables for all 
the various courses of exchange from and the 
several coins equated of Holland, etc. ; also arbi- 
tration of Exchange, Weights, and Measures, 
etc., by S. Thomas, merchant. London, 1759. 

Ffistoire d'un peuple nouveau, ou decouverte d'une 
isle a 43 degres 14 minutes de latitude meri- 
dionale par David Tompson (sic), capitaine de 
vaisseau le Boston, a son retour de la Chine, 
en 1756. Ouvrage traduit de l'anglais. i2mo. 
London, 1757. 

Works. 4 vols. i2mo, calf. London, 1762. 

Les Saisons. 8vo, calf. Amsterdam, 1773. 

Mor. Sent. i. 342 (Part III. ch. iii.) (One of the 

moralists who reproach us with being happy 

when so many are in misery.) 

[Jacobi Augusti Thuani] Historiae sui temporis 
1 543- 1 607. 5 vols. Fol. boards. Aurelianae 
(Orleans), 1620. 





Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 









(Baron de). 







Historiae sui temporis. 7 vols. Fol. Londini, 1733. 

Bellum Peloponnesiacum ex editione Wassii et 

Dukeri. 8 vols. i2mo, calf. Foulis, Glasguae, 

W. of N. V. i. 313. 1. (Tells of the Peloponnesians 

leaving the camp to reap their harvests.) 
Tibulli et Propertii Opera ad optimorum exem- B 

plarium fidem recensita. Large quarto, calf. 

Cantabrigiae, 1702. 
Quae exstant. 1 vol. 4to. Amstelod. 1708. Q 

Mor. Sent. i. 69 (Part I. Sect. II. ch. ii.) "The 

elegant, the tender, and the passionate Tibullus." 
The Continuation of Rapin's History of England. B 

13 vols, in 9. 8vo, old calf. London, 1761. 

Essai sur l'histoire oeconomique des mers occidentales N 
de France. 8vo. Paris, 1760. 

Observations on Dr. MacFarlan's Inquiries con- B 
cerning the state of the Poor. 8vo, boards. 
Edinburgh, 1783. 

Memoires sur les Turcs et les Tartares. 4 vols. C 
8vo, calf. Amsterdam, 1784. 

L'Etat et les Delices de la Suisse. Nouv. ed. 4 C 
vols. Small 8vo, calf. Basle, 1764 

Tour in England and Scotland in 1785 by an B 
English Gentleman. 8vo, calf. London, 1788. 

New and Old Principles of Trade compared, or U 
a Treatise on the Principles of Commerce 
between Nations, with an Appendix concerning 
(1) General Means of aiding Commerce, (2) 
Balance of Trade, (3) Pre-eminence of Agri- 
cultural Industry, (4) Prohibitions, Bounties, 
etc. [7 heads in all.] " Et penitus toto divisos 
orbe Britannos," Virg. Eel. London, 1788. 

A General Description of all Trades, digested in B 
Alphabetical Order. l2mo, calf. London, 1747. 

Histoire des deux triumvirats. Vol. iii. only. i2mo, B 
old calf. Amsterdam, 1 715. 

Histoire litteraire des troubadours. 3 vols. Small C 
8vo, calf. Paris, 1774. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

IJ 5 

(M. l'Abbe). 











Essais sur divers sujets de litterature et de morale. N 
6 e 6d. 4 vols. l2mo. Paris^ 1768. 

An Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages B 
attending France and Great Britain with regard 
to Trade. i2mo, calf. Glasgow^ 1756. 

A Treatise concerning Civil Government. In three B 
parts. 8vo, calf. London^ 1781. 

Horse -hoeing Husbandry, or an Essay on the B 
Principles of Vegetation and Tillage. 8vo, calf. 
London^ 1762. 

Turenne Mardchal G^neVal des armdes du Roi. B 
2 vols. Large 4-to. Paris^ 1735. 

[A printed Budget, inscribed to Adam Smith in 
Turgot's handwriting, was sold in 1878. For 
the relations of the two men, see Life by 
Stewart, prefixed to Essays, p. lvi.] 

Turcici Imperii Status. Accedit de regno Algeri- C 
ano atque Tunetiano commentarius. 1 vol. 
i2mo, Elzevir. Lugd. Bat. 1634. 

Histoire civile et naturelle du royaume de Siam et N 
des Revolutions qui ont bouleverse cet Empire 
jusqu'en 1770. 2 vols. i2mo. Paris^ 1771. 

Observations on the Tea and Window Act and on F 
the Tea Trade. 2nd ed. 8vo. 66 pp. London^ 

Remarks on the Report of the East India Directors F 
respecting the Sale and Prices of Tea. 2nd ed. 
8vo. 77 pp. London^ 1785. 

Answer to Second Report of East India Directors F 
respecting the Sale and Prices of Tea. To which 
is added Mr. Twining's Letter to Robert 
Preston, Esq. 8vo. 102 pp. London^ 1785. 

[All three bound in one vol. with Dundonald, etc., 

Dissertationes. 8vo, calf. Cantabrigiae^ 1703. B 

Dissertationes. Ed. J. Markland. 1 vol. 4to. Q ( 

Londini, 1740. 

1 1 6 Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 














(Sieur de). 

Small C 

The General History of England. 3 vols 
fol. calf. London, 1700. 

W. of N. V. i. 322. 1. (Ouoted for the instructions 
to judges under Henry II. 

The Theory and Practice of Commerce and Mari- 
time Affairs. Written originally in Spanish by 
Don Geronymo de Uztariz, Knight of the Order 
of St. Iago, Member of his Catholic Majesty's 
Privy Council, of the Royal Board of Trade and 
the Mint, and his Majesty's Secretary in the 
Council and Chamber of the Indies. Translated 
by John Kippax, B.D., Fellow of Clare Hall, 
and Master of the Academy in Little Tower 
Street. 2 vols. London, 1751. 

of K. V. ii. 407. 2. (Imputes to the Alcavala 
the ruin of Spanish manufacture- 



Praedium Rusticum. i2mo, calf. Parisiis, 1746. B 
Theologia. Vol. i. only. 4to. Amstelod. 1724. O 

A Narrative of the Transactions in Bengal, 1760- B 
64. 3 vols. 8vo, calf. London, 1766. 

Storia Fiorentina. 1 vol. Small fol. calf. Colonia, C 

Delle Vite de' Pittori. 3 vols. 4to, calf. Bologna, C 

Histoire du regne de Louis XIII. Nouv. 6d. C 
10 vols. Small 8vo, calf. Amsterdam, 1735. 

Le Droit des Gens ou Principes de la Loi Natu- B 
relle. 4to, calf. Leyde, 1758. 

Le Maitre Italien dans la derniere perfection. C 
Nouv. ed. 1 vol. Small 8vo, calf. Amster. 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 117 










Due de). 





MS., on parchment, of Venetian Statutes. No title- 
page, name, or date. Embossed cover, with 
designs in black on gold ground, and the arms 
of Venice. 8vo. 

Rise, Progress, and Present State of the English 
Government in Bengal. 4-to. London, 1772. 

[Ex-Governor of Bengal.] 

Meditazioni sulla Economia Politica. [Anon.] 
Nella stamperia dell' Encyclopedia. Con appro- 
vazione. Livorno, 1 77 1 . 

Meditazioni sulla Economia Politica. [Anon.] 
8vo, old calf. Livorno, 1772. 

Historiae Romanae Breviarium. 8vo, old calf. 1696. 

Bucolica, Georgica, et Aeneis, quibus accedunt 

observationes Jacobi Emmenessii. 3 vols. 8vo, 

calf, thick. Lugd. Bat. 1680. 
Bucolica, Georgica, et Aeneis. Large 4-to, calf. 

Cantabrigiae, 1701. 
Eclogues and Georgics, with English Translation. 

Ed. J. Martyn. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1749. 
Formation of Languages (Mor. Sent, ii.459). (First 

line of first Eclogue quoted, to show the power 

of inflections.) 
W. of N. IV. vii. 252. 1. ("Auri sacra fames." 

Aen. iii. 57.) 
Ibid. IV. vii. 265. 1. How has the policy of Europe 

benefited the colonies of America ? " In one 

way, and in one way only, it has contributed a 





Variarum Lectionum libri XXV. Small fol. calf. B 

Florentiae, 1553. 
De Graecae Dictionis Idiotismis et Particulis. B 

Minimo, calf. Londini, 1695. 

Vie dcrite par lui-meme. 4 vols. Small 8vo, calf. B 
Paris, 1784. 

On Painting. Folio. N. P., N. D. C 




1 1 8 Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


De Voise- 


(M. l'Abbe). 



(Arouet de), 

good deal. Magna virum Mater ! It bred and 
formed the men." Compare Georgics II. 173 : 
"Salve magna parens frugum Saturnia tellus, 
Magna virum." 


Vitruvii Pollionis de Architectura liber. Small B 
fol. old calf. Amstelod. 1649. 

The same (another copy, ibid.) B 

M. Vitruvio Pollione. L'Architettura colla tradu- C 
zione Italiana e commento di Marchese Berardo 
Galiana. 1 vol. Fol. calf. Napoli, 1758. 

Oeuvres completes 
lations]. 3 vols. 

[Novels, Tales, and Trans- 
8vo, calf. Paris, 1781. 



Oeuvres [Poems and Letters]. 7th ed. i2mo, 

old calf. Paris, 1665. 
[M. T. stamped on outside covers.] 

Annales de l'Empire de depuis Charlemagne. N 
2 vols. i2mo. Basle, 1754. 

Dictionnaire philosophique portatif. i2mo. Lon- N 
don, 1764. 

Oeuvres Completes. 69 volumes. Large 8vo, calf N 
(full bound). De l'imprimerie de la societe 
litteraire-typographique. [N. P.] 1785. 

[See also France.] 

(1) Edinr. Rev. 1755, ii. 69. (His eulogy of the 


(2) Ibid. 78. "Mr. Voltaire, the most universal 

genius perhaps which France has ever pro- 
duced, is acknowledged to be, in almost every 
species of writing, nearly upon a level with the 
greatest authors of the last age, who applied 
themselves chiefly to one." 

(3) Ibid. 79. (His originality shows to great advan- 

tage in his last tragedy, the Orphan of China.) 

(4) Ibid. 79. (In a letter to Rousseau he disclaims 

responsibility for an edition of his History of 
the Last War, published under his name in 
Holland, and full of errors.) 

Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 1 1 9 




Mor. Sent. i. 131, 132 (Part I. Sect. III. ch. ii 
(On the real causes of* the great fame of Louis 

Ibid. i. 302 (Part III. ch. ii.) is probably 
written with Voltaire's " Traite sur la Toler- 
ance a 1'occasion de la Mort de Jean Calas " 
(1763) in mind. The passage does not occur 
in the 1st ed. (1759). Calas was executed at 
Toulouse, where (as Brougham remarks, in 
"Men of Letters," ii. (1846), p. 112 n.) 
Adam Smith may have heard much about 
him in conversation. 

Ibid. 311 (Part III. ch. ii.) (V.'s "sensibility" 
to criticism.) 

Ibid. 330 (Part III. ch. ii.) : " Vous y grillez 
sage et docte Platon, Divin Homere, eloquent 

Ibid. 350 (Part III. ch. iii.) (Among the 
" poets and romance-writers " who are better 
instructors on love and friendship than Zeno 
or Epictetus.) 

Ibid. 445-447 (Part III. ch. vi.) (The plot 
of the tragedy of Mahomet, "one of the 
finest of Mr. Voltaire," described.) 
(11) Ibid. ii. 9 (Part V. ch. i.) (The heroic verse 
of the Henriade is the same as the English 

Ibid. 57 (Part VI. Sect. I.) See above (Swift). 
Ibid. 92, 93 (Part VI. Sect. II. ch. i.) (De- 
scription of the hero and heroine of "that 
beautiful tragedy of Voltaire, the Orphan of 
(14) VV. of N. V. i. 364. 2, 365. 1. " It is observed 
by M. de Voltaire that Father Poree " was the 
only Professor France ever had whose works 
were worth the reading ; and he goes on to 
tell us why Gassendi entered the Church (see 
above^ Gassendi). "The observation of M. 
de Voltaire " may be applied to other countries 
besides his own. 
A Collection of Voyages. 4 vols. 8vo, calf. C 







Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

(Prince of). 





(Art of). 








(Joannes A.) 

Life of Henry, Prince of Wales, eldest son of 
James I. By Thomas Birch, D.D. 8vo, calf. 
London, 1760. 

W. of N. I. xi. 69. 2. " In the appendix to the 
Life of Prince Henry, Doctor Birch has given 
us an account of the prices of butcher's meat 
as commonly paid by that prince " (about 3|d. 
per lb.) 

A Dissertation on the Numbers of Mankind in 
Antient and Modern Times, in which the 
superior Populousnessof Antiquity is maintained. 
[Anon.] 8vo. Edinburgh, 1753. 

[Minister of Greyfriars, Edinburgh.] 

Poems, etc. 6th ed. 1 vol. 8vo, calf. London, 

Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of 
Richard III. 


Histoire du 

4 to 


boards. London, 1768. 

Sir Robert Walpole. 

3 vols. i2mo, tree calf. Amsterdam, 1764. 
W. of N. V. ii. 400, 401. (His Excise Scheme 

dropped because of unjust and factious clamour.) 
Veteres de Re Militari Scriptores, quotquot exstant, 

nunc prima vice in unum redacti corpus. 8vo, 

vellum. Vesaliae [tfesel], 1670. 

Four Essays upon the English Language. 8vo. 
London, 1758. 

History of the Reign of Philip the Second. Vol. i. 
only. 4to, calf. London, 1777. 

A Proposal for Uniformity of Weights and Measures 
in Scotland. 8vo, calf. Edinburgh, 1779. 

Grammatica Graeca Nova. Curavit iterumque 
edidit Joh. Frider. Fischerus. 8vo. Lipsiae, 

De rebuspublicis. 2 vols. Minimo, vellum. Lugd. 
Bat. 1 63 1. 

Introductio universalis in omnes respublicas. 1 vol. 
i2mo, Elzevir. Amstelod. 1632. 








Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 1 2 1 











(Jacques B.) 

De Witt 
and John). 



Memorial of the English Affairs, or an Historical C 
Account of what passed from the beginning of 
the reign of Charles I. to King Charles II. 's 
happy Restoration. I vol. Fol. calf. London, 

State of the Trade of Great Britain in its Imports B 
and Exports progressively from the year 1697. 
Large fol. boards. London, 1776. 

An Inquiry into the Rise and Progress of Parlia- B 
ment, chiefly in Scotland.. 4to, calf. Edin- 
burgh, 1784. 

North Briton. 3 vols. r2mo, calf. London, B 

An Account of the Pelew Islands. 4to, boards. B 
London, 1 788. 

Exposition Anatomique de la structure du corps C 
humain. 1 vol. 4to, calf. Paris, 1732. 

Political Maxims of the State of Holland. 8vo, B 
calf. London, 1743. 

The American Negotiator, or the Various N 
Currencies of the British Colonies in America, 
as well as the Islands of the Continent. By John 
Wright, Accomptant. 8vo. London, 1761. 

Elements of Trigonometry. 8vo. Edinburgh, N 

Six Weeks' Tour through the Southern Counties. N 
By the author of the Farmer's Letters. [Anon.] 
2nd ed. 8vo. London, 1769. 

The Expediency of a Free Exportation of Corn at F 
this Time, with some Observations on the 
Bounty and its Effects. To which is added an 
Appendix in answer to a pamphlet lately pub- 
lished entitled " Thoughts upon several interest- 
ing Subjects." By the author of the Farmer's 
Letters to the People of England. [Anon.] 
2nd ed. 8vo. 74 pp. London (Nicoll), 1770. 

[Bound with Jenyns, q.v.~\ 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 


(of Perth). 




The Farmer's Letters to the People of England N 
[containing the sentiments of a practical 
husbandman on various subjects of great import- 
ance. To which are added Sylvae, or occasional 
tracts on husbandry and rural oeconomics.] 
[Anon.] 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1 771. 

Six Months' Tour through the North of England, N 
with an Account of the present state of Agri- 
culture, Manufactures, and Population. [Anon.] 
2nd ed. 4 vols. 8vo. London, ljji. 

The Farmer's Tour through the East of England, N 
being the Register of a Journey through various 
Counties of this Kingdom to inquire into the 
state of Agriculture. [Anon.] 4 vols. 8vo. 
London, 1 771. 

Political Arithmetic, containing Observations on B 
the present state of Great Britain and the 
Principles of her Policy. 1 vol. 8vo, boards. 

London, 1774. 

National Improvements in Agriculture. 8vo, calf. B 
Edinburgh, 1785. 

Agriculture the Primary Interest of Great Britain. 
8vo, calf. Edinburgh, 1788. 

Poesie Drammatiche. 10 vols. 8vo, calf. Venezia, B 

Essay on Imitat. Arts, 169. (One of the reformers 

of Italian opera, along with Metastasio. See 

Studies of the 18th Century in Italy, Vernon 

Lee, 1880, p. 164.) 
4 vols. 8vo, calf. London, 1 763. C 



JEsot, 1 6 

Aix, Archbishop of, 79 
D'Alembert, 7 
Alexander the Great, 7 
Antoninus Pius, 7 
Apollonius of Perga, 104 
Apostolo, see Zeno 
Aristotle, 87 
Asinius Celer, 87 
Athenaeus, 20 
Augers, 29 

Babbage, Charles, 106 

Badius, Jodocus, 64 

Bain, James, xxx, 3 (Toronto) 

Bannerman, Rev. D. D., vii, viii, xxix, xxx 

Battie, William, 55 

Beaumont, Deon de, 10 

Begley, Rev. W., xxx, 50 

Bell, R. C, xxi 

Benedictus, Joannes, 61 

Bentham, Jer., xxi 

Bentley, Richard, 16, 50, 64, 85, 107, m 

Benwell, Archdeacon, 22 

Beugo, xxi 

Bigot, L. E., 95 

Bindon, David, 66 

Birch, Dr., 120 

Black, Dr. Joseph, xii, xvi, xvii 

Blair, Hugh, xi, xiii 

Blavet, 1'abbe, 98, 106 

Bonar, J., xxx, 26 

Bowyer, William, 73 

Boyle, Robert, 7 

Brahmins, 87 

Brodie, William, 26 

Brougham, Henry, 119 

Brown, Commissioner, xxii 
Brunck, Phil., 5, 6, 107 
Brutus, Marcus, 23 
Bryan, A., 88 
Buccleuch, Duke of, x, 2 
Buchan, Earl of, xx 
Burgess, Thomas, 18 
Burmann, P., 6, 39, 85, 94 
Burnes, J., 37 
Burns, Robert, 106 
Butler, Bishop, 54 
Byron, Captain, 24 

Calas, Jean, 119 
Calcraft, John, 12 
Calonne, 72 
Campbell, Colin, 84 
Carlyle, Alexander, 39 
Carteret, Captain, 24 
Casaubon, Isaac, 48 
Cassandre, 6 
Cato Major, 23, 103 
Cebes, 37 

Chapelle, M. de la, 108 
Charles I. and II., 120 

„ V., 97, 105 

„ VIII., 46 
Cicero, 50, 87, 119 
Clarke, Samuel, 49, 54, 99 
Cleghorn, Prof. Hugh, xv, xvi 

„ Mrs., xv, xvi 
Clerke, Captain, 24 
Cocceius, H. de, 45 
Collins, Anthony, 89 
Collopy, Ty., xxv 
Commandinus, F., 104 
Constantine, Robert, 102 

124 Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

Copernicus, 42, 63, 73 
Cortius, G., 101 
Cowper, William, 47 
Craigie, Thomas, 54 
Cunliffe, Sir Ellis, 38, 97 
Cunningham, Alexander, 50 

„ Prof. R. O., viii, xx, xxix, 


Dacier, 50 

Darigrand, 4-5 

Daubenton, 17 

David, Christian, 51 

Davidson, John, 10 

Davies, Thomas, 42 

Decker, Sir Matthew, 96 

Defoe, 48 

Democritus, 73 

Descartes, 73 

Dickson, W. K., xxix 

Diderot, 2 

Digby, Lord, 23 

Dionysius of Halicarnassus, 89 

Douglas cause, 1 10 

Douglas, House of, 52 

„ David, vii, xiv seq., 4, 68 

„ Margaret, ix, x 

„ Jane, x 

„ Janet, xv 
Dousa, J., 50 
Drakenborch, A., 104 
Dryden, 19, 90 
Duker, C. A., 114 
Dupont, ix, 92 

Dupre de St. Maur, see St. Maur 
Durham, J., xxvi 

Egmont, Lord, 3 
Elphinston, James, 65 
Emmenessius, Jacobus, 117 
Engestrom, G. von, 27 
Epictetus, 7, 119 
Ernesti, J. A., 22 
Euclid, 23, 104, 105 

Fabricius, J. A., 103 
Fauquier, Francis, 96 
Fawkener, Sir Everard, 88 
Ferguson, Adam, xi 
Ficinus, Marsilius, 88 
Fiennes, Pharamus, 56 
Fischer, Johann Friedr., 120 
Fitz-James, Due de, 78, 79 
Fleetwood, Bishop, 100 
Floridus, Jul., 7 

Fontenelle, 14, 71 
Forster, J. R., 57 
Foxwell, Prof. H. S., x, xxx, 21, 48 

Francis, Philip, 56 (Junius) 

Frederick the Great, 60 

„ William, the Great Elector, 92 
„ II., the Emperor, 85 

Frewin, R., 27 

Gale, Thomas, 55 
Galiana, Berardo, 118 
Gassendi, 73, 119 
Gasser of Vienna, xxvi 
George III., 106 
Gesner, J. M., 23, 88 
Gibbon, Edward, 39, 47 
Gibbs, James, 74 
Gordon, Dr. James, 38 
„ Sir William, 7 
Gore, Captain, 24 
Goudar, Auge de, 40 
Goulston, Theo., 6 
Graevius, G., 40 
Graham, Dr. James, xxii 
Grant, Lewis, xxix 
Graunt, John, 71 
Gray, Jonn M., xviii seq., xxix 
Gregory, David, 107 
Gronovius, J., 2, 7, 60, 64, 87, 1 12 
Grotius, Hugo, 24 
Grou, l'abbe, 86 
Gruter, J., 48 
Gundino, Marco Ant., 88 
Gunning, Dr. R. H., xxvi 

Hale, Chief Justice, 21 
Hamilton, Antoine, 44 

„ Dukes of, 18 

Handel, 68 
Harvie, T., 94 
Hawkesworth, John, 24 
Heberden, Dr., 71 
Henninius, H. C, 56 
Henri IV., 4 
Henry II., 8, 62, 116 

„ Prince of Wales, 120 
Heydinger, C, 108 
Heyne, Gottl., 86 
Higgs, H., x, xxx, 74 
Hipparchus, 88, 103 
Hippias, 87 
Hobbes, 54 

Hodgson, Prof., viii, 40 
Holbach, Baron d', m 
Homer, 1 19 
Horace, 69 



Horsburgh, John, xxi 

Hume, David, viii, x, xii, xiii, 47, 56, 63, 

66, 69, 71, 106 
Hutton, Dr. James, xii, xvi, xvii, 55 

Isocrates, 89 

James VI. of Scotland, 97 
Jardine, Alexander, 9 
Jeaurat, 93 

Jesuits, 76 ; cf. 21, 119 
Jevons, W. S., 19 
Joanna of Castile, 97 
Johnson, Samuel, 8, 86, 103 

Kames, Lord, viii, xi 

Kay, John, xii, xxi, xxii, xxiii, xxvii 

Keill, John, 45, 107 

Kennedy, Rev. James, xxx 

Kepler, 42 

King, Gregory, 28 

Kippax, John, 116 

Kuster, L., 6 

Laing, David, xxiv 

Lambinus, D., 50 

Lange, De, 12 

Langwith, B., 5 

Law, John, 70 

Lecluse des Loges, l'abbe, no 

Lee, Vernon, 122 

Leoncladius, 20 

Locke, John, 54, 58, 70 

Louis the Fat, 28 

Louis XIII., 4 

„ XIV., 4, 97, 119 

„ XV., 29 
Lucian, 7 

MacBride, Charles, xxvi 

MacCulloch, J. R., viii, xii, 40, 45, 7 1, 96, 

Macfarlan, Dr., 114 
MacGill, Rachael, xv, xvi 
Mackenzie, Henry, 61 
Mackintosh, Sir James, 69 
MacLaurin, Prof. C, xx 
Magens, Nicholas, 5 1 
Malcolm III., 86 
Mandeville, Bernard, 54, 97 
Mansfield, Lord, no 
Marie, l'abbe, 57 
Markland, J., 115 
Marochetti, Baron, xxvi 
Martyn, J., 117 
Mary Queen of Scots, 97 

Maty, M., 22 
Maurivaux, 95 
Medicis, Cather. de, 29 

„ Lorenzo, 62 
Meilhan, Senac de, 97 
Menger, Prof. Carl, xxx, 108 
Messance, 100 
Metz, C, xx 
Michie, R. S., xxi 
Millar, Prof. John, vii 
Milman, A., xxix 
Milton, John, 103 
Mirabeau, Comte de, 9, 10, 33, 37 

„ Marquis de, 10, 93 

Mitchel, 3 
Montesquieu, 58 
Morellet, 12 
Morris, Corbyn, 71 
Morrison, Alfred, 91 
Motteux, 94 
Mougault, 22 
Muirs of Kirkcaldy, xxiii 
Muretus, M. Ant., 103 
Murray, James, 23 
Musgrave, S., 37 

Necker, 19 

Needam, P., 2 

Nicholson, Prof. J. S., xxx 

Olivet, l'Abbe J. T., 22, 43 
Orrery, Earl of, ill 
Osborne, Thomas, 75 
Ossian, 63 

Otway, Thomas, 107 
Oudendorphius, F., 1 10 
Ozanne, 93 
Ozell, 94 

Park, Patric, xxvi 

Parmenides, 87 
Paterson, James, xxi 
Patullo, Jerome, 2 
Paucton, 67 
Paul Sarpi, Father, 16 
Pauw, C. de, 2, 3 
Pelham, Henry, 51 
Pennant, Thomas, 25 
Pergolese, 67 
Perrault, Charles, 14 
Petrarch, 26 
Petty, William, 71 
Philip II., 120 
Piggott, John, 50 
Pigot, Lord, 112 
Pinto, Isaac de, 66 


Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library 

Plato, 6, 88, 119 
Poree, Father, 119 
Portus, Franciscus, 95 
Postlethwayte, James, 71 
Preston, Robert, 115 
Price, L. L., xxix 
Propertius, 114 
Protagoras, 87 

Quin, Henry, xix 

Rae, John, x 

Rapin de Thoyras, 114 

Rees, 21 

Reid, Thomas, xviii 

Reimarus, H. S., 20 

Reiske, J. J., 88 

Reitz, C. C, 61 

Renan, E., 7 

Renatus, Flav. Veget., no 

Retz, Card, de, 96 

Rhomanus, 30 

Richard III., 120 

Richardson, Samuel, 95 

Ritchie, T. E., 63 

Robertson, Rev. E. S., xxx, 92 

„ William, xviii 

Rockville, Lord, xxii 
Rogers, Mrs. Thorold, xxvi 

„ Thorold, 106 
Roucher, J. A., 106 
Rousseau, J. J., 118 
Roussel de la Tour, 96 
Ruhnken, David, 49 
Ruddiman, Thomas, 4 
Rycaut, Sir P., 57 

Sackville, Lord George, 89 

St. Maur, Dupre de, 67, 69, 100 

Salmasius, 48 

Santeuil, 14 

Scapula, 102 

Seius, 87 

Seneca, 94 

Servius Tullius, 87 

Seton, Hugh, 84 

Shaw, J., 5 

Sims, William, 27 

Sinclair, Sir John, 9, 10 

Smellie, William, viii, xix, xxii, xxv 
Smith, Charles, 25 

„ Dr. George, xxx, 1 1 3 

„ G. Gregory, xxx, 6 

„ Icomgrapkia, xx 
Solinus, C. J., 101 
Speidell, Euclid, 16 
Spencer, W., 74 
Spenser, Edmund, 103 
Stanhope, Earl, 105 
Stephanus, Henricus, 86, 102 ; cf. 109 
Stevenson, D. W., xxv, xxvi 
Stewart, Dr. Matthew, 105 

„ Dugald, viii, xii, xiii, xviii, xix, 
39, 54, 56, 68, 98, 109, 115 
Storrar, D., xxvi 
Stuart of Dunnairn, 57 

Tassie, James, xii, xviii seq. 
Tasso, Torquato, 90 
Terrai, l'abbe, 24, 25 
Theon, Aelius, 105 
Thomas the Rhymer, 89 
Timaeus, 86 
Tollius, Alexander, 5 
Townshend, Charles, ix 
Turgot, 10, 35 
Tyrwhitt, Thomas, 21 

Upton, John, 37 
Urquh.irt, Sir Thomas, 94 
Urry, J., 21 


Valentinian the Third, 
Vansittart, Henry, 49 
Vaugelas, I 
Voltaire, 40, 42, 99, III 

Wadding, F. L., 41 
Walker, Thomas, xx 
Wallis, Captain, 24 
Warner, the engraver, xxi, xxii 
Wasse, Christopher, 114 
Webster, H. A., xxx 
Wesseling, 30 
Westerhovius, A. H., 112 
Whitworth, Sir Charles, 28 

Zeno, the Stoic, 119 
Zeno (Apostolo), 67 

Printed by R. & R. Clark, Edinburgh 

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